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The Shadow

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Summary: Xander finds out that his family is stranger than he thought

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Theme: Road TripoldfartFR181127,890113249,97016 Jun 0716 Jun 07Yes

Chapter One

The Shadow

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer or any other Universe that I may borrow from; those belong to other People with High priced Lawyers. The concepts involved in these separate television shows or Movies or other fan fiction do not belong to me either. The story I have written however does. This story may not be posted on any pay site or in any way shape or form, make any profit for anyone (I know I’m not making a thing from it).
This is another Xander road trip Story.

Authors notes (rules of this Universe.)

Superman: “Smallville” and “Lois and Clark the New Adventures of Superman” are one story, making “Smallville” happen in the 80s and Metropolis is were “Smallville” has it, in Kansas.

Batman: Bruce started his Vigilante career when the first Batman comic came out, the story explains his youthful looks, and Gotham is in Massachusetts when Boston is.
Highlander: Richie and Connor didn’t die.

Sita: The books happened in the 80s and the last book didn’t happened, the whole Angel thing happened because of a curse that Darla put on Angel to find that, that will break the gypsy’s curse.

Blade: based on the movies, this happened in the 90s. In this universe the vamp killing virus from the third movie, only worked on the Dracula line (these are demon vamps as well and Drac was a demon) and only on the ones in the area (New York City).

In this Universe, as long as you stayed away from the centers on metaHuman activity, it is very similar to our own. The major center are Metropolis, Gotham and New York City, the minor are the rest of the Major Cities in the world and Smallville and Sunnydale. Smallville, because of the mutagenic effects of the Kryptonite Meteors and Sunnydale, because of an active Hellmouth.

In this Universe, the medical procedure to detect mutants, looks for a specific enzyme in the blood that only mutants have (X-factor), so anybody that have the latent genes for Mutancy (both parents of the mutants) will not have the enzyme. The United States has the highest Mutant rate per capita than the rest of the world combined and New York City is the center of it. All because during the mid to late 1800s that is where most of the immigrants came thru, to come to America and a lot of them carried the latent genes.

/xxxxx/ thoughts

I want to thank Marc D for his story Dark Knight, White Knight, it gave me some Ideas on where to go with this story.

Chapter One

10 June 99

Xander looked at his face in the mirror, he had the ridges and fangs of a vamp but his eyes were gold tinted with green, then there was the fact that he could see himself in the mirror to begin with and he was wearing his crucifix with no ill effect.

He had woken up in a strange bed, an hour and a half ago, with no memory on how he had got there. He felt great, that is until he saw the girl chained to the wall and the blinding pain of hunger hit and he could smell her blood and the horror of what he had become hit him as he blacked out. He came to in the Oxnard Veterinary Hospital, in one of the horse stalls, sitting on the floor with the horse looking at him with the horse version of “are you done yet?” look, he realized that he had just fed on the horse and the horse wasn’t hurt.

He some how found the place that he had woken up in and found the girl unharmed by him still there. He freed her and took her to the Hospital and headed home and here he was looking at himself, shifting his face from vamp to human and back again. On the way to the Hospital he had realized that he had his soul, which calmed him down some but not all of the way, he still wanted to know what had happened to him.

He had just gotten off work washing dishes at the Fabulous Ladies Night Club and was heading home, he had just reached for the door to his cheap apartment, when he woke up in that bed and he didn’t remember the hour in between. The sun was coming up and he was tired so he lay on the bed to get some sleep before he tested his reaction to the sun.

He opened his eyes and saw that the sun had just set and that meant that he was late for work, with a quick shower and shave he was off to work.

Xander was putting on his apron when the head cook saw him and yelled.
“You’re late Harris”

“Sorry Sonny but I over slept, wouldn’t happen again.”

“Call us next time will you, ok? People have been disappearing around here lately.”

“Will do, gotta scrub those pans.”

Sonny just looked at the kid, he felt something more than just over sleeping had happened the kid looked pale and a little scared and he wasn’t doing his usual jokes ether. He’ll keep an eye on him.

Xander spent the rest of the night just trying to be invisible and understand what had happened to him, he didn’t seemed to be following the rules of being a Vampire, as he knew them, according to Giles and Angel and the big question was who the hell turned him and he had a stinking suspicion that it was the person or persons that have been making people disappear lately.

Xander got off work at his usual time, around 3 A.M., and headed home, when he heard a muffled scream and his white knight complex kicked in, he was off, around a corner and into an alley. There were four vamps around one of the waitresses from the club. Two stakes dropped down from sheaths on his arms into his hands, he dusted the two vamps nearest him and kicks the third in the balls as he told the waitress to run as he faced the last one, a woman.

“Why are you attacking your kind my child?”

“Those demons aren’t my kind bitch and you are going to join them soon.”

The vampress stepped back in shock as Xanders eyes flashed green with his anger and she felt his soul just as he staked her, just as she dusted she said “I turned you!”

Xander looked around after dusting the last vamp, thinking that was way to easy, maybe it was because I surprised them, and when he thought about the vamp saying that she had turned him, he had a faint memory of being hit from behind and bitten the night before and something wet and salty in his mouth and then something he thought was a dream yesterday only know it felt real.

He had dreamt that he was on a flat plain and a demon was changing him making him stronger, faster and more durable, when the demon was just about to remove his soul so it could move in, the Hyena Spirit that had been trapped in his subconscious was released and consumed the demon and then merged with him, making a few change of it’s own, to keep him “alive”. From the merging he had learned that the Hyena and soldier boy had merged into one being during the time of that they were trapped in his subconscious and by absorbing the hellmouth energies had gotten stronger and bided their time until they were needed to save him. Also by consuming the demon they had purified the energies that kept vamps “alive”, making him something different.

“So Harris even as a vamp you just can’t follow the rules.” Xander mumbled to himself as he walked back to the room were he had woken up as a vamp to see what his late sire had left him.
As he searched the Apartment he realized that he had full access to solder boy’s memories and skills. He found close to 75,000 dollars stashed under the bed in a bag and the keys to a two year old black BMW Z3 with the 2.8-liter, V6, plus some jewelry that he could pawn and some that looked like they could be antiques he could sell.

Xander drove the car back to his apartment, parking the car in the Wal-Mart parking lot down the street so that no one would ask him questions about the car. By then the sun was coming up when he entered his room, he lay down and closed his eyes for a moment, when he opened them the sun was setting.

Xander laid there for a few moments and was glad that he had two days off, because he really needed to find out just what his strengths and weakness are.

A couple of hours latter he knew a few things, he appeared to have the strength, speed and reaction time equal to Angel, his senses seemed to be slightly better than a vamp and he healed roughly ten times faster than he had seen a vamp or slayer heal. His tests showed that blessed and religious objects didn’t affect him and after checking up on the waitress from last night that he could enter homes without an invite. When he meditated to find out if any of the Hyena was left, he found out that he could take the hyena form; he was freaked out for a bit, after he calmed down he was able to change back.

He was feeling a little hungry so he decided to try the pigs blood he had bought from a butcher earlier that night and found it was cold, bland and stale, it just tasted bad, it lessened the hunger but yuck, even warming it up in the microwave didn’t help, if anything it made it taste worse.

Xander spent the rest of the night writing E-mails to Willow and Buffy on the lap top he had, telling of his trip so far, leaving out the last two days of course and told them to make a copy for Giles to read, then he tried to watch the movie Grand Canyon, but gave up so he shifted to Hyena form and went on patrol for awhile but found no demons or vamps to pound on, so he went home and waited for sunrise.

During the whole night he didn’t feel tired once not even when he was bored, so as the sun stared to rise he sat in a chair by his table planning on checking out his allergy to the sun, as it started to get lighter he started to get sleepy, he fought it, but he never saw the sun peek over the mountains, the next thing he knew he was opening his eyes as he got off the floor, the sun had just set.

“Ah crap! This sucks!”

Xander realized that he couldn’t work at the club if every time the sun was up and he was out, not asleep just out. So far every time the sun came up until the sun went down, he blacked out with no dreams, memories or since of time and no control. He was totally helpless. So he called the club and told them that do to a family emergency he had to quit, they told him to come over latter and pick up his last pay check.

After that he went over to the garage and paid for the repairs on Uncle Roy’s car and called Uncle Roy and asked if he wanted to come and pick up his car since, Xander was taking the bus to Vegas, a white lie, he did plan on going to Vegas just not by bus, he was taking the BMW.
With that done he cruised around checking out the collage and the other Vet clinics and found that the Oxnard Veterinary Hospital was the only one that worked on large animals and the collage specialized in Marine animals. He found that he had gotten in before by climbing the wall like Spiderman to enter thru an open window on the third floor. He checked out the Horses, cow and lama on the bottom floor and decided on a horse since they seemed to be cleaner. Xander found out that he had a hypnotic whammy ability, when he looked into the eyes of the horse and wished it to stay calm, he found that by taking blood from the source, it produced a warmth that spread through his body energizing him and when he was done that the wound on the horse healed up within seconds. He found a stash of apples in the fridge, which he used to thank the horse, as well as the one from the night before.

After petting and thanking the horses for their donations to the feed Xander fund, he made his way to the back door when he heard somebody coming. Xander was in a short hallway and the only place to hide was behind the door, so moving there he wished that he was invisible just once and the next thing he knew he was elsewhere. He was in a black void looking back into the hall from the shadow of the door he had hid behind just seconds before. He watched as a night watchman passed through the hall on his rounds, never knowing that there had been somebody there just second before.

Xander looked around in the void and saw just by thinking of a place that he had been to before he could see it from some shadow that was in the area, but only places he been to, when he tried places that he knew from books or T.V or the movies nothing happened. He felt on an instinctual level that he should never close all of the portals at once, that he should always, when in the void keep one open, to keep him anchored or he would be lost to the void forever. So all he had to do to go back to Sunnydale was to step into a shadow and step back out in Sunnydale.


Of course there was the whole he was a Vampire now and Buffy would sense that in a second so He still had the whole summer to come up with a plan, he hoped.

The rest of the night Xander experimented with his new power and used it to go to the club to get his pay check, in cash and then to his apartment to pack his bags and turn his key in then back to his car to put the bags in his trunk. He found that he could check out, while in the void, all of the shadows in a three block radius and skip from one shadow to the other never leaving the void and travel quit fast that way, he found out by accident that he could use the void as a storage place for his stuff and to get at it, all he needed was a shadow such as one in his clothes. By the time he was done screwing around in the void, it was to late to start for Vegas, so he parked his car in the parking lot of the dorms at the collage and used an unused room in the basement of the club as a haven for the day.
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