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Thoughts of Death

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Summary: Edward reflects on who he is and how he got there when the slayer dances through his life

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Anita Blake > Buffy-CenteredAmaiFR1313443133,00314 Jun 0714 Jun 07Yes
I own nothing. I stung the words together, but I don't own either Edward or Buffy or anything in their respective universes. I just admire them, and quietly put them away before their owners notice. No money is made. Well, by me anyways.

Note: This really bothers some people so I feel obliged to put it in. I haven't made it through the first book yet. I have a reading list about a mile and a half long. That said, I don't think it will really matter in this story, because it's so short and basic.

Review please...

Do you know what it takes for the monsters to respectfully refer to you as death?

DO you know what you have to do?

Years of ruthless efficiency.

Do you know what she had to do for the monsters not to refer to her at all in fear,
even at the threat of silver pain at the hands of Death?

She had to be born. She had to be called.

Admittedly she excelled at it more than any before her, but she is not
human she had natural advantages and yet Her fame will last after mine has
faded into the mists of time. People will trade stories about meeting her,
and her useless sisters long after I've turned to ash in my grave.

There were things who watched him kill their brethren, and saw her from
twenty feet and which did they brag about surviving to their friends?

He hated her on principle.

Until he met her.

He'd hollowed himself out to be who he was.

She'd been slowly carved by others hands, and fought it every step of the way

He was paid, wore designer shoes and could take vacations whenever he wanted

She worked in fast food, had demon guts on her shoes and only got a vacation when she died.

Maybe there was a difference.

Maybe died when he saw her fight.

He shot from a long distance, stabbed impassively with silver

She danced and bled and watched their eyes as they died, never being a step away from death

She didn't kill the darkness

She lived the darkness, absorbed the darkness, became the darkness

and fought from the inside until her entire being tore itself to shreds for that one last kill.

And Death couldn't help but respect the Slayer for that

Like? Criticisms?

The End

You have reached the end of "Thoughts of Death". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking