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The Slayer and the Lioness.

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Summary: A new warrior in Tortall, with skills to match Alanna the Lioness, and her very powerful witch friend?

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Literature > Fantasy > Author: Tamora PierceivoryspiralFR1322,018073,4405 Jul 036 Jul 03No

Chapter Two: First Lessons

Willow looked at Daine and Numair and smiled. She had liked them ever since they had first been introduced. Numair made her laugh, especially when it was not on purpose. And Daine was, well, Daine. Recently Willow had discovered something about her: she was a Wild Mage, meaning she had Wild Magic inside of her, meaning she could shapeshift into animals and heal. This was very useful, for she could carry a message in eagle form or scout as an owl. The best part about the couple is they were giving her lessons.
Magic lessons.
Numair, as it turned out, was a great mage. He didn’t look it. He was tall, with long dark hair and tended to wear simple clothes. Neither did Daine look a Wild Mage. She had soft brown hair that fell in waves past her shoulders and bright gray eyes.
Still, she was getting lessons, and that was all that mattered.
First, Numair had asked her about what spells she had done and what she knew. Willow told them she had done a few spells, most of which hadn’t gone right.
“Well, let’s see, there was
“Demons? You mean like immortals?”
“Well, I don’t know if all demons are immortal, but certainly most of them are. You have demons here?”
“We have a bad case of immortals. Stormwings, Spidrens, griffons, etc. Not good.”
“How did they come here? You make it sound like a new thing.”
Numair looked surprised. “It is! Some Carthaki mages opened the gates to the immortal’s realm. Now they are all here. It was all Ozorne’s fault.”
“The Emperor Mage of Carthak.”
“Oh.” So that’s their Big Bad. Willow thought. “You get rid of him?”
“All thanks to Daine.” The young woman reddened.
“I was angry.”
“So aren’t we all.” Numair chuckled. “And she destroyed his entire palace.”
“I thought he killed you!” she said, putting her arms around him.
“Well, the simulacrum was very lifelike.”
Willow perked up. “Simulacrum? You made a simulacrum? I’ve heard of those! They’re really hard!”
“Mm-hmm. Once we’ve done some more of the basics, I can show you how.”
Willow blanched. “Do they walk and talk?”
“If you’re good enough, yes. Why?”
“Well, I’ve had an evil look-alike before and the experience wasn’t pleasant, cos she was a vampire and almost killed me…”
“Ah. Back to the spells, what other ones have you done?”
“There’s also the soul curse…”
“Well, there was this vampire, Angel, and he and Buffy were in love cos he had a soul, but then when he had a moment of true happiness it was taken away— I think Buffy could explain this better.”
“Well, just skip to the spell part—“ but at the look on Willow’s face he said, “Okay, just explain the spell itself.”
“Well, Jenny and I got the spell off the internet, but she was killed and I had do it alone, and worked—at the last minute… I really think Buffy should explain this.” She looked beseechingly at them.
“Just explain a different spell then.” Daine said quickly.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Slayer and the Lioness." – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 6 Jul 03.

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