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Peace Offering

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Summary: “Trust must be earned, and I have not given him any reason yet to trust me. My people have not given him reason yet to trust them. We know this.”

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Stargate > General > General: Atlantis(Past Donor)gemmiFR711,246032,58917 Jun 0717 Jun 07Yes
Title:Peace Offering
Author: Gemmi999
Word Count: 1200ish
Characters/Pairings: Gen
Rating: PG
Warnings: heavy spoilers for SGA Season 1, specifically 1x05 (Suspicion).
Notes: Written for Seperis, who asked for a fic involving fruit. I'm posting it a few hours early because I'm tired and I'm busy tomorrow 'cause of Father's Day. I have a longer fic in the works that is more of a comedy/parody also written from Seperis's idea that will be posted eventually.
Written for the Teyla Bates Mini-Fest. Yay!
Summary: “Trust must be earned, and I have not given him any reason yet to trust me. My people have not given him reason yet to trust them. We know this.”

“Sergeant!” Elizabeth’s voice carried over the loud arguing. “That is enough! We are not here to debate the relative trust of the various Athosians. We are here to discuss…” Elizabeth looked the crowd over, sternly, “discuss, mind you, why the Wraith seem to know where we will be when we travel through the Stargate.”

Sergeant Bates stood at attention, inwardly seething. Commander Weir had charged him with the safety of the Atlantis mission, specifically base security, and she was dismissing every one of his suggestions! He stood frozen, listening as Sheppard explained how he trusted Teyla and the Athosians. It took all of Bates control not to snort at that statement: trust them? Trust aliens? Sure, they looked human, but who knew exactly what they were…

“We will meet again in two hours. Everybody is responsible for bringing at least one idea to that meeting regarding potential plans. That will be all,” Elizabeth stated, walking away from the meeting room. Sergeant Bates relaxed his position before turning and walking out of the room. If Commander Weir wasn’t going to let him do his job as head of base security, he would have to take drastic action.


“Teyla,” Elizabeth walked up to the Athosian woman. “I’m sorry for what Sergeant Bates said—“

“It is alright,” Teyla responded.

“No, it’s not alright,” Elizabeth sighed. “Sergeant Bates is a wonderful officer. He is the type of person we need in charge of Base Security because he’s willing to ask the questions that other people are afraid to ask. But that doesn’t give him permission to verbally accuse you and your people of conspiring with the Wraith.”

Teyla turned towards Elizbeth, leaning inward until her forehead rested against Commander Weir’s. Seconds later she leaned back, before replying: “Trust must be earned, and I have not given him any reason yet to trust me. My people have not given him reason yet to trust them. We know this.”

Teyla smiled to herself before leaving the hallway, and a gaping Elizabeth, behind.


“Sergeant!” Teyla called out as she spotted Bates walking quickly away from the Gate Room. He didn’t turn around, didn’t stop to see who had called him. He did, however, hesitate for a second before continuing on his way. He had obviously heard her.

Teyla looked at Bates before dropping her shoulder’s and sighing. She didn’t want to chase the Sergeant down, just to force him to talk to her. She wanted him to acknowledge her on his own behalf. Teyla sighed once more before leaving the Gate Room herself, walking towards the mess.


“I don’t know, Sergeant Bates,” Rodney looked at the box of Teyla’s possessions. “Elizabeth really ordered this?”

“Does it matter? She’s the only link between all the different missions that the Wraith found us on.” Bates looked at Rodney, “I know she’s your friend, but we need to know if she’s safe or not.”

Rodney nodded. “Give me a couple of hours and I’ll have your results.”


“I gave her that locket!” John looked at the trinket that caused all of the expeditions problems. “Damn it, I gave that to her back in the caves. She’d worn in for years but lost it, and when I picked it up I must have activated it. Damn gene.”

Elizabeth looked at John, slightly shocked. Rodney looked releaved, happy that his teammate wasn’t trying to get them all killed. Bates however—“She could have known, should have known.”

“Sergeant,” John looked at Bates closely, “I understand you are in charge of base security. That does not mean, however, attacking somebody until they leave out of annoyance.” John stepped closer to the Sergeant. “Understand me, Sergeant. You are good at your job, you have the right mindset to protect this base from hostile forces. That is why you were chosen for it.”

Bates took a deep breath, processing the words Sheppard casually spoke.

“But, Sergeant.” John didn’t even bother raising his voice, he simply continued softly, “that does not give you the right to accuse somebody without proof. It does not give you the right to dig into somebody’s private life because you don’t approve of their lifestyle. It does not give you the right to harass any member of any team on this mission. Is that understood?”

“Sir, yes sir!” Sergeant Bates responded as he had been trained. His face revealed nothing of his conflicting emotions, for which he was grateful. And while he didn’t appreciate being dressed down in front of the entire senior staff, at least the suspect wasn’t present as well.

“At ease,” John responded, turning away from the soldier. Elizabeth and Rodney followed suite, leaving Bates alone in the meeting room. He took a deep breath, and then slowly let it out, counting to ten like he had been taught in countless anger management seminars.

This wasn’t quite what he’d expected when he stepped through the Stargate, but that didn’t matter. Soldier’s were trained to adjust to the mission, for circumstances seldom changed to simply make the soldier feel more at ease. He could do this.


Teyla walked into the mess hall, head held confidently high. She was sorry that her locket had lead to the Wraith attacks, but she knew it was not her fault and thus needed to be put behind her. That didn’t matter now—she had her own mission to conduct.

The Athosian’s were leaving Atlantis to settle on the mainland, they felt unappreciated and mistrusted, which was why she had chosen to confront the main objector today. He had caused many of the problems that her people were currently facing, but she could not blame him. He had been right—Teyla was leading the Wraith to the Earthlings, but not by choice.

She walked through the buffet line, picking out two ripe oranges. She held one to her nose and took a deep breath, appreciating the subtle fragrance. She left the line and walked towards a table on the far wall, where Sergeant Bates was currently sitting.

She didn’t say a word, simply sat across from him and held out the orange. He looked at her, startled, before tentatively reaching out and grasping the fruit.

“A peace offering,” Teyla said. “I know you do not trust me, and I do not trust you.”

Bates grasped the fruit and set it down on the tray. He wasn’t sure what exactly to say, but the silence demanded to be filled. “It’s my job,” Bates began before Teyla interrupted him.

“I am the leader of my people. I have had to make decisions on behalf of the Athosians for a long time. I know that strangers can bring danger, as well as opportunity. I always keep a watchful eye out, as do you.”

Bates nodded, ignoring the food in front of him to instead stare at the woman who had managed to explain his entire purpose.

Teyla continued, “It is good that the Athosian’s are leaving here. We need to become independent once more. I am remaining, however.” The need for Bates to trust Teyla went unspoken, but he nodded anyway.

“I understand,” Bates responded.

“No, you don’t,” Teyla politely disagreed. “But in time you will.” She stood and walked away from the table, smiling to herself. The Sergeant was more like her then he would care to admit.

The End

You have reached the end of "Peace Offering". This story is complete.

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