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Wishes are not just for vengeance

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Summary: Xander disappears and others learn they are more than they ever knew

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BTVS and Labyrinth belong to thier original owners, I own nothing..............It was a plot bunny that got stuck and had to be told as a short story. I may write others in the future we will see. I hope you enjoy.

Buffy had been reading what she had written in her journal that morning. Giles insisted she write her dreams down as soon as she woke up. She was surprised by this one as it seemed to take place in another world. A world where the monsters were not really evil and magic lived and breathed. She packed a few things into a bag and headed to the Magic Box to study the things she saw in her dream. She had a feeling something was or had happened and it was going to change everything.

Giles was shocked when he entered the Magic Box to find Buffy there. It was not strange to find her there. It was strange to find her reading instead of working out. It also seemed odd to him that Anya was not in yet. He wiped his glasses as he approached Buffy to find out what was going on. The part of Giles known as Ripper already had some idea what this was all about as he felt the new magic in the air. A very old magic, but new to the hellmouth. The watcher worried about what this could mean.

Willow and Tara woke up as they felt something change in the Magic around them. Tara told Willow it felt like old magic. Willow agreed, she felt something familiar about it. It reminded her of when the Coven took her to Stonehenge, before she had returned to the states. He eyes widened as she remembered what the Coven had told her that feeling was. She excitedly started explaining it to her lover as she grabbed books and put them in a bag.

The night before:
Anya walked into the apartment she shared with her fiancé and froze. Something was wrong. She may not be a demon anymore but the smell in the room she would remember anywhere. Some one had made a wish and it was granted. It was a mixture of a sweet smell like someone baking, the smell of smoke and the telltale smell similar to ammonia. She looked around and saw that Xander had been home as there were several empty beer bottles on the table. He wasn’t getting bad with the drinking but he had been drinking more often the closer they got to the wedding, well to be more accurate the more he had to deal with his family and her demons.

She noticed a movie playing and almost fainted when she saw what it was. She noticed the phone off the hook and the caller ID showed he had been talking to his parent yet again. She hung up the phone and thought about who to call. Normally it would be Buffy and the rest of the gang but she felt there was one person who would know more and the others would never understand. She called upon an old bond and asked him to come and fulfill the debt owed to her.

Spike had felt strange all day. He felt a presence on the hellmouth that should not be in this world, and then he felt something else. He climbed out of his bed and dressed quickly before heading out into the tunnels.

Anya opened the door and let the man in. She gasp in surprise when she saw it was Spike. She had called upon a debt owed by a Sidhe not long after she had become a vengeance demon. His mortal love had died in childbirth. She had twins and in his grief the Father banished the younger from his kingdom so the two would not fight over the right to his throne should he die. In exchange she had gotten him to swear to aid her when she called. If he could not then one of his kin would. Anya finally understood why she felt Spike was more than he seemed.

Spike stared at Anya, “What did you do? How did you call me here?” he said angrily. He liked Anya but he did not like feeling like he was not the one in control and he would have never volunteered to go the whelps house during the day time.

Anya blinked for a moment, “William, I mean Spike, please come in. I think we need to talk and I need your help.” After getting the grumpy man inside Anya got nervous. Spike began to smell the magic in the room. “Anya I know you haven’t gotten your powers back so what did Xander do, where did you wish him to, and how do we get him back before Buffy and Willow find out and try to kill you?” He asked as he got that uneasy feeling again. The magic in the room pulled on him much like a Sire bond. It felt like family some how.

Anya let out a sigh before telling him to sit down, “Wil….I mean Spike. I have something to tell you about yourself.” She took a deep breath, “You’re not a true Vampire because you were never truly mortal or human but Half Human and Half Sidhe. I was called not long after I became a vengeance demon, to grant a wish for a Sidhe King. He had married a mortal woman. The woman was a very powerful witch, more so than Willow even, yet she could not save herself and her children. She used her magic to insure her twins would be born and sacrificed herself to do so. The King was so distraught, so blinded by grief. He saw a vision of the boys fighting and tearing the kingdom apart. In his grief he decided to send the younger of the two away. He did not want them to kill each other after he had already lost their mother. You see Fae do not fall in love like other creatures so it is rare indeed when they not only feel it but have it returned. I extracted an Oath from this king that he or his family would come when I called on them and repay the debt of the wish. I took the child and gave him to a loving woman who had lost her own child. Tonight I called upon that debt and you arrived. I should have seen it before. Your magic adapted itself so you could survive this world. I had left the child when I saw the mother would care for him. She had called him William.” As Anya explained Spike sat in shock.

His brain would not process the information yet he knew it was true. He had always felt different than the other Vampires and he felt himself changing since this different magic had come into his world. Spike had used magic before but he still was having a hard time understanding the concept of him being part of magic. A Sidhe and a twin, he had blood family out there somewhere. He looked at Anya, “Say I believe you, which I don’t. Then how did I become a vampire. Who is my father? What happened to my Brother?” he asked almost scared of the answer.

Anya pointed to the TV screen. Spike saw a movie Buffy had made him watch once. He had laughed making Dawn and Buffy pout. He had no idea if such a place existed, but he knew somehow that they had gotten a lot wrong. He raised his scared eyebrow at her. She sighed again, “You are the second son of King Jareth, king of the Goblins. Yes the movie got much wrong but it was for entertainment. I don’t know how you appear to have become a vampire but last I heard your Father still ruled and you Brother was a spoiled brat who chases women more than politics and could careless about his birthright. It would not surprise me if he met an iron blade. Sorry William, but fear of your father, is the only reason a vengeance wish has not been granted against Thomas.”

Spike listened to her words. He was so concentrated on getting his mind around it that he did not notice the changes beginning in him as the residual magic left by his father washed over him. His eyes snapped open as everything snapped into place. He knew she told the truth. He also understood his Father’s actions to some extent. He had never had Buffy’s love in return but he knew how lost he had been when she died. If he had not had Dawn to focus on he would have sat on her grave until the sun arose. He still did not fully understand what he was or how he was going to feel when he saw his true family for the first time. Some how he knew he would see them. Just as he now knew what happened in this apartment and what Anya was going to ask of him. He sighed, “I have to face him don’t I” he said more as a statement than a question.

Anya nodded, “We have to find away to get Xander back!” she said as tears fell down he face. Spike looked at her again, “Anya if I was born just after you became a vengeance demon then how is it that I have only been here a couple of hundred years?” Anya sniffled and answered, “Your Father reordered time but I do not know why.” Spike put a comforting arm around her and held her while she cried and he thought. She fell asleep in his arms as day turned to night and then day again.

When she awoke she looked up at Spike and gasp. He had changed over night. His hair had grown out and his skin took on a glittery iridescent look. He looked much like his Father had when she had first met him. Spike looked at the surprise on her face in confusion. She grasp his hand and lead him to a mirror. For the first time in almost two hundred years Spike saw his refection. He gasps at the obvious changes in his looks. Then he heard the thump of a heartbeat and felt the warmth of his skin. They looked at the clock and without saying a word both headed out to the Magic Box to seek Giles’s help.

Giles and Buffy had been talking about her dream when Willow and Tara entered the shop. The four discussed the possibilities of what the dreams could mean when Anya walked in with someone who looked familiar but they could not place who it was. “We need to research some stuff and save Xander.” She blurted out when she entered the shop. All eyes went to the two of them as Giles stood and looked at the man before him. “What happened to Xander and who is your friend here?” Giles asked.

Spike could not help but the smirk at them not recognizing him. His appearance had not really changed that much. Before any of them could answer Buffy ran to him and began touching his face and hair. It was an almost intimate gesture that she had never before allowed herself in public. She placed a hand over his now beating heart and looked into his eyes, “Spike?” she whispered in awe.

Willow and Tara saw that he was at least part Fae and Willow began to sputter when she heard Buffy’s question. “Your Fae, but when? How? Where is Xander? What happened?” Anya got them all to sit down. Buffy sat right next to Spike as she refused to let go of him for fear he would disappear. Anya calmly explained what she knew of what Xander had done. Spike gave them what information he wanted them to know and forced an oath from Giles that it would never see a watchers journal nor be spoke of to the council.

After the explanations were out of the way the research began. Willow asked to talk to Spike in private and after getting his permission she made a phone call. It was not long before they all knew what little they could about the Fae, the labyrinth, and the Goblin king.

A bright flash of light caught everyone’s attention. Buffy and Spike prepared to fight it but Willow told them it was okay as she approached the being. “Princess Alorna, good to see you again.” Willow said with a low bow before hugging the girl. The rest of the group stood and made similar bows respectfully. All but Buffy and Spike. Willow introduced Alorna to Tara before turning to the group; “The Princess and I became good friends while I was working with the coven. I spoke with Spike before calling her. She is a Fae of our realm. I thought she could help.”

Alorna took in the blond couple before her and smiled. She saw the threads of their destinies entwined for a long time. She was very sure that his father would not be pleased about that and Thomas would try to kill him. Although Thomas ignores his birthright he also hates competition. “Prince William, I have heard much of you and I have met your family. You look so much like your father you could have fooled me if I didn’t know who you were. I also knew your mother and you have her eyes and mouth. I see your are transforming again. Your magic has a natural instinct to survive. That comes from your mother. She herself never knew of the Fae blood in her own veins. We are distant cousins through her. She never knew that her own powers were what beat the labyrinth. Our ancestors built the labyrinth and our magic is part of it. That is why she beat Jareth. That and the fact that he did love her.”

She looked at him knowingly, “Your mother is also the reason you love more easily than most Fae. Her magic was born of heart and imagination. When you Father brought her to the Underworld she saved it by brining the old magic back to the labyrinth. Few Fae in the Underworld understand the importance of the labyrinth. Most seek its power; Jareth seeks only to protect his people. Even now he struggles, his heart hurts knowing he gave one son up for his kingdom, he lost his love to give that kingdom a progeny to take his place, and in his grief over losing both he spoiled his son who is not fit to rule such a powerful thing as the Labyrinth. I hope you understand your father has thought of you often but thinks you out of his reach. Your brother will see you as rival and bring about what your father saw. You have the power to change it. You must learn what you are before you face them and that is where I can help cousin.” She touched a finger to his forehead and her magic flowed over him, through him, finishing the transformation.

Spike felt her magic changing him and heard her speak to him in his head. He understood everything now. It was as if a light came on and memories lost long ago flowed into him and he just knew what needed to be done. Alorna smiled, “I have made you whole again cousin, you have both sides of your magic open to you now. The Labyrinth will obey you if you speak to it in the right way. It will help you, protect you, and show you truths. I have taught you how to use your abilities the Fae way. You are full Fae now not half like your brother. Illusions and Dreams from your Father, Earth and healing from your Mother. Use them well Cousin. I must go but I will see you and your love again.” She whispered before disappearing in a shower of silver glitter.

Dawn arrived after school to see the group formulating a plan. She was filled in on Spike’s changes and like Buffy couldn’t seem to stop touching him. He didn’t mind but he knew he needed to talk with Buffy soon. Willow and Tara agreed to take Dawn home when they broke for the night. Anya went too as she was scared to go back to the apartment alone. I was agreed that Spike and Buffy would patrol then stay at Anya’s apartment in case something came back.

They sat on the couch looking at each other. Spike took Buffy’s hand and kissed it, “Buffy I know this complicates things a lot. I don’t know what is going to happen now but I meant it when I told you I love you. That has not changed. I don’t want you coming with me to the Underground. It is too dangerous. I know how to work my magic in theory. I know you can handle yourself but you fight demons on a hellmouth. Here you are in your element. The Underworld is built on magic. The creatures there are part of that magic. I’m worried that they would use you against me. I know you don’t feel the same about me as I do about you but it would kill me if anything happened to you or Dawn. She is ours you know! I saw it when she hugged me. The monks used a bit of you and a bit of me to form her so we would protect her.” He watched Buffy take in what he was saying.

Buffy was in shock but she quickly recovered, “Spike, I have felt connected to you for some time. I let my experience with Angel and my training that Vampires are bad cloud that. I cannot say for sure if I am in Love with you but I do love you. And yes part of me knew Dawn was ours. That is why I always ended up letting you protect her when I couldn’t. That is also why we are going with you. We all go as a family to get Xander back. Thomas will try and use all of us against you. I saw that in my dream. You cannot fight him and win. You have to think of another way to beat him. I saw that he likes games and he cheats worst that you do. I think that comes from your Father if he is anything like the movie.” Spike sighed. He had tried but he knew enough about the Summers women to know he was not going to convince her to stay. Part of him was still worried but part of him rejoiced. She loved him and wanted them to face the dangers as a family.

The next morning the group geared up and headed to the apartment. Xander had been gone for almost two days while they prepare to go get him back. Spike, Buffy and Dawn who stood united in front while the others stood united behind them. With a hand squeeze and a nod Spike began to concentrate. Alorna had shown him how to port them but this was the first time he put the magic to use. He was not sure it worked until he heard and felt things change around them. They were now standing in front of the gates to the labyrinth. It was much larger and grander than in the movie Willow thought. Buffy saw an old dwarf spraying the fairies. “Your Hoggle right?” she asked startling the poor thing.

Hoggle looked up at the people who had just arrived and trembled. “Jareth I told Thomas just a few hours ago. No one has entered the labyrinth and no one has called trying to get the boy back. Now go away and leave an old dwarf in peace, all of you.” He sighed.

Spike looked over the little dwarf, “Hoggle is it true you helped my Mother get through the labyrinth to save Uncle Toby all those years ago?” he asked causing the dwarf to spin around and look at him again. It was the eyes that told him true. Jareth had mismatched eyes and Thomas had green. This one’s eyes were blue. He felt like Sarah.

Hoggle eyed them suspiciously, “That story is well known to many. Who are you that you clam her as your mother, for I see now you are not who I thought you to be. If what I heard was right then my mind is playing the same tricks as my eyes and I am getting old.” Spike smiled at the little dwarf. He saw memories of his mother running through the labyrinth with Hoggle’s help.

Spike turned to Buffy, “Luv, you know she was no older than our little Dawn here when she took this journey. Same as when you were called to your own destiny. I feel the power of the Labyrinth stronger now that I am back. I think Alorna put more than my magic to right when she helped me. My cousin has some explaining to do when we return to the Aboveground.”

He then turned to Hoggle, “Noble dwarf, my mother’s memories speak to me now in this place. You were her dear friend. My foster mother called me William, but I later got the name Spike. I am not sure what name I will use now that my powers have been restored and I am what I have become. Mother’s family line has been restored in me as well as Father’s. I am part of the Labyrinth and it is part of me, like it was with Mother. I am part of dream and dream is part of me as it is with my father and brother. As you were friend to my mother these are friend to me, the boy as well. We are family and we come to regain the family lost to us in more ways than one. I ask you now to start me on my journey. Father will feel us soon and I am sure Thomas knows I am here or he will when the Labyrinth refuses to answer his call.”

Hoggle nearly fainted at the words and he saw the truth in them. Sir Didymus came walking up on crippled Ambrosias. “Sir Hoggle, Sir Ludo said he felt Sarah return. I told the poor beast that the fair lady Sarah had past over but he insisted I come. Who are all these Aboveworlders?” he asked. He tried to sound as feisty as he use to be, but he was so old all his fur was gray and his teeth had fallen out. Hoggle looked at Sir Didymus, “It seems the big hairball was correct in a manner of speaking. This is Thomas’s twin, William who is known by the name Spike. The others are his aboveworld family. They came to get the hyena boy.” The band of friends looked worried at that statement while Sir Didymus was worried about what Spike being here would mean.

Hoggle shook his head, “We are too old to help you in there. I will open the door for you to enter if you are sure My Lord. Remember these truths, nothing is what it seems in this place, no one has any control over you but what you give them, and trust your heart. Now you gets in through there.” He pointed to the now open door.

They all took a breath and headed in together. Spike turned to his mother’s old friends, “Thank you. You will be remembered for your kindness to my Mother and to me.” He said before the group started down the corridor to the left. They all looked for the passageways but found nothing. Finally they stopped and Spike concentrated. The wall next him opened up and another corridor appeared. They shrugged and entered.

Spike keep hearing a voice in the back of his mind guiding him. It felt like the labyrinth yet the voice sounded like he imagined his mother's voice would. Listening to it they made it to the city with little trouble. He was even more surprised when they made it to the castle with almost no trouble. This had all been much too easy and they all began to worry. They entered the castle and headed to the throne room.

Seated on the throne was a very tired looking Jareth. He seemed to have aged twice what he should have. Most would say he actually died when Sarah had. His body lived and he ruled as he had before she beat the labyrinth but his heart stopped beating when hers did. He barely looked at who had entered before speaking, “Who are you and what do you want?” he demanded. He was confused, like Ludo he felt as if Sarah had returned. It occupied his thoughts so he did not even look at the man before him.

Spike gasp when he saw his father looking so week. If he could get into the castle so easy so could any enemy. “This is the once proud goblin king? This is the man my Mother dreamed of for years until he brought her back to his side? If I and a band of aboveworlders could make it this far so easy then what would stop our enemies from doing the same? True most of them would fall to the Labyrinth but you put to much faith in just that. I came to reunite with family, those I call that through blood and those I call that through other bonds. I find the first lacking sorely. Now where is Xander. I have come to take him home where is destiny waits.” Spike spoke in a voice so full of contempt and conviction even the High King would have been proud of his Grandchild.

Jareth finally looked at the man who dared speak to him like that. He was starting to understand but his mind was a bit twisted by the madness he had allowed to enter since Sarah’s death. “Who are you people? How dare you speak to me thus and demand things of me in my own kingdom?” Jareth stood tall and proud as anger brought out the true king in him.

Spike laughed a cruel Fae laugh, loud and heartless, “Do you not even recognize your own child Father? My foster mother called me William, when I became a vampire I was called Spike. Now that I have been restored to full Fae with the power of both of my parents I shall have need of a new name, which can wait. Right now Father I want the boy returned to me. He is part of a group that defends the Aboveground from demons. Every moment they spend here is a moment they are not their saving both our worlds.”

Jareth looked at the youth in front of him, “How is this possible? You ….I mourned your death. When you were sent away you were made human. You should have died centuries ago. What do you mean restored both sides of your magic. You claim to be Sarah’s child yet you clam to have a Fae mother? What kind of trickery is this?” yelled an enraged goblin king.

Spike sighed, “How do you think Mother solved the labyrinth Father? As far as my death I did die. Your wish moved me in time until the 1800 in the aboveground. I was twenty eight when my heart was first broken and I too looked for death. My natural Magic, old magic from Mother’s family, kicked into survival mode. It chose a creature who killed me and gave me a new life as a vampire. Other changes in my life led me to stand here as I am now Father. Mother didn’t know but I thought for sure you would have figured it out by now. There are still Fae in aboveground. Mother was descended of their line. They created the Labyrinth. That is why it did not harm her or me. When my cousin restored my magic I gained control over the magic in the Labyrinth. The longer I stay the more control over the labyrinth I have. She is part of it you know. I hear her voice when it talks to me. Now the boy Father. Do not make me fetch him myself. You and my brother have let the place run down enough as it is.”

While Spike and Jareth had been arguing one of the guards had gone a fetched Xander who was being brought before the King bound in chains. Spike felt the anger coming off the group with him. He had to work fast or they would get hurt or cause a war with his blood relatives. “Anya, Buffy, Willow take care of him. Tell me if those are iron or not” he ordered and the girls headed to Xander. Spike turned to face his Father, “Do you beat up and chain those who wish themselves here now Father? Do you kill the children instead of finding them homes with loving parents? Are you the monster from the aboveground movie? Do you turn them into goblins now?” Spike was feeding off the other’s anger.

Jareth was shaking with rage himself. How could he have let things get so out of control in his own kingdom? “THOMAS” he yelled out. Giles watched as the more Spike riled the old king up the younger and stronger he appeared. The man before him appeared to be his own age now.

A flash of light and Thomas was standing there a board expression on his face, “You bellowed Father.” He said a look of surprise crossed his face briefly as he took in the people standing in the throne room. Jareth stalked across to his eldest son and grabbed him by the ear. “Are you responsible fore this?” he growled as he pointed his attention to Xander, who cowered slightly.

Anya came unglued, “Jareth, I am calling in your debt to me. You cannot protect him any longer. Do you know how many times vengeance has been called upon him? The only reason he has not already be eviscerated is because he is your son. Doing this to My Xander is the last straw.” Jareth pinched the bridge of his nose and looked at Spike.

“What do you think we should do with your Brother?” he asked. Spike smiled, “It will take some time to think about that Father. Until then I have some where in my Labyrinth that should hold him safe and sound until we can talk about a few things.” With that Spike surprised everyone by waving his hand and Thomas popped out of the room again. He turned to his Father, “Funny Alorna, thought he would be the biggest problem. I guess no one took into consideration I lived with the Scourge of Europe for years. After putting up with Darla, suffering through Angelus and taking care of Dru, Thomas is a small time brat. I did my share of magic as a vampire I just did not realize part of it was my own.”

Jareth walked over to Spike and really looked at him. “Come” he said as he led them into a comfortable sitting area in the library. The group spent hours talking about their experiences aboveground and Spike told his Father of his life. Thomas was punished by being wished into service as a mortal Watcher until his death, at which time he would return to his Father and Brother to tell them of the lessons he learned. If he had in fact learned his lesson then the three would sit to talk of how the land would be divided and ruled over. Giles, Anya, Xander, Tara, and Willow all returned to aboveworld, while Spike, Buffy and Dawn stayed in the underground for a while.

While in Underground Spike told them stories he now knew through his mother’s magic and showed them the sites of the labyrinth that should not be missed if one has a chance to see them. He and his father got close and he promised to visit often after they returned to aboveworld. Jareth put on a large banquet for his son. During which he introduced the other Fae royals to the before unknown Prince William Dagda Tobias known in the aboveworld as Spike.

There where many more adventures of Prince William and the Scooby gang but those are tales for another time.

Add your own stories to this verse as well.

The End

You have reached the end of "Wishes are not just for vengeance". This story is complete.

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