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Summary: Headmaster and Sunnydale natives discuss dark lord problems.

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Harry Potter > General > HumorWinterRayneFR71547051,65115 Jun 0715 Jun 07Yes
Disclaimer I own nothing. :'( Anything Harry Potter belongs to the Goddess J.K. Rowling and anything Buffy belongs to the God Joss Whedon

Gosh I'm so sorry guys(and gals) this has now been betaed. I thought I pasted the betaed version but boy was I wrong.

"So, okay let me get this straight," exclaims a pixie-like redhead. She paces in front of a petite blond who has sprawled herself over an armchair in a shiny, cluttered office.

"What's to know ,Wills, there's this evil dude who turned himself into a snake, calls himself Moldywarts. Has evil dudes as followers. Has a magic stick and when he says bibbity-bobbity-boo people die," states the blond.

"Buffy, its a bit more complicated than that," sighs Willow.

"Actually I find that Miss Summers has done an impeccable job summarizing our current situation," chuckles an older man who occupies the desk across from the two young women.

"See Willow I can make sense sometimes," Buffy exclaims as she bounces in her seat.

"No, no, no, that's not what I meant. I was talking about the whole soul splitting, hocruxie things," Willow states hurriedly before anyone can interrupt her.

"I believe you are inquiring about the Horcruxes are you not, my dear?"

"Yeah, that's it, I thought I had it wrong. What if we do the whole Angel thing with that, Buff?" Willow asks shyly knowing its a touchy subject for the Slayer. As she faces her still-bouncing companion, she asks, "Do you think that would work?"

"OH, OH, you mean like the orb thingy and scary, not black hair scary but, deep growly voice scary you," asks the Slayer.

"Yeah, how did you know about the voice thingy?" inquires a slightly startled Willow, "You weren't there for that."

"Cordy, told me," was the only reply the blond gave before Dumbledore interrupts.

"If I may inquire of this orb... thingy?" asks Dumbledore, raising his bushy white eyebrows.

Willow jumps, looking guiltily at Dumbledore before she replies, "The orb of Thessula is a temporary holding cell for a soul that is called back to Earth. We, uh I, did a spell, well curse really, that was written by a very old Romanian Gypsy tribe. The only known use so far was the first and original curse on the vampire..."

"Angelus, yes I'm very aware of the case of which you speak. There was quite an uproar at the ministry when it was found out that the old families were using dark magic but I digress. You were saying, my dear? "

"Uh yeah," Willow gives a sheepish grin as she continues, "It should work if we tweak the spell to call a soul from earth rather than the paths of the dead. Uh, I think," sending another sheepish grin the headmaster's way.

"I think that just might work," smiles Dumbledore.

"Yup so we good here? Cuz that giant guy said he was gonna take me into the creepy woods so I can hit stuff!!!!!" states the Slayer as she starts bouncing again.


A/N I have no intention of taking this any further. If you want it, like Faith says, " Want. Take. Have." My first posting. Also, if it sucks really bad tell me. If it's okay tell me. Please. ;) Thanks!

The End

You have reached the end of "Brainstorming". This story is complete.

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