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Something Simple

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Summary: A Collection of Buffy/Angel & Smallville Ficlets that I just HAD to write. Mainly BtVS Char./Clark pairings.

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Smallville > GeneralpotterfanxpFR1578,415184,69817 Jun 0718 Sep 08No

NOTE: This chapter is rated FR18

Ripper (Giles/Clark)


Rupert Giles stared down the tall, dark haired young man he had gotten reports on for the last several years. Ever since taking over the position of Head Watcher, he had heard reports of a youth that made the Slayers blush in shame, who could set a forest ablaze with a single glance.

"Color me not impressed," Giles stated to the man before him, who was looking at him in utter confusion. "So far, Mister Kent, you've not lived up to any expectations we've had about you. You're academically ahead of any Slayer, which is saying nothing considering half of them could ace their Sat's and have only a second grade education.

You're physically strong enough to lift a bale of hay, but that is easily explained by the fact you run a farm full time. Your speed is average at best, and there is nothing to prove you are as extraordinary as we believed. Quite frankly, you're not worth the time I've put into tracking you down."

The man smiled at him, before he turned and said, "can I go now?"

Giles sighed, "I'm terribly sorry about this, Mister Kent. It seems my informants were misinformed when I said I only wanted accurate information."

He nodded and turned, going back into his home without a glance toward the older man. Giles frowned, surely the boy wasn't as presumptuous to believe that he was as unprotected to simply show his back to a potential enemy.

He turned to the Slayer to his right, a dark haired girl that Buffy said needed the experience so should go along on this quest, before he said, "attack."

She nodded, and ran toward the house at full Slayer speed, busted through the front door of the warn down farmhouse, and came flying out the front door seconds later. She wasn't hurt, he noticed, just surprised, and then stood again. She glared, and Giles said, "keep pushing him, I need to see him use his abilities before we know who, or most likely what, we're dealing with."

The Slayer nodded and stood again, running towards the house to make an impression, when something he'd never seen before came flying into his range of view, and landed on the front door. The girl that stood there was blonde, tall and was wearing a studded red belt.

She turned, frowned and merely pressed her hand against the young Slayers sternum, before she came rushing passed him, shock on her face.

"Why are you attacking my cousin?" the girl demanded, "and who gave you the right to come onto his land?"

"Excuse me," Giles stated, holding a cross out to the girl. She glared at the thing and said, "humans have a very weird sense of religion. Where Kal-El and I come from, Rao protects everyone instead of having different gods for different peoples.

She looked at the cross, before saying, "get off our land, and do not come back."

Giles held out his hand, and grabbed the black haired Slayer, and said, "come Josie, we have all that we need to find out where they come from."

Josie nodded and threw her stake at the girls retreating back. Giles watched as the stake shattered into pieces and the girl turned, her eyes glowing a monstrous red before, like a blur, the young man appeared in front of them, possibly saving his and young Josie's life.

"Kara," he warned, and turned to the man, "I believe your welcome has warn out, Mister Giles. Please see yourself off my land," he then turned back and literally dragged the young woman in front of him into the house."

Giles glared, and wished he had the ability to shoot fire from his eyes, then the young man and woman would be incinerated before they could cause the world any problems.

"Done," a voice said, and he winced, a blinding fire coming from his eyes, "and welcome back, Ripper."

Giles cried out, and the last thing he'd seen before the haze of red that now surrounded his eyes, was the young man's chest which oddly enough, didn't burn.


The End?

You have reached the end of "Something Simple" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 18 Sep 08.

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