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Summary: Drabble. Chloe having a conversation with one of the Scooby gang.

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Smallville > Xander-CenteredaxolotlFR151699022,01316 Jun 0716 Jun 07Yes
Disclaimer: I really don't own any of these characters or anything belonging to their fandoms.

Chloe was sitting at her desk at the daily planet, shifting papers trying desperatly to avoid facing the man fidgeting in front of her. Taking pity on him she decided to be the first one to speak.

" So, Royalty?"

He shrugged his shoulders bonelessly before replying;


Chloe seriously couldn't believe it, honestly the guy could give better than a one word answer.

"How did you manage to hide it from me all those years."

He gave her a quirky grin before sitting in the chair in front of her desk and offhandly saying;



Chloe was really beginning to wonder about her taste in men and this one in particular and if those feet raised any higher, blue blood.. or whatever she was going to hurt him. Seemingly noticing the dangerous ground he tread upon he swooped his legs back to the floor before they hit the desk. With an exasperated sigh he got to work repairing the damage recent events had done to his friendship with the bright blonde.

"C'mon at least I gave you the big scoop.You, Chloe, were among the first to announce the prodigal son has returned to take his rightful place on the throne."

"Still of all things, I mean why would you even wanna return to that?" she asked.

"Be careful Chloe, your jealousy is showing." The lopsided grin was looking awfully smug as he said this.

"What? No way!?! I swore I was wearing my shiny protective armor that shields me from those kinds of intimations!

"Really, than you've been totally ripped off. I think I know a guy, who knows a guy, who could get you a pretty lace corset capable of more or less the same thing."

"Yeah,right." she dead panned.

"Hey, no knocking the corset, it combined with lace panties is an age old mind control device, capable of taking in even the greatest minds."

"So your immune to it? Now, is this demon thing of yours exclusive or do ya have room for an ambitious career driven Queen with a knack for journalism?"

"I might be able to make room for one somewhere, it's a big throne room. I thought you had a thing for spandex and farmboys from outerspace."

Laughing and leaning into her desk.

"That was so last season. I've decided to go for guys who notice I have breasts and am in fact a woman."

The room seemed to be getting smaller as he leaned over and cupped his hand around one of the objects in question.

"And might I say what a perfect pair they are, there truly is a shortage of good breasts in the world."

"Well then my dear Dread Pirate, why don't we make our way to your realm and have a hell of a time."

He stood up, stiff backed and shifted his eyepatch before saying;

"Touche, That was really low."

She stared at him briefly wondering whether she touched a nerve before she noticed something near his left pocket.
Her gaze hit on his, making the sort of face she would make while pursuing a particularly interesting story.She teasingly answered him.

"You walked right into it. Now weren't we going somewhere?"

He tilted his head before sweeping her into his arms,

"As you wish."

With that the two were gone in a flash of fire.

Superman stared at Zatanna as she grabbed his hand and spoke;

eolhC fo eman eht yb ,ellivllamS morf lrig a ,eb lliw reven ,saw reveN

Weird, he never knew anyone in Smallville called Chloe. Shaking his head he got back to fighting President Luthor's cyborg menaces.How someone like Luthor could be elected president really made him question his faith in democracy. Now,if Zatanna got her head in the game he just might be able to make it home to Louis before the news came on. Turning back to the fight- he wondered why he felt as if he'd forgotten something.

Author's note: just a drabble. I'm sorry. I'm inferring xander is a prince of hell nothing very specific. I hope I rated this right. Zatanna speak translation:
'Never was, never will be, a girl from Smallville by the name of Chloe"

The End

You have reached the end of "Allusion". This story is complete.

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