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The Shadow

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Summary: Xander finds out that his family is stranger than he thought

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road TripoldfartFR181127,890113249,98316 Jun 0716 Jun 07Yes

Chapter Eleven

2 August 1999

On Monday the Second of August the President of the United States got an e-mail that bypassed his secretary and was untraceable, the Joint Chiefs got it as well as General Hammond at the SGC, it caused a stir and because of it some more NID agents wound up in Prison on charges of treason as well as Senator Robert Kinsey.

Here is the E-Mail

From: A Concerned Citizen
To: POTUSA; Chiefs of Staff; General Hammond
Subject: What The Hell Are You Doing, Trying To Get Us Bombed Back To The Stone Age!

Dear Sirs
No disrespect to The Offices you hold but What the Hell Are You Doing, Trying to Get Us Bombed Back to the Stone Age! You are suppose to be protecting the citizen of this great country from threats foreign and domestic and with it the world, but to my surprise the people who are to be protecting me from alien threats, are being sent into hostile situations with antiquated equipment, to find the alien technology to help us fight the bad guys. HELLO, do these names mean anything to you, The Justice League, The Avengers, The Fantastic Four, these are all Civilian groups that use Earth based technology to protect us and they are decades if not a century ahead of the SGC in Tech, They have antigravity, artificial gravity, inertial dampers, sublight drives, stardrives, shields and even laser, partial and plasma based weapons, hell our troops in the Middle east and the security personnel at Wayne Enterprises, Stark Industries, Luthor Corp and Xanatos Enterprises are better equipped that the troops at the SGC. Just who the hell is supplying the people at the SGC the Ethiopia army?

Think about it, You are sending these people out to find alien tech to help fight the Goa’uld and trying to reverse engineer their tech so we can have a fleet of starships and big honking space guns to defend are selves, didn’t you even think to look at what the other government agencies have. Lets start with S.H.I.E.L.D. they have a huge flying aircraft carrier as a base, COME ON PEOPLE didn’t that give you a hint that just maybe they have some advanced tech, the thing flies by using a antigravity generator designed and built for them by Wayne Enterprises and powered by a Stark Industries cold fusion reactor and the agents are issued a Phased Pulsed Plasma Pistols made by both Xanatos Enterprises and Luthor Corp. Hell DARPA’s mutant Genius Forge had stuff just laying around his office that decades ahead of what you are giving the SGC, who the hell is the supple officer, the supply officer for the 4077th, Sergeant Rizzo? I’d take out the person in charge of that place and shoot them and NO I don’t mean General Hammond, But wait you’ve already arrested the ones who did this “The Committee” and their puppet Senator Kinsey and his goon squad the NID, so maybe now you will get your acts together and first off Leave General Hammond in command and get off his back and allow him to do his job.

Oh one more thing how the hell did Kinsey get away with ordering U.S. military personnel around as if they were his servants, he wasn’t in their chain of command, doesn’t it go the President orders the Secretary of Defense, he orders the Joint Chiefs of Staff and they order what ever branch of service that needs to do the job, No where dose it says Senator such and such is anywhere in there, so who did he Bribe or blackmail to let him get away with it!

A Concerned Citizen

After that little letter several Generals and Admirals were asked to retire or face a Court Marshal Charges and Wayne, Stark, Richards, Xanatos and Luthor stared to get orders for their space technologies and weapon systems from the Air Force.

A second E-mail went out two days after the First

From: A Concerned Citizen
To: SG1; General Hammond
Subject: Sorry about the Security breach frenzy

Hey Guys Sorry if my previous E-mail has cause you problems but I couldn’t sit by and watch you die trying to save our asses when that asshole Kinsey was deliberately trying to kill you. You needed the best that the U.S. could give you and you weren’t getting it thanks to Kinsey and his buddies.

If you are wondering how I know so much about the SGC, well thanks to a Chaos Mage and a set of old BDU’s I became Major Kawalsky on one Halloween and I kept his memories so He may be dead but his memories live on.

Hopefully a friend
A Concerned Citizen aka The Shadow

P.S. If you need my help or need info on me, talk to the Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. Col. Fury, I helped him with a small matter.

The End

You have reached the end of "The Shadow". This story is complete.

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