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Hola, Bonita

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Summary: Speedy Gonzalez meets the most beautiful mouse in all... well, it's not Mexico.

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Cartoons > Looney ToonsLucindaFR1326470102,2235 Jul 0320 Dec 04Yes

Hola, Bonita

author: Lucinda
if you could watch Speedy Gonzalez, you can read about him.
main characters: Speedy Gonzales, Amy Madison
disclaimer: I own nobody from BtVS or Looney Toons
distribution: TNL, Twisting, Paula, anyone else please ask.
note: this is just for laughs. I said to myself - what two things are the most bizarre possible crossover? How can I make it work?

He was Speedy Gonzales, 'the fastest Mouse in All Mexico'. Like his father, and his father, and many generations of his ancestors before him had been. There was just one little problem.

He wasn't in Mexico.

There had been something involving swarms of big dogs, and the group of shipping crates where his family lived had actually been sent elsewhere, after seven generations of sitting in a warehouse on a pallet. He thought they were somewhere in California now. Best if someone go check things out first, and who better than him? This might not be Mexico, but he was still fast.

With a trail of dust kicked up by the speed of his feet, he darted out and away, running under the feet of a large vampire fighting a blond woman, unconcerned with her shout of 'What the?!?'

This was a decent sized town, actually. Plenty of empty buildings, some restaurants, not to many stray cats or dogs. Things looked pretty good so far.

Then, he saw HER. The most gloriously beautiful mouse in all... well, not Mexico. She was sitting on a balcony with a red haired human, in the center of a circle of salt. Beautiful brown fur, the most graceful tail... Ay, he was in love.

He picked her up just as this horrible twisting sensation came over him. It felt like something had slipped under his skin and was pushing outward. His bones pulled, and his fur… ah! What had happened to his fur? And his tail! He looked, well, he looked human. Caramba!

Then, he realized that the bonita mouse had also changed. She was a human now as well. This had… possibility. “Hola, bonita.”

She looked at him, her eyes the softest, richest brown that he’d ever seen. Then, she smiled, her cheeks turning an interesting pink. “Hi.”

Maybe being human wouldn’t be so bad after all.

End Hola, Bonita.
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