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Life and Desperation

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Summary: Riley Finn's life took a wrong turn somewhere; is he about to make a course correction? Warnings - Slash (eventually)

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. I do not intend copyright infringement with this story.

Note: Sorry for the big delay in posting. To make up, I've be posted two chapters. Also, I reference a few other show - bonus points for naming them.

Thanks to Kyra and Neichan


Sam smiled at the sight of his brother entering the restaurant followed by Riley. Both men seemed happy. Sure they were wearing huge grins that they were struggling to keep under control, but it was more than just the smile on their faces; everything about them was smiling.

“Got your note,” Dean said as he sat down, followed by Riley. Sam handed them a menu as he continued to eat. As Dean and Riley ordered, Sam emptied his plate of the last remaining potato and turned his attention to his laptop once again.

“So, Sammy. Where to next?” Dean asked at seeing this. Sam had spent the morning scouring various forums and online sources for potential cases.

“I got an email from Bobby,” Sam replied.

“No way?” Dean questioned. “Bobby’s gone online?”

“Yeah,” Sam stated. “He said that there’s a girl in Odessa who allegedly walked through a burning train wreck to save some guy, and didn’t suffer a single burn or injury.” Dean rolled his eyes as the waitress arrived at their table and placed two plates of food before them. Sam gave her an appreciative nod, and noticed as Riley did a similar gesture.

“She must be stopped,” Dean said sarcastically. “C’mon. That’s just some lucky have-a-go hero. Nothing that warrants our attention.” Sam sighed, before turning his attention to his laptop once again.

“There are reports of a wizard in Chicago,” Sam offered and noticed Riley’s eyebrows rise.

“Some Harry Potter wannabe, whack job. No thanks,” Dean replied as he forked a large piece of sausage into his mouth.

“How about this?” Sam asked. “A skeleton was found in some woods in Seattle. Completely bleached, it says here….Oh.”

“Oh what?” asked Dean through a mouthful of food, his interest piqued a little at Sam’s last word.

“Quick lime,” he said. He looked up at Dean who still did not seem to follow.

“Calcium oxide,” said Riley. “It decomposes a body quickly, making it impossible to identify.”

“The teeth were smashed in too, apparently,” said Sam, reading from the laptop.

“That would mean a human then,” added Dean, looking visibly despondent. Sam smiled, considering that most people would probably be relieved to know that someone wasn’t killed by a monster.

“The only other thing,” Sam stated, “is in Cardiff. There are loads of weird sightings over the past few months. Some guy choked to death on rose petals that just appeared in his mouth, one eye witness claimed.”

“This is in Cardiff?” Riley asked. “England Cardiff?” Sam looked up from the computer and nodded.

“Wales, actually but yeah,” he replied.

“That’s great,” Dean said in more hushed tones. “We’re wanted by the FBI Sammy. “We’d never make it to Mexico, let alone on a plane to Britain.”

“Wait,” Riley stated. “You’re wanted?” Sam looked to Dean who returned his shocked stare. Both then looked nervously to Riley.

“We didn’t tell you?” Sam asked. Riley shook his head.

“It’s nothing serious,” Dean chimed in barely above a whisper. “Grave robbing, grave desecration, theft, escaping police custody. Did I leave anything out?” Dean looked at Sam.

“Murder,” Sam offered, then quickly added “Him not me,” pointing to Dean.

“It was a whole shapeshifter thing,” Dean added. “I’m totally innocent.” Sam nodded in response to Riley’s questioning and increasingly worried look. He watched as Riley said nothing, clearly processing this new information. After a not entirely comfortable pause, Riley spoke.

“I still have contacts in the military. Maybe I can get some strings pulled because I’m guessing the FBI guys after you aren’t the Mulder and Scully types.” Sam smiled at this. It would be somewhat of a relief to go back to the lives where they only worried about monsters and demons, without having to look out for human pursuers too.

“Thanks man,” Dean responded and then continued eating as if they’d just had an ordinary conversation about the weather.

“As for what we do next,” Riley stated quietly when Sam could not find anything else of interest. “Most towns and cities have vampires.” Sam found this statement a little surprising.

“Really?” Dean asked, sharing in his surprise. “I thought that vampires were almost extinct.” Riley shook his head. It unnerved Sam a little, because it meant that the information they received from their Dad was inaccurate. While they didn’t always see eye to eye, Sam knew that he could rely on anything that John had told them about the supernatural to be true. Until now, if Riley was to be believed.

“Why do you think I carry a stake?” Riley asked, as if that would prove his claim. “We’re in the state capital. If there’s any in Idaho, they’re here.”

“Stakes don’t work,” Sam said, recalling what their father had told them. “That’s just in fiction.” Riley shook his head again.

“I’ve dusted enough in my time to know they do,” Riley said.

“Dusted?” Sam and Dean asked in unison. Riley nodded and stared at Sam with a look that asked how can you not know this?

“So let me get this straight,” Sam stated in disbelief. “Vampires aren’t bordering on extinction and can be killed with a stake?” Riley nodded again, with a smile on his face, clearly enjoying this moment. “Through the heart?” Sam asked for clarification.

“Where else?” Riley asked.

“I don’t believe it.” Sam stated flatly. “We’ve fought vampires and…”

“I believe it,” Dean stated, speaking over his brother. “Riley has the credentials. We can pretty much take him to be the expert here.” Sam looked from Dean to Riley, and then back to Dean; there was something he was missing here; something about Riley that Dean knew, but he knew not to press the matter.

“Okay then. What are we waiting for?”

“I’m still eating here dude,” Dean said abruptly, spitting scrambled eggs in Sam’s direction as he spoke.

“That and nightfall,” said Riley, still smirking.

“They can’t go out during the day?” Sam asked with an obvious trace of frustration to his voice. “Dean. What the hell were we fighting then?” Dean shrugged his shoulders and shook his head.

“Man, I have no clue,”


With the decision made to remain in Boise, Sam had suggested finding better accommodation and located a cabin to rent. It was only a short drive and as Riley followed the Impala, he felt genuinely happy considering how demanding the last few days had been. He felt like finally, his life was heading in the right direction. He hated the driving analogy, but he knew he was on course.

It wouldn’t be easy though, but as his mother had said, anything that is easy is not worthwhile. And he knew that Dean was worthwhile. Could he live with not being the centre of Dean’s world though? That he did not know but in all of the serious relationships he’d had, Riley doubted that he’d ever actually occupied that position. He certainly hadn’t with Buffy. That particular honour went to That Vampire. With Dean it was Sam and Riley was not entering into things blindly this time. Dean had told him where he fitted in with regards to Sam from the onset.

So while he knew it was not ideal, Riley chose to look on the positive side of things. This came surprisingly easy, as he did not consider Sam a rival for Dean’s affections as he had done Angel for Buffy’s, but as another person in his own life; a friend. It was two for one, he mused, smiling as he followed the Impala down a narrow side road.

How he would fit into their lives was, however, a more difficult question than how they would fit into his. Saying that Sam and Dean were close was akin to saying that the universe was big; the words don’t come close to doing justice to the reality. Nevertheless, Riley was certain that he was about to start an interesting chapter in his life.

More notes: Phew. Finished. Thanks to all who have read, rated, reviewed and recommended this. I appreciate all the support. Thanks again.

The End

You have reached the end of "Life and Desperation". This story is complete.

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