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Summary: When Xander dies he gets a choice. To go back and probably die again. Or to have his memories erased and become a guardian. Not very good at summaries. Will be slash.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchestershdwslayerFR15616,37214214,74115 Jun 0719 Jun 07No


Title: Guardian
Summary: Xander becomes a guardian
Disclaimer: I do not own any of the character. This is purely for fun.
Pairings: Sam/Xander Willow/Tara possibly more later.
Timeline: AU "Gift" and beyond, post season 2 SPN

Sunnydale 1988

Alexander Harris was at school playing alone in the sandbox when he heard someone crying. He looked around the playground trying to see who it was. He spotted a red headed little girl sitting under a tree, hand clutched to her chest, crying. He put his toys down and made his way over.

"Hey are you ok?" He asked quietly.

The girls head jerked up, her free hand swiping at her tears.

"Uh..yeah, I'm ok."

"Then why are you crying?" He asked, sitting next to her.

She held out her hand, a broken yellow crayon resting in her palm.

"I broke my crayon." She sniffled.

"Oh. Well you can have one of mine if you want." He said smiling at her.

"Really? Thanks." She said excitedly. "I'm Willow."

"My names Alexander." He replied.

Willow's face scrunched up. "That's a long name, I don't think I can say that. How about Alex? Or just Lex? Xander?"

"I think I like the last one, it sounds cool." Xander stood up offering his hand. "Wanna play?"

It was the start of a friendship that would last a lifetime.


Xander and Willow were sitting under a tree talking quietly eating there lunch when Cordelia walked over.

"Hey losers. Did mommy pack your lunch again?" She asked, one hand on her hip.

"Go away Cordy." Xander sighed, shooting her a dirty look.

"Whatever loners. You're just that new kid." She said as she walked away. "Weird."

"New kid?" Xander asked Willow who shrugged.

They looked around spotting a kid sitting alone with his head down and no lunch. They looked at each other, getting up and making their way over.

"Hi. I'm Xander." He said sitting on the boys left side while Willow sat on the right. "That's Willow."

The boy looked from Xander to Willow then back down. "I'm Sam."

"Cool." Xander said, smiling at him when he looked up. "Wanna share some lunch with us."

It was another start to a friendship that might last a lifetime.


Beginning of summer 1989

Xander and Willow made their way down the street towards Sam's house, practically running, so excited about their first summer vacation.

"This is so cool." Xander stated smiling. "No more school, we can just play all the time."

"I like school." Willow pouted. "But summer's cool too. We can go to the pool."

"Yeah..." Xander trailed off and stopped walking.

Staring at the moving van in the driveway of Sam's house. He looked over at Willow and they broke into a run towards the house. Xander knocked on the door waiting for someone to answer.

"Xander, Willow." John Winchester said as he opened the door. "Come on in."

"Hey Mr. Winchester." Xander said, fiddling with the hem of his shirt. "You guys leaving?"

"Yes. There's a job I have to do." He said sighing. "We're leaving tonight."

"What?" Xander and Willow asked together.

"I'm sorry kids." He said bending down so that he was eye level with them. "Why don't you go on to Sam's room and say goodbye. He's pretty sad."

They silently made their way to Sam's room, stopping at the door. Willow looked over at Xander and grabbed his hand before opening the door.

"Hey Sam." Xander said sitting next to him on the bed, Willow on the other side.

"Hey." He replied softly still looking down.

"So you're leaving?" Willow asked, wrapping an arm around him and laying her head on his shoulder.

"Yeah. Dad said we have to go. I don't want to, I'm going to miss you guys."

"Us too." Willow said. "But we can write. We can be like pen pals."

"Yeah." Sam said.

"Sammy it's time to go." John's voice echoed through the house.

The three of them made their way downstairs and out of the house. Sam stood by the door of the car looking at his friends standing there holding hands. He opened the back door, staring into the backseat. Shutting the door he ran over to Willow and Xander wrapping them in a hug.

"I'm going to miss you guys." Sam said trying not to cry. "You are the bestest friends ever.

"We'll always be bestest friends." Willow said tears running down her face.

"Yeah." Xander cut in. "Bestest friends till the end of the world."

"Till the end of the world." Sam whispered back.

"Sammy we gotta go."

"Bye guys." Sam said sadly as he got back into the car.

As the car pulled away he pressed his hand up against the window in a final attempt to say goodbye to his friends. Willow and Xander stood there waving until they couldn't see the car anymore.

"I guess summer's not going to be that cool anymore." Xander said as he and Willow made their way back up the street.


present day

"You got anything Sammy?" Dean asked as he made his way out of the bathroom. "Sam?"

Dean walked around the room looking for Sam. Finding him on the ground in between the beds clutching his head.

"Sam!" He ran to Sam grabbing his shoulders. "Sammy?"

Sam tried to open his eyes to look at Dean, only managing to open them to slits. "Dean... feels like... vision... ahhh!" He screamed, squeezing his eyes shut.

*flash* People walking down a street following a single person in the lead. *flash* A girl tied to a tower bleeding. *flash* A guy helping the girl, then jumping of the tower into a glowing vortex. *flash* A welcome to Sunnydale sign. *flash*

"Sam!" Dean yelled. "Come on talk to me."

"Ugh... Dean... we need..." Sam tried to say before he passed out.

"Dammit Sam!"

Dean picked Sam up off the ground and layed him on the bed. God Sammy, you're a sasquatch... Come on little brother, wake up. He sat there waiting till Sam started to stir.

"Hey Sammy. You alright man?" He asked softly.

Sam opened his eyes slowly. "Dean... ugh... we need to go."

"No Sam. We can wait a little while for you to get your head on straight." Dean said easing him back onto the bed when he tried to sit up.

"Dean, no. We need to leave. Now!" Sam said pushing Dean's hand away, standing up. "We have to go to Sunnydale."

"Tell me again what you saw." Dean said driving down the highway. They had been on the road for a couple of hours heading towards California.

"I don't really know." Sam said closing his eyes. "There were these people. Fighting. A girl tied to a tower, bleeding. A man jumping into a glowing vortex. It hurt." Sam paused opening his eyes. "That thing he jumped into, it hurt. I could feel it. It felt like it was tearing me apart. We have to help them."

"We're almost there Sam. We'll stop whatever this is."

"We better." Sam stated quietly.


//Xander is someone up there with Dawn?// Willows voice rang through his head.

"I don't know." He answered looking up. "I think."

//Get up there. Go!//

"I can't there's too many people." He said looking at the crowd blocking his path.

//Go! Now!//

Xander ran toward the group, they flew apart right before he reached them. When he got to the top of the tower he saw one of Glory's lackeys, Doc, standing next to Dawn with a bloody knife.

"Xander!" Dawn screamed.

"This should be interesting." Doc said approaching Xander.

Xander just grabbed onto him, throwing him off the edge of the tower. Xander made his way to Dawn, cutting the ropes that bound her.

"Xander, it hurts." Dawn said as she held onto him.

"I know, it'll all be over soon." He said trying to reassure her. "What are you doing?" He asked grabbing onto as she made to run to the ledge.

"The portal, the energy..."

"It'll kill you." Xander said cutting her off.

"I know. Blood starts it and until the blood stops flowing it'll never stop." She said as tears ran down her face. "You know you have to let me. It has to have the blood."

"Listen to me. I know another way. Do you trust me?"

"Of course, what..."

Xander pulling a knife out of his pocket cut her off.

He held his palm out slicing the knife over it. "My blood." Grabbing onto her hand he did the same. "Your blood." Clasping their hands together. "Our Blood." Then mumbling an ancient spell, light flared between there hands. When they pulled away there was a silver scar running across each of their palms.

"Dawn! Xander!" Buffy called out as she reached the top of the tower.

"Buffy!" Dawn screamed. "Xander, he's going to jump."

"Xander, no!" Buffy yelled catching his arm.

He turned and smiled at her, holding onto her hand. "I have to Buffy. The world needs a slayer. A hero."

Buffy was crying openly now. "Xander, please..."

"I'm sorry Buff, I have to do this." He said hugging her then Dawn. "Tell Giles this is the way it has to be. Give Willow my love. Tell Spike to take care of you guys or I'll come back and haunt his ass. Tell them I love them. Take care of each other. I'm sorry."

He released Buffy's hand and looked at the portal, seeing a dragon fly through.

"I love you guys." He said over his shoulder before running and leaping off the edge of the tower.


He fell into the portal. Laying there suspended as his body spasmed. Oh god... it hurts... please... let this work.

The others watched as his body spasmed in the portal.

"What the hell?" Sam and Dean's voice rang out, catching them off guard.

"Who are you?" Giles asked gruffly.

"What's going on?" Dean asked skeptically.

"Xander!" Dawn's voice cut them off, turning to see the portal collapsing into itself and Xander's body plummeting to the ground.

"Nooo!" Willow screamed running to his body. "Xander! Xander!" She yelled cradling his face. "Please wake up. Please wake up."

Sam made his way over to them. "Willow?"

"Who are you?" She snarled looking up at him, putting herself between the stranger and Xander.

He took a step back. "Willow it's me Sam." He said holding up is hands. "Do you remember?"

"Sam who?" She asked looking confused.

He racked his brain for something to say. "Bestest friends till the end of the world." He said, stepping closer as the others looked on.

"S-s-sam is that you?" Willow asked crying harder.

Sam made his way over to her, wrapping his arms around her. "It's me." He said looking at Xander's body. "Is... is that..."

"It's Xander." She whispered.

"What... how... I don't understand." Oh god. If only I got here sooner.


"Hello Guardian."

"What who you calling guardian." Xander asked looking around, it looked like some old greek temple. He faced the two people in the room asking, "Who the hell are you?'

"We are the oracles."

"We have been waiting for you."


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