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Summary: When Xander dies he gets a choice. To go back and probably die again. Or to have his memories erased and become a guardian. Not very good at summaries. Will be slash.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchestershdwslayerFR15616,37214214,74115 Jun 0719 Jun 07No

Chapter 6

a/n: personally, I don't like how this chapter turned out, but I wasn't about to rewrite it. I hope you guys like it. There's a slight crossover with Angel in this one. Also thanks so much for all the great reviews.


Xander held out his hand, palm up. "The chip."

Spike stood there speechless, a look of awe on his face. He stared at the chip resting in Xander's hand. Something so small caused all that pain. But without it... Reaching for it, he crushed it in his hand.

"Thanks mate." Spike said softly, looking into Xander's eyes.

Xander smiled, then his face turned hard. "Don't make me regret it Spike."

"What did you do?" Dean asked.

"I removed his chip. That thing was just plain cruel." Xander answered distastefully. "I'm going to bed. Sam you coming?"

After the bedroom door closed, Dean turned to Spike, who was now sitting on the couch.

"Are you going to start killing again?" He asked sitting next to him.

Spike laughed, it sounded a bit choked. He wanted to cry. Two years. Two freaking years I had that thing in me. Now I'm free. But at what cost?

"My demon sees you all as family. I haven't had that in a long time." Spike answered softly, facing Dean. "I don't think it would jeopardize it by going on a killing spree." He looked down at his hands finishing. "I wouldn't let it."

"That's good to know." Dean said and leaned in to kiss him. "Let's go to bed."


"Wake up sleepyhead." Xander said softly, running his fingers through Sam's hair. When Sam didn't stir, Xander smirked wickedly. "Hey Beanstalk! Fire!" He yelled slapping Sam's ass.

Sam sat straight up, eyes wide looking around. Eyes finally landing on Xander, who was chuckling softly.

"Jerk." Sam groaned, laying back down. "What'd you do that for?"

"I'm meeting Willow." He answered. "She's going to help me practice my powers."

Sam looked at the clock. 7:08. "This early?"

"It's the early bird that gets the worm right?" Xander answered. "Besides, she threatened bodily harm if I didn't show up. Will you stop by when the others wake?"

"Of course." Sam answered, leaning up and giving Xander a heated kiss.

"Why'd you go and do that?" Xander asked when he pulled away. "I don't want to go anymore."

Sam laughed. "I'd rather not have Willow come over and blame me for you not showing up. You better go." Sam finished, kissing him goodbye.


"So what are we going to do?' Xander asked Willow.

They were in the backyard. Willow had a bunch of different supplies laying on the ground.

"Well, it seems you can do anything you think of. This is for me." She answered gesturing to the supplies. "I'm just going to show you what I know and you should be able to pick it up."

"Ok. So where do we start?"

"Let's start with telekinesis. Going form small objects to larger ones." Will answered.

When Willow proclaimed Xander proficient in his telekinesis, she moved on to glamours.

"Now watch what I do." Will said as she mumbled a spell, passing her hand over her face. When she put her hand down she looked like an exact replica of Buffy.

"Holy sh..." Xander stopped at the look Willow/Buffy threw him. "Holy sheesh? That's cool. Ok." He said bouncing slightly. "My turn."

He concentrated on looking like someone else, his body shimmering like a mirage. When he opened his eyes Willow had a look of astonishment on her face.

"Did it work? Did it work?" Xander asked excitedly. Willow just nodded her head.

"What the bloody hell are you staring at Red?" Xander asked in a horribly imitation of Spike.

Willow burst out laughing. "Oh this is so going to come in handy."

Xander/Spike smirked at her, changing back. "What's next?"

"Next is something you're going to have to do alone." She answered. "I can't manipulate elements very well, but I think you could. Let's start with fire."

Xander called a ball of fire to his hand.

"Can you manipulate it? Make it change form?" Willow asked.

Xander looked at the fire. What to do?

"Wha..." Willow trailed off as the fire trailed over Xander's skin like a snake, caressing him like a lover.

"Like that?" Xander asked cheekily.

"Y-yeah." She answered.

He tried water, air and earth, proficient in all.

"Okay. Now I want you to combine all of it." Willow said, moving back. "Make some kind of weapon."

Xander grabbed a bucket of water placing it in front of him. Using his telekinesis he levitated some of the water out, making it into a ball in front of him, adding ice shards floating around it. Next he called earth, debri and rock spinning around the water. Then fire trailing over it all.

"Wow." Willow gasped at the casual display of power.

"I have an idea." Xander said. Soon there was visible electricity radiating from the ball of water. "Should we test it?"

Willow pointed to a boulder. Xander threw the sphere of elements at the boulder, it exploded. The backlash knocking him and Willow off their feet.

"Ok." Xander groaned, getting up. "Next time make sure the target is further away."

"Yeah." Willow laughed. "I don't think there's anything else I can really show you."

"What about teleporting?" Xander asked.

"I can't. The time I did it to Glory, I had a headache for three days." She answered. "I have some books you can read, then you can try it."

When Xander was through reading he stood, helping Willow up.

"Here goes nothing." He said, eyes going white and hair whipping around his face.

Willow watched as his body began to glow brighter and brighter. She turned away, turning back when the glow faded. Xander was gone.

"Xander!" Sh called out, panicked, looking around.

She turned when she heard the back door open, Xander stepping out.

"That was awesome." He said smiling. "There's something I need to do. Tell the others I'll be back." He finished, teleporting away.


"Oracles." Xander called out when he appeared in the temple.

"Welcome Guardian." The female said.

"Why do you invade our sanctuary, lower being?" The male asked.

"I have a few questions that I want answered." Xander stated.

"And why should we answer them?" The male asked.

"Well." Xander said as he call the sphere of elements to his hand. "I've got a new trick. Wouldn't want me to use it on you, would ya?"

"What are you're questions Guardian?" They asked together.

"Sam." Xander replied. "What happened with his vision the other day?"

"Guides are given a gift." The male answered.

"To rid them of their greatest fear or weakness."

"The Guides visions hurt him and they came from a tainted source. We've purified it." They said together.

"What does that mean?" Xander asked skeptically.

"It means that his visions shall no longer cause him pain." The female answered.

"And is no longer tainted by the demon that his family has hunted for so long."

"Thank you." Xander said. "One more question. Is Dean a Guardian?"

"You speak of the protector?" The male asked.

"He is." The female answered.

"I don't want to fight this thing alone. How do we activate him?" Xander asked.

The male waved his hand and there was a flash of light.

"What the hell?" Dean yelled surprised when he appeared next to Xander.

"It's ok." Xander replied. "They are the oracles. I asked how to activate you."

"What did they say." Dean asked.

"Enough lower beings." The male said loudly.

"Cocky aren't they?" Dean sneered.

"Step forward Guardian." The female said.

"Do you think you are worthy?" They asked Dean.

"Why don't you tell me. You're the all powerful oracles."

The females eyes briefly flashed white. "There is another future. One that would have happened had you not returned to Sunnydale."

"One in which you give your soul to hell to save your brother."

"You are a champion." They said together.

"The final battle is coming soon." The male said.

"Be prepared Guardians."

"Wait! Who's my Guide?" Dean yelled as the room disappeared.


"Bloody hell!" Spike yelled, jumping off the couch. "Where'd you come from?"

Dean and Xander had just appeared in the living room.

"The oracles." He answered looking around the room. "Meet the new Guardian."

"What?" The others asked, astonished.

"The oracles, they activated him." Xander answered. "They said the final battle is coming soon."

"Who's your Guide?" Sam asked.

"I don't know." He answered. "I tried to ask, but those stupid oracles sent us back."

"Just close your eyes and concentrate on finding your Guide." Xander told him.

Dean closed his eyes, concentrating. When he opened them Spike was wrapped in the ethereal glow. He walked to stand in front of him, entwining their fingers together, the glow enveloping them.

//Hey there Stud. Guess you're my Guide now.// Dean said in Spike's mind.

//Looks like it.// Spike replied, smirking at him.

"Snap out of it." Xander said, lightly tapping them.

"That was a rush." Dean exclaimed.

"I have some news." Giles said, interrupting them. "I've found the books we need."

"Where are they?" Xander asked.

"Wesley has them." Giles answered. "In LA."

"Bugger." Spike groaned.

"I'll get them." Xander offered.

"I'll go with you." Sam added.

"Willow, while we're gone. Will you help Dean with his powers?" Xander asked. "We need to be prepared."


"So what are they like?" Sam asked when they were almost to LA. "I've only met them once."

"As Spike would say 'Angels a pouf'." Xander answered. "He's a good guy. Vampire. He just broods to much."

"And the others?"

"I heard Cordy was his seer now." He answered. "Hey, I guess that's what you are for me. She's a bitch. But she has a big heart. Wes, I haven't seen him in a while and Gunn, I don't know."

"Is this it?" Sam asked as they stopped in front of a hotel.

"Yeah. The Hyperion hotel." he answered as they exited the car and made their way into the hotel.

"Hello!" Xander called out. "Anyone here?"

"Xander, Sam." Wesley greeted, coming out of the office. "How are you?"

"Guardian." Xander answered.

"Guide." Sam added.

"Excuse me?" Wesley asked.

"Hey Wes." Faith called out. "He's asleep, Gunn and Connor are standing guard."

"Faith?" Xander asked surprised when she came into view.

Faiths steps faltered when she saw Xander. "Boytoy?"

Xander smiled hesitantly. Faith launched herself into Xander's arms, hugging him.

"I thought you were dead. What the hell?" She asked slapping his arm.

"I got better. Aren't you supposed to be in jail?" He asked.

"Yeah, but we have problems here." She answered. "Angelus."

"What?!" Xander exclaimed, looking around. "Where is he?"

"Locked in a cage." Wesley answered. Then explained what they were trying to do.

"Are you people insane? Releasing him like that!" Xander almost yelled.

"We had to."

"Why haven't you re-ensouled him?" Xander asked.

"We had his soul in the muo-ping, a mystical jar." Wesley answered. "It was in the safe, but someone stole it from us."

"Wes do you know the soul restoration spell?" he asked.

"Yes. But his soul is in the jar, and the jar's impervious to magic."

Xander then explained to them about being a Guardian. "I might just be powerful enough to call the jar to us. Then you can do the spell."

"A Guardian." Wesley spluttered. "B-but they're just myths."

"Snap out of it Wes. Do you have everything you need?" When Wes nodded he continued. "Get ready."

Xander stood with his hands cupped in front of him. Eyes turning white and hair whipping around his face.

"Somethings... fighting me." Xander grunted "It's strong." Come on. He thought, concentrating harder.

"Ah!" He cried out falling to his knees, eyes still white, hands in front of him.

"Xan!" Sam yelled, kneeling in front of him. "What's wrong?"

"Help... me Sam." Xander panted out.

Sam looked around worried. He had no clue what to do. He cupped his hands below Xander's, staring into his eyes.

Faith and Wesley watched as Sam's eyes turned white and his hair blew around his face. They both started to glow.

"Let go bitch!" Xander yelled.

There was a blinding flash of light. Faith and Wes shielded their eyes. When they looked again Sam and Xander's eyes were back to normal and in their hands the muo-ping.

"You got it!" Wesley exclaimed, moving towards them.

"Do the spell! Hurry!" Xander said as he and Sam stood up. "Whoever had it is powerful and they might come looking for it."


"Xander." Angel said as he approached him. "Thanks."

"Don't mention it. I so rather have broody you running around than homicidal you any day." Xander replied smiling. "Thanks for the books Wes, we're heading out."

They said goodbye as they walked towards the door.

"Look, I know things have been..."

"Sorry Angel, but if this is the speech about how the worst is behind us..." Cordy voice cut Angel off. Stopping Xander and Sam in their tracks.

"You may want to save it for later." She finished rubbing her very pregnant belly.

Xander and Sam made their way over, standing in front of her.

"What are you?" Xander snarled, eyes going white.

"Guardian." She sneered, hitting Xander with a blast of energy.

"What's going on?" Angel asked stepping forward.

"Stop." Sam said facing him, holding out his arm, eyes turning white. "Right there."

The others watched as Xander picked himself of the floor, hair whipping around his face.

"You wanna play bitch?" Xander asked holding out his hands, conjuring a basketball size sphere of elements, throwing it at Cordy.

It hit her in the stomach, throwing her into a pillar. She fell to the ground, laying there disoriented. Xander approached her, wrapping his hands around her head.

"Get out of my friend!" He yelled as the ethereal glow surrounded them.

Cordy screamed. "Get off me Guardian." She growled elbowing Xander to no effect.

"I said GET OUT!" He yelled, focusing all his power to expel the thing in his friends body.

Cordy screamed as their bodies were cocooned in light. When the light dissipated, the two of them were sprawled on the floor. Xander's arms wrapped around Cordy's now normal stomach.

"Cordy?" Xander panted. "You ok?"

"That bitch!" Cordy replied, breathing hard. "She hijacked my body."

Xander laughed and helped her off the floor.

Sam lowered his arm, eyes fading back to their normal moss green.

"What the hell was that?" Angel asked, as everyone stood there shell shocked.


When Cordy and Xander were through explaining to everyone what had happened, she said she was going to bed.

"Hey Angel." Xander said. "Mind if we stay here tonight and leave in the morning. I'm pooped."

"Thats fine. You might want to call Giles and let him know." Angel answered. " I'll find you guys a room."

After Xander got off the phone with Giles, he moved towards Sam wrapping him in a hug.

"You were great out there." Xander said kissing him. "It was kind of hot. The 'Back the f*** off' thing you did."

Sam laughed and kissed Xander. "Let's go to sleep.


"You're kidding me." Buffy scoffed.

They had been back less than a hour and Xander had explained what had happened three times.

Xander sighed. "No. I'm not. A Power that was hijacked her body Buffy." Xander stood. "I'm done explaining. Sam, Spike, Dean will you guys come with me to the kitchen?"

"What's on your mind pet?" Spike asked when they were all in the kitchen.

"The oracles said that Guides are given a gift." He answered and explained what happened to Sam. "I think I know what yours is."

Xander walked to the window, yanking up the blinds. The light filled the room, landing on the other three.

"What the hell?" Spike yelled, trying to hide but the sunlight was everywhere.

"Spike!" Xander yelled, trying to get his attention. He continued calmy. "You're alright."

Spike looked up, game face on, but his features were different. He still looked human. His eye glowed a golden color instead of yellow and his fangs were slimmer and sharper.

"Wow." Dean said breathlessly.

"How the hell is this possible?" Spike asked walking to the window. Closing his eyes, letting the suns warmth flow over him.

"Just one of the benefits of being a Guide I guess." Xander answered.

"Xander!" Giles bellowed from the living room.

He and the others ran back.

"What's up G-man?" Xander asked as they entered the living room.

"What kind of demons did you say you and the others fought?" Giles asked.

"I didn't"

"Is this them?" Giles asked pointing to a picture in a book when Xander nodded he continued. "They are direct descendants of the old ones."

"What's going on?"

"You killed three of them and dusted the other?"


"There is something here. Something about blood spilled from three of their children and the sacrifice of a powerful being will release them from the deeper well. I think that means the Power that was in Cordy."

"What does that mean?" Buffy asked.

"They're coming."


The End?

You have reached the end of "Guardian" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 19 Jun 07.

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