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Hola, Bonita

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Summary: Speedy Gonzalez meets the most beautiful mouse in all... well, it's not Mexico.

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Cartoons > Looney ToonsLucindaFR1326470102,2235 Jul 0320 Dec 04Yes

Speedy Christmas

author: Lucinda
main characters: Amy Madison, Speedy Gonzales
disclaimer: you know they aren't mine.
distribution: Twisting & Mental Wanderings
notes: written for Winter 2004/05 Fic-For-All.

Speedy watched as Amy strung more lights around the tree. Nearby, there was a box, filled with shining, completely inedible things. Soon, they would join the lights on the tree.

"Why are we doing this again?" He asked, reeling out the lights for her.

"For Christmas! I've missed the last few from being a rat, and I want to enjoy this one." Her words were determined.

"But Amy..." He paused, trying to figure out a way to ask without her taking it badly. "I don't understand the whole Christmas thing. All I know is that there are lights, and then lots of colorful crumpled paper."

Amy stopped, and stared at him, her lovely eyes blinking twice as she gaped for words. "You don't? But... oh, right. Because you were born a mouse, you didn't have a lot of these things growing up. It's the best holiday, with singing, and presents, and lots of great food..."

"Does that include cheese?" He grinned.

"I suppose it can." Amy shrugged. "Now, we need to get this tree decorated, and then I can explain about mistletoe."

Speedy blinked, remembering that mistletoe, at least as explained by Buffy, meant lots of kissing. "If that's all we're waiting on..."

With a blur of speed and some dust and sparkling bits of tinsel kicked up into a cloud, he zipped around the tree, tossing up lights and hanging ornaments. He felt a bit clumsier as a human, but he was still Speedy Gonzalez, fastest mouse in all Mexico, sort of.

Gesturing at the tree, now glowing with lights and festooned with the box full of balls, miniature toys, and candy canes, he smiled triumphantly. "The tree is decorated now, bonita."

Oh, wonderful." Amy bounced forward, kissing him. "Now, about that mistletoe..."

end Speedy Christmas.

The End

You have reached the end of "Hola, Bonita". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking