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The Beginning of the End

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Summary: When a series of grisly murders are brought to the X-Men's attention, they learn that sometimes even the Saviours of Mankind need a little help.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredJezzibelFR1537,058189,95817 Jun 0724 Sep 08No

Mayhem and Rescues

The Beginning of the End


Summary: When the Brotherhood begins to be attacked an unknown power, the X-Men discover that perhaps they are not the only defenders of the innocent out there.
Disclaimer: Sadly, the beautiful Faith and all her cohorts belong to Joss, and Logan and his buddies belongs to Marvel, though I'm less upset about that ; P
Time Frame: Post-Buffy Season Seven, and somewhere in early Uncanny X-men
Pairings: None, yet
Author's Note: This is actually the prequel to my Emma/Faith story "And All The Things In Between" (COMING SOON TO TTH) which was spawned when someone pointed out I'd never explained how Xavier knew about Slayers in general and Faith specifically, and complained they wanted to hear the WHOLE story about "The Cream Pie Incident"


Mayhem and Rescues

"It happened again!" Bobby slammed the doors of the mansion open, announcing his frustration to everyone in earshot. "The problem is completely resolved minutes before we get there, by god knows who, and the only people in the area are a bunch of school girls, who say they have no idea what we're talking about!" Scott, Kurt, Kitty and Piotr followed him in, looking just as dissatisfied. They’d just come from Hartford, Connecticut, where an attack from the Brotherhood had allegedly been taking place. Unfortunately, they’d arrived to find their foes already unconscious and tied together in the square just outside the building they’d been about to attack. This was the fourth time something like has happened, and it was causing no little aggravation to the X-Men.

“You’re right, Mr. Drake, this kind of thing does seem to be happening a little too often for coincidence.” Professor X wheeled in from the other room, a contemplative look on his face. “I believe that these school girls are the key.”

“Do you think they’re being targeted?” Scott snapped into leader mode. “I mean, they were different girls every time, with ages ranging from barely pubescent to college age and older. Even the numbers were different. We normally find four or five, but we once came across a group of fourteen school age children with two adults. I doubt there’s a connection.”

“No Scott, I don’t believe they’re truly the targets, but I have a feeling they’re crucial to our mystery. Someone is subduing these attacks by the Brotherhood, someone who seems to be against the crimes themselves rather than the fact that it’s mutants who are committing them. Why else leave the perpetrators tied up where we can easily deal with them? I believe that if you convince one or two of these girls to talk to you, maybe even to come back here with you, we will find the answers we’ve been looking for, and perhaps some mutant friendly allies as well.”

The others looked thoughtful. In their rage at being thwarted, they hadn’t really considered the positive ramifications of there being other forces out there opposing the Brotherhood. Next time they would more prepared, and much more interested in the mysterious school girls.


Back in Hartford, the ‘school girls’ were regrouping after their adventurous evening.

“Alright girls, you did good tonight, but it could have been better.” Cassie, the senior Slayer on the team tried to look stern, but her obvious pride was showing through. “Tina, Max, you were sloppy against that woman with all the arms. You should have expected those knives. On the other hand, bravo on the teamwork. You all need to learn how work with the other girl, rather than just next to them. That’s why we have these teams. Karen, you should expect attack from every direction. The flying woman shouldn’t have been able to get the drop on you. Be more careful next time.” She grinned suddenly. “Still, you’re all young and I’m very proud of you. What you did tonight was above and beyond what I expected. It’s OK that the man who was shooting those light beams got away. The important thing is that you stopped them.”

“Who were they?” Max was slightly suspicious. “I thought we were supposed to battle demons. They were human, I’m pretty sure, no matter they could do.”

“It doesn’t really matter who they were. All that matters is that they’re criminals who are too dangerous for the normal police. They may be humans who have abilities, but we are too. The only difference is that they use theirs for illegal and hurtful things. They seem to have something against us, judging from the number of times we’ve been attacked, and I know that annoys you, but the fact they’re human means we don’t kill them, ever, just turn them over to the proper authorities.” Cassie rambled for a moment, hoping that at some point she’d say something that would convince Max.

“Which we do by tying them up and leaving them there? How is that turning them over?”

“I don’t know, but it works, doesn’t it? Look, we’re just the soldiers. I’m sure that HQ knows that they’re doing, and we just have to trust them, OK? Good.” She stood up and made shooing motions with her hands. “Now let’s get back so we can shower and I can make my report. Hup two!”

Once they were back at the Regional Headquarters in New York City, and all the girls had gone upstairs, Cassie collapsed in a chair in the Rec Room.

“Nasty patrol?” A voice came from behind her. She turned to see the head of the NYC Slayer division, and her mentor, smirking at her.

“Oh god. Faith, you have no idea.” Cassie turned to face her. “It’s just so complicated. On the one hand, I’m so proud of them. They try so hard and they’re really shaping up. On the other, I don’t want them to get too good…”

“Because then they can pass the tests and become full Slayers, and start patrolling on their own, without you?”

Cassie sighed. “Alright, fine, you do have some idea. Is this what you went through, with Jaz, and I, and the others?”

“Worse. At least Karen and Tina respect you enough to listen to you, and Jocelyn isn’t that bad. Max is your only real problem, and even that is just because she wants to understand everything, and have it justified.”

“C’mon, we weren’t that bad, were we?”

“You were all so disappointed to get ‘stuck’ with number two. You’d all been fed the Super Buffy crap by Xander and the others who brought you in, and weren’t at all happy to be stuck with second best. You were surly and argumentative. It was like having five Maxes.”

Cassie laughed “Oh God, yeah, we were a bunch of stuck up prigs. But we learned quick, didn’t we?”

“And your girls will learn too. Your team is doing a lot better than Claire’s, and only Jaz’s team is better.”

“That’s because she’s Jaz.”

“And she always will be, but you love her for it, and that’s what’s most important. Your girls will learn that, learn to stick together and watch each other’s backs. Hey, if B and I survived on our own, you guys can do anything.”

“You’re right, we can.” And with her resolve firmed, she went upstairs to clean up.

“You’ve got each other…” Faith said under her breath, a gloomy expression settling on her face. Then she sighed and followed Cassie up.


Logan was trapped. He cursed himself for letting the two ninjas drive him into the alley. He was sure he could take them, but it would cost him too much time, time he desperately needed.

He’d come to Japan three weeks ago to spend time with adopted daughter Amiko. When he’d arrived, Yukio worriedly informed him that she was missing. He’d finally tracked her down, discovering that she’d been kidnapped for her uncanny resemblance to the daughter of a major crime lord here in Japan. If he didn’t get to her soon, she would be shipped out of the country and he might lose her. His plans had been anticipated and the kidnappers had sent these two to try and delay him. Unfortunately, it was working.

He was startled when one of the ninjas was suddenly replaced by a young Japanese woman dressed in street clothes. He was even more surprised to realize she’d just thrown his assailant twenty feet out into the street. Not surprised enough to take advantage of the situation, of course. He quickly backhanded the remaining ninja into a wall, following with a quick elbow to the temple to render him unconscious. He then hurried out of the alley to check on his first assailant and the mysterious assistant. He found the ninja in the same state as his partner and the young woman frisking him.

“He take something of yours?” Logan asked in Japanese

She looked up, startled. “Yes, actually. I have reason to believe he’s carrying an amulet that was – liberated – from a friend of mine. It’s rather dangerous, and I need to get it back. Except he doesn’t seem to have it.”

“I’ve got a proposition for you. I’ve a got a little girl that needs rescuing and you seem like the capable type. You help me and I’ll help you. I’m familiar with these men and their employer – and I can get into places someone like you can’t.”

“You’d be surprised at where I can go.” Her eyes were slitted in anger. At his accepting nod, she relaxed and bowed. “Partners then.”

And so Logan, called Wolverine, came to learn about the New Watcher’s Council and the supernatural warriors called Slayers.

Yes, I know it's short, but this seemed like a good place to stop.

Feedback makes the world go 'round....
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