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The Compass of Erised

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Traveling Scoobies". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: The Scoobies go on the hunt for a legendary compass.

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loyaleskamoeFR13421,6960127,49616 Jun 078 Aug 07Yes

Meandering About

Willow sat across Xander at the airport cafeteria.  They had just landed in New York after an 18 hour flight from Japan.  The two of them ended up having to fight a vicious oni, the japanese version of an ogre, that was guarding the Kusanagi.  

The Kusanagi is the legendary sword belonging to the storm god, Susanoo.  Giles had come across a reliable tip regarding the whereabouts of the sword, and dispatched the duo to retrieve it.  The oni guarding it had other plans.  Hence the fighting.  It was not a fun time, and the two of them were tired.  The last thing they wanted to do was wait in an airport for whatever stuffy-assed Council flunky Giles told them to meet.

"Do you think they'll send anybody we know?" Willow asked.  

Xander shrugged then yawned. "As long as they don't send Andrew."

Willow frowned. "He's not that bad," she defended.  Xander gave her a look. "Okay, he's a geek in the worst possible way, but he knows how to make a mean soufflé.  And he's even better with computers than I am."

"Who was it that managed to hack into the Pentagon's computer systems?" Xander wondered aloud.

"I used magic.  If I hadn't, there would've been no way I'd even get close to doing that."

Xander looked dubious. "And Andy could?"

Willow shrugged. "He'd get closer than me."

"Whatever." The topic had ceased to be interesting.  Xander moved on to better and brighter things. "What do you think Jessica Alba looks like naked?"

Willow thought for a moment. "A naked Jessica Alba," she concluded.

"Ah.  Good call Will." Xander smiled dreamily as he pictured it.

Willow chuckled at his expression. "I'm more of a pre-Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes kinda gal."

Xander nodded sagely. "That Dawson was one lucky guy."

"Actually, I think she ended up with Pacy," a familiar voice said.

"BUFFY!" Willow and Xander exclaimed simultaneously.

Buffy smirked. "Hey guys, miss me?"

Willow leapt from her seat and enveloped the slayer in a bone-crushing hug. "Duh."

After Willow let go, Xander grabbed Buffy in a big bear-hug and twirled her around.

"Xander!" Buffy screeched laughingly.

He put her down, smiling. "What are you doing here?"

A wonderful thought occurred to Willow. "Ooh!  Ooh!  Are you the one we're meeting?" she asked excitedly.

Buffy smiled and nodded, causing Willow to squeal happily and hug her again.

Xander yawned. "As fun as greetings are, I don't suppose we can retire to more comfortable and vertical..." He trailed off, realizing what he was about to say. "I'm really tired, and as happy as I am to see you Buff?  I won't actually care about the why until I get some sleep in me."

"Xander!" Willow admonished. "We haven't seen her in months!" She hit him in the shoulder.

"OW!" Xander glared at her. "Yeah, but she'll still be here in the morning!" He turned to Buffy. "You will be here, right?"

Buffy laughed. "If it's okay with you two."

Willow nodded eagerly. "Of course it is!  The...the very thought of it not being okay is to be laughed at and shunned!" She grabbed Buffy's arm, linked it with her own, and led the slayer towards the exit.  Xander followed. "You can sleep with me."

The one-eyed adventurer stumbled upon hearing the invitation.

"Problems Xand?" Buffy asked innocently.

"Lech." Willow smirked.

He gave them both the finger.


Unfortunately for Xander's happy fantasies, Giles knew full well who they were meeting and arranged for a third room in the hotel they were to be staying at.  It was a waste of money, at least for that first night.

Despite Xander's earlier complaints of weariness, the three friends stayed in his room catching up and reminiscing.  They didn't fall asleep until way past dawn.  Deeming their rooms too far away, the girls opted to crash with Xander in his.  They pushed the poor man out of his bed, (Xander had already fallen asleep.) and told him to go to the couch.  He made it about halfway before deciding the floor was good enough.


Xander was awoken by the sound of laughter.  He blinked a couple of times, then accidently rubbed his cheek in the puddle of drool that had accumulated during his rest.


He staggered to his feet in a blurry haze.  He then looked around to see what was so funny.  Xander smiled.  Buffy and Willow were laughing it up on the couch.  It was nice to see his girls having fun.  Especially Willow

She had broken up with her girlfriend recently and it wasn't pretty.  Will really started to fall for this chick and decided to come out as a witch.  Unfortunately, the lady couldn't handle it.  Thus, Xander was forced to put up with mopey and sad faced Willow.

"Hello ladies," he greeted cheerily. "And how are my two precious blossoms this good morning?"

Buffy snorted in amusement. "Fine.  You?"

Willow grinned. "Yeah!  Mr. Drooly McDroolDrool."

"Okay, next time you sleep on the floor and I'll stay in my bed," he snarked back.

Willow just waved off his comment and returned to her conversation.


After they'd all showered and dressed, the trio went down to the cafeteria for breakfast.  Willow and Xander had just finished telling Buffy about their most recent adventure and were now explaining their newest assignment.

"So soon?  What about resting?  That fight with the oni sounded pretty rough."

Will's face clouded over briefly, but quickly turned upbeat. "It's fine, Buffy, we just feel as though we should keep busy for right now." She smiled teasingly. "Also, we need to make sure we take advantage of some slayer backup while you're still around to be taken advantage of."

Xander leered at Buffy and waggled his eyebrows.

"Oh grow up," Willow chided him with a swat on the arm.  Buffy laughed.  She was really glad to be back with her friends. 

"Don't worry.  I'm not planning on leaving anytime soon.  Giles got Principal Wood to take over slayer searching for me."

Xander frowned. "Why are you still calling Rob, Principal Wood?"

Buffy got a really disturbed look on her face. "I don't know."

Willow rolled her eyes and pulled out her laptop. "Getting back to the topic on hand, the next object we want to find is called, The Compass of Erised.  Or just, The Compass for short."

Will did a little typing. "It's supposedly one of the few items created by the Endless."

"Endless.  You mean immortals?" Buffy asked. 

Xander shook his head. "Nope.  Immortal implies you're alive."

"Jeez.  Vague much?" Buffy responded in mild disgust. "Since when did you get annoying like that?"

He grinned. "Since I found out how much fun it is."

Willow took pity on Buffy. "The Endless are supposedly the..." She paused, looking for the right words. "...physical embodiment of stuff." Buffy gave her a confused look. "Sorry, it's just hard to explain.  Info on the Endless is really, really, rare." She frowned and focused on her computer.

Without missing a beat, Xander took over. "Basically, they're supposed to actually BE what they represent.  Or they rule it.  Or whatever." That explanation didn't help at all and it showed on Buffy's face. "There're seven of them?" He looked to Willow for confirmation.  She nodded without looking away from her computer. "Right. Seven of them.  Death, Destruction, Despair, Desire, Destiny, Dream, and, and... "

"Delirium," Willow finished for him.

"Right!  I always forget that one."

"Okay, so what's with the compass?" Buffy wanted to know.

Willow answered her question. "Basically, all the info we have on the Endless comes from one text.  On it, it spoke of several tools they use in doing their jobs.  Like for example, Dream's got some sand that he uses for stuff that wasn't made clear in the text.  But hey, magic sand."

Buffy's eyebrows shot up. "Ooh, like the Sandman?"

Willow nodded, pleased Buffy caught on so quick. "Yep.  Giles and me agree most of the old legends referring to the Sandman, sometimes known as Morpheus, goes back to Dream."

"Cool.  Does he pour it in your eyes and send you off to Dreamland like in the stories?"

"Y'know, I asked that same question," Xander observed.

Willow smiled at her best friend. "And I'll tell her the same thing I told you." She turned back to Buffy. "My theory is that he's sorta the janitor of dreams.  Like he maintains them and stuff."  

Buffy nodded.  Made sense to her. "So he made the compass too?"

"No.  We think Desire did."


Xander smirked. "What's, "Erised" backwards?"

Buffy thought for a second.  Her eyes lit up. "Desire!" She grinned. "Did you figure it out all by yourself?  Or did you have help?"

Will answered for him. "Nope.  He did all alone." She pretended to wipe a tear away, and patted her friend on the head. "Our little Xander is getting so smart!" 

Xander waved the praise away. "Aw shucks, twernt nothin."

Buffy returned to the topic at hand. "So Desire made the compass." She frowned. "What's it do?  And why is the name backwards?"

Willow answered. "Desire also made a mirror called, The Mirror of Erised.  The compass wasn't actually named.  So me and Xander decided to name it after the mirror cuz Erised sounds really cool." 

Xander spoke up. "As for what it does, oh Buffy mine.  Instead of pointing north like a real one, it points to nothing less than your heart's very own desire."

Buffy's brow furrowed. "What do you mean?"

Willow grinned. "For example.  Maybe you want to find, say... an old boyfriend with platinum blonde hair that deserves a good punching?  The compass will point you in the direction he's at.  No matter what he's doing to hide from you."

Buffy sighed. "Actually, we've talked."

"Was there punching?" Willow asked. 

"Or maybe a well deserved ass kicking?" Xander offered. 

"Nay on both fronts." Buffy shrugged. "We talked.  Look, we're not here to talk about Spike.  Let's just get back to the compass, okay?"

"Okay.  Like I said, the compass will point to whatever you want the most at any given time," Willow reiterated.

"Making it very useful to a couple of treasure hunters such as ourselves," Xander concluded, grinning at the possibilities.

"Very nice." Buffy was impressed. "So where is it?"

Xander's grin faltered. "Um, Florida?"

"Florida's kinda big, Xan, maybe you could narrow it down some?"

Willow pulled up the wanted poster of a pirate. "This is the last known person to possess the compass.  Captain Jack Sparrow.  He was wanted for a whole list of crimes.  Some of them were pretty outlandish too.  Anyway, his last know location was in Florida, so we're heading there."

Buffy nodded. "Anything to go by?  Or are we just gonna go and see what we can find?"

The redhead smiled. "Nope.  I got us a contact.  A historian that specializes in pirate lore.  His name's William Turner."


Florida, Miami to be exact, is where Willow's source resided.  William Turner was a elderly gentleman of about seventy, possessing an air of good humor that was immediately endearing.  The Scoobies were currently gathered in his den. 

"I was named for an ancestor of mine," the old man said. "He wasn't well known, at least outside of Port Royal, the area he grew up in, but he was a noted friend to Jack Sparrow."

"That's the pirate-y guy, right?" Buffy asked.

Willow was studiously taking notes, Xander was walking around looking at all the historical memorabilia, and Buffy was doing her best not to fall asleep.  Hence the question.

Mr. Turner chuckled. "Yes.  He was indeed very, "pirate-y." But you already knew that Ms. Summers, otherwise you wouldn't be here."

Buffy blushed a little. "Sorry.  Me and history have a long standing arrangement of avoidance."

Willow frowned disapprovingly at that statement, but Mr. Turner laughed. "I suppose a young woman such as yourself wouldn't find the past too fascinating.  But that shouldn't stop you from learning it."

"Yeah Buff," Xander admonished playfully. "You need to focus more."

Buffy whirled around in her seat, outraged. "You were the only one in the ENTIRE SCHOOL that did worse in history than me!"

Xander pointed to a very old pistol that was displayed in a glass case. "That's a Royal Navy Sea Service pistol, right?" The old man grinned and nodded.  Buffy looked shocked.  Xander continued. "It's the East India Co. version.  You can tell by the shorter barrel, only nine inches.  The East India Trading Co. shortened the barrel from it's traditional twelve inches so they could be more effective against boarding parties," Xander told Buffy smugly.

Mr. Turner laughed. "Quite right young man.  Quite right.  Where did you learn that?"

Willow interrupted, smirking. "He only knows that because he saw the Russell Crowe movie with the boats."

Mr. Turner laughed again. "If I remember correctly, the information your friend provided isn't ever mentioned in the picture." He smiled approvingly. "Which means he sought it out willingly." Willow and Buffy didn't have an answer to that.  Mr. Turner gave Xander a conspiratorial wink.

He grinned.

"Now that that's out of the way, let's return to the subject at hand." Mr. Turner pulled out a piece of old looking parchment and laid it out on his desk.  The Scoobies gathered around and looked over his shoulder. "According to this map, the last known location of Sparrow was in Florida.  You know this much already, but what you probably don't know is what he was looking for there." He pointed on the map.

They all read what the map said, but Willow was the one to shout in surprise. "The Fountain of Youth!"

The old man smiled. "Bingo.  Ol' Jack went looking for it.  Feared death he did.  Wanted to postpone it anyway he could."

Xander's mind boggled. "If he had the compass, he might've actually found it!" 

"Oh wow," Will breathed. "What if he's still alive?  The things he must know!  The stuff he could tell us about pirating!"

Buffy put her hands on her hips. "Since when have you wanted to shiver some timbers?" she asked, smiling.

"I meant from an historical standpoint, of course," Willow replied haughtily.

Mr. Turner chuckled to himself.  He liked these kids.


It was a couple of hours later and Mr. Turner had invited the trio to stay for dinner.  He was bar-b-cueing up some grub while Willow and Xander went over his documentation.  Buffy offered to help with the grilling.

"So, how long have you been researching pirates?" she asked while handing him a set of really big tongs.

"All my life, it seems like," he answered, taking the utensil and turning over some hot dogs. "When I was a boy, my granddad used to tell me stories about my namesake's adventures." Mr. Turner paused to smile.  Buffy looked into his eyes and she could see the passion he still possessed. "And he told me about the Pearl."

"There are pearls?" Buffy asked eagerly.  She liked pearls.

Mr. Turner chuckled. "Sorry, I was referring to a pirate ship.  The Black Pearl." He sighed reverently. "She was supposed to be the fastest ship in the seas.  The Pearl outran Royal Navy vessels, other pirate ships, and there was even a rumor she outran the mightiest ship of them all." His voice was smooth and hypnotic.  Buffy was on the edge of her seat. 

"You mean the Constitution?" she blurted, wide eyed with excitement.

He laughed. "The Constitution?" 

Buffy blushed. "I told you I sucked at history."

Mr. Turner laughed his big booming laugh. "Well, I'm sure the Pearl could've outrun it had she needed to." He flipped over some meat on the grill. "But no, I was talking about the Flying Dutchman." He smiled sinisterly.  (For him, which wasn't really sinister at all.) "It's captain was none other than Davy Jones himself," he said impressively.

Buffy sat up. "The locker guy?"

"The very same!"

"Get out!" Buffy exclaimed in disbelief.

Mr. Turner scratched the back of his head.

"I would dear, but this is my house," he said wryly.

The blonde rolled her eyes. "You know what I mean.  I thought "Davy Jones' locker" was just an expression."

He gave her a knowing look. "Would it be so hard to believe if it wasn't?

"I guess not." Buffy admitted with a shrewd look of her own.


"Xander, take a look at this." Willow was looking at a worn and old device displayed behind a glass case.  It was flat and had drawings and writings all over it.  It looked like it could be some sort of puzzle, and the circular patterns on it appeared to form a map.

"Whatcha got Will?" He wandered over to his friend.

"What do you think this is?" She pointed to the device.

Xander looked at it. "Don't know.  Some kinda puzzle maybe?" He noticed something. "Whatever it is, it was torn out of something." He pointed to the ripped edges.

Willow frowned. "Why didn't I notice that?" 

"You're just getting old."

"You're three months older than me," WIllow reminded him.

Xander shrugged. "Never said I wasn't getting old too."

She sighed. "We should ask Mr. Turner about this.  The drawings are chinese in design and the text looks like it could be mandarin."

Xander didn't see the relevance. "So?"

Willow frowned, trying to read it. "It's not complete, but I think it says something about a spring of life," she finished with a pointed look.

"Ah." Now he understood.


Dinner was a rather casual affair.  Mr. Turner, as it turns out, is an absolutely terrible cook.  He burned all of the food he was trying to grill, and had to resort to ordering chinese.

"Sorry about this," he apologized over some house fried rice.

"Dert werry aboo-it," Xander assured him through a mouth full of beef teriyaki.

Buffy scrunched up her nose. "Ew.  Swallow first, Xan."


"Mr. Turner?" Willow began. "Xander and me were wondering..."

"Xander and I," Mr. Turner corrected.

She blushed. "Right.  Xander and I were wondering if we could take a look at that circular puzzle/map thing?"

He broke out into a knowing grin. "I see you've found Sao Feng's map."

Willow nodded.  

The old man sighed. "I've never been able to figure out the text.  It does however mention something that might be what old Jack was looking for when he disappeared."

"The spring of life," Willow concluded

Mr. Turner raised his drink in salute. "You got it." He leaned back in his chair with a satisfied air. "I knew I liked you kids."


Over the next few days, the gang returned to Mr. Turner's house to study the map.  Willow was able to glean some idea regarding the whereabouts of the mythic fountain.  Meanwhile, Xander and Buffy poured over any and all available text about Jack Sparrow and his compass.  Mr. Turner's help had proven to be invaluable as he was able to give a unique insight into the histories and legends surrounding the pirate and his ship.

The history of the compass itself, was varied and mysterious.  Sparrow had stolen it from a church in Spain, where it had resided for decades.  No-one knows exactly how it got there.  Some of the legends say it was delivered by a pale man.  Others claim it was a woman.  One person even said the compass came into being simply by his wishing it there.  

Yet despite the conflicting reports, one thing remained constant.  They all say the compass was stained with blood when it arrived. leaving it safe to assume it's story goes further back.  What that story was, nobody knows.

After the Scoobies felt they'd learned all they could from Mr. Turner's collection, they bade farewell to the old man, and promised to keep him apprised of any new information.


Willow consulted the copy of the map she made.  It came complete with turnable circles and everything.  The gang was deep in the everglades of Florida.  

And they were totally lost.

"We're not lost," Willow assured primly. "We're just not... positive, exactly, of the position we're at."

Xander leveled a glare at her. "I'm pretty sure that's the textbook definition of lost, Will." 

Buffy let out a surprisingly girly shriek and, just as surprisingly, leapt behind Xander. 

"Huh?" he said in confusion. "What?" He too started to jump around.  The only difference was he didn't know what to be scared of. "Is it a demon?  It's a demon!"

Buffy cringed. "A demon I can handle!  Look!" She pointed to a huge python that was slithering near them.  The thing was at least 300 lb. and easily 20 ft long.

"Snakes.  I hate snakes," Xander quoted, awed by the serpent's immense length.  

Willow watched it go on by, then turned to Buffy with a smirk. "The Great Slayer, spooked by snakes.  Hah!" She looked down when she felt something brush against her feet.  It was a tiny little frog, and the most powerful witch in the Northern Hemisphere screamed like a five year old and kicked the thing off of her boot.

Buffy opened her mouth to say something smug, but was stopped by a glare from Willow.

Xander rolled his eye. "Now that the required amount of comedy relief has been reached, can we get on with the treasure hunting?"

Still shaken with her terrifying encounter, Willow turned her attentions back to the map. "We need to head north." She pulled out her compass and walked.

Buffy and Xander looked at one another, shrugged, then followed her.


Evening was fast approaching.  The compass was still unfound, and there was no sign of any pirates or mythical water.  Willow paused to consult the map.  Xander and Buffy stood a short distance away.

Buffy was getting grumpy. "Y'know, this wasn't what I expected when Giles told me you guys were treasure hunters.  I thought there'd be more "Indiana Jones" and less "Crocodile Hunter."

Xander smiled. "C'mon Buff, Indy did just as much wandering as we do.  It's just Lucas and Spielberg always cut that part out for some reason."

"Probably because it's boring," Buffy grumped, swatting an insect. "And the bugs!  So many bugs.  Why didn't you warn me there'd be this many of them?"  Xander shrugged unhelpfully, causing Buffy to pout.  She looked ahead to where Willow was standing.

"What's she doing anyway?" The redhead wouldn't respond to any questions, she was so focused.  Xander shrugged again.  Buffy resumed pouting. "Fat lot of help you are today."

"It's all wrong!" Willow exclaimed suddenly.

"Wrong?" Xander was startled. "What's wrong?"

"Only everything," she said despairingly as she walked over to them.  She held out the map and pointed to a passage of text. "There was supposed to be a building or a construct here, where we are, but there isn't!" 

Buffy looked around.  Nope, nothing but swamp. "Maybe it got swept away by a hurricane or something."

Willow shook her head. "The passage says, "The spring of life will not be found by those with natural eyes.  One must wait for the coming of the light and dark to see." See?"

"No," Buffy and Xander replied simultaneously.

She sighed. "I thought light and dark might've meant dawn and dusk, but it doesn't."

"So what does it mean?" Xander asked.

"I don't know," she admitted. "But if you move the circles like so, it becomes a completely different passage!" She fiddled with the circles a bit. "Look!  Now it says something completely incomplete!"

Xander and Buffy blinked, clearly not understanding.

"What are you trying to say?" Buffy asked.

Willow stared at the map dolefully. "I think we're wasting our time." She looked at her friends. "It's in some kind of code and I don't know how to read it."


"Yeah, Giles, I understand.  No.  Yes.  Okay.  Bye." Xander hung up the phone.  The Scoobies were back in their hotel rooms trying to figure out their next move.  Willow and Xander have been on the phones all day talking to Giles and Mr. Turner.  Unfortunately, the latter had nothing more to offer.  But Giles, once again, came through.

"He says there's been mention of a magic compass in the Dalthezar Codex." Xander sighed. "Of course, He doesn't know where we can find a copy of it, so..." He trailed off and collapsed into his bed.  Buffy was in his room watching TV.  She had been with Willow before, but was kicked out because the redhead wanted to work in peace.

"I wish I could help," she said, feeling useless. "I tried, but Willow yelled at me, so here I am." Buffy gestured around the room. "Maybe this whole, "helping you guys", thing isn't going to work out," the slayer said sadly.

Xander looked up at the tone and saw the forlorn expression Buffy was wearing. He walked over to his friend and smiled. 

"I'm not smart," he started with, prompting Buffy to open her mouth in protest.  He continued on before she could say anything. "I'm not saying I'm stupid, but books aren't my thing.  Because of that, I felt useless for a long time.  I thought Will would've been better off getting a watcher to help her out.  Someone like Rob who'd be able to watch her back AND be book smart.  Then Kentucky happened."

"What was in Kentucky?"

"Me and Will were looking for a particular scroll that was supposed to be located in some mausoleum there.  We didn't know which one, but we were definitely in the right area.  We stayed there for months looking for this thing.  Long enough for it to be cheaper for us to actually rent an apartment instead of staying in a hotel."

"Wow.  Long time."

He took a deep breath. "Yeah.  It was also long enough for Willow to meet someone." Buffy raised her eyebrows in surprise.  Xander nodded. "Yep, and she was a good match for her too." He sighed. "Except for the whole freaking-out-beyond-all-belief-when-she-found-out-Willow-was-a-witch thing."

"Ouch." Buffy winced.  If you replace witch with slayer, it was the same thing she had to deal with.

"So yeah, Willow's been sorta miserable since then."

Buffy thought back at their interactions. "She's kinda been throwing herself into the work, not that that's anything new, but she hasn't seemed too depressed to me."

"That's because ever since you showed up, Will's been smiling more.  Actually laughing even." He chuckled a little self-deprecatingly. "Which is more than I've been able to get out of her.  Despite my best efforts." He frowned. "I think she's getting used to me.   Either that or my material's getting old,  Whatever.  The important thing, Buffy, is you're helping her."

Xander looked her in the eyes. "You can relate to her in that girlie way.  Which again, despite my best efforts, I can never do.  Yeah I help.  Just being there for her is good, but I can't be there like you can."

Buffy shook her head. "But she hasn't said anything to me.  If she wanted me to be all commiserating and helpful, shouldn't she have said something?"

He shrugged. "Just because she hasn't yet, doesn't mean she won't.  Give it time.  Willow will come to you." Xander smiled. "You're her best friend."

"And what are you?" Buffy asked dryly.

"A guy.  And thus, not the one to talk to about relationship problems."

"Bull.  You've helped me out a million times with my boyfriends."

"Yes, but how many of those times did you actually do what I suggested?"

"All of them," Buffy said confidently. He gave her a look. "Mostly," she amended. "And I didn't stab Angel like you wanted." She frowned. "Not then anyway.  Look.  The point is, you're the go to guy on guys." She smiled warmly at him, he smiled back. 

"Yeah, but Willow likes girls."

After a beat, Buffy blinked. "Oh.  Right."


It was a few hours later.  Xander and Buffy were in Willow's room informing her of the Dalthezar Codex.

"I've heard of it." Willow immediately began looking for it on her laptop. "Here," she read aloud. "The Dalthezar Codex was written in 1826 by Arthur Dalthezar.  In it is the written history of the varied artifacts that have changed the course of destiny.  Among them are:  The Philosophers Stone, something called a Choppy-eye? I don't know what that is.  The Witchblade, and Desire's Compass," she finished triumphantly

Willow looked back at her two friends, smiling. 

"Choppy-eye?" Xander asked, bewildered.

"Well, why don't you take a look and see if you can read it." She responded defensively.

He did.  He couldn't.  So there.

"Any idea where we can find Dalthezar's book?" Buffy asked.

Willow looked down at her laptop. "The Watcher's Council had a copy.  Until one of the watchers defected to Wolfram and Hart.  He took the codex, and a bunch of other books, with him when he left." She sighed. "That's probably why Giles was familiar with it."

"But why didn't he tell Xander Wolfram and Hart has it?" Buffy wanted to know.

Willow read on, crestfallen. "Oh no."

"What?" Xander asked.

"The watcher guy took it to the LA branch."

"You mean the one Angel took over then destroyed in a violent and effective manner, only to go missing in the process?"

Willow nodded. "Yep."

Xander sighed. "Great."

Buffy said nothing, a pensive look on her face.


Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all affiliated characters were created and is owned by Joss Whedon.  The Endless were created by Neil Gaiman and is owned by DC comics.  Pirates of the Caribbean is owned by Walt Disney. 
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