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Worst sodding night of my life...

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Summary: Crossed with jokes for amusewithaview's #2553, and some are very naughty ;) Spike, Riley and Xander swap stories after getting *way* too drunk the night before. Then, Faith finds someone who makes quite an impression... And, once upon a time...

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Multiple Crossings > General(Current Donor)ShieldageFR1831,404083,38619 Jun 078 May 10Yes

Bad night, worse morning.

BtVs by Joss Whedon and M.E. I didn't create the off-color joke this fic is crossed with - far as I know it's public domain ;)

The joke normally goes Next morning meet up, 1st-person's story, 2nd person's story, 3rd person's story, 1st person going "Guys, you don't understand!" and re-explaining his story, but I think I'll tell it another way and let you fill in the blanks :D

I've taken liberties with Spike's crypt and Riley's car, because I like how 'Humvee' sounds :)

Okay, so Riley, Spike and Xander find themselves drinking together in a bar, very early in Season 5. They're pretty standoffish at first, but a couple jokes about superpowered blondes break the ice. Unfortunately they get themselves wasted, so much so that it just wouldn't be safe for them to go walking down the streets of Sunnydale alone at night.

Xander asks Riley to drop him off at the Harris' house, so they climb into the soldier's military-grade Humvee and take off, swerving slightly.

Spike hops into an immaculate cherry red Chevrolet and pulls out of the parking lot. Unlike the humans, he's having no trouble keeping the sleek car going in a straight line - right through a couple red lights.

"Are you going to be okay getting home," Xander asks as he gets out of the Humvee. Riley nods and drives away. Xander shrugs and stumbles into his parent's house, but when he opens the basement door he misses the first step and tumbles down the stairs.

Anya jumps up and rushes over to tend to his wounds. He raises his head and weakly says: "Hey, don't worry, honey, I'm fine. It's going to take a lot more than that to kill this Scooby."

"You're drunk! How dare you scare me like that! You're turning into your father!" Anya screeches and starts running around the room throwing clothes in a bag.

"No, don't go! It's not thash bad..." he slurs. "Wait, those are my clothes."

"Right. Get out of here. Go!," she screams through her tears. "I've granted too much vengeance to have you in my life anymore!"

"Anya, this is my house!"

"It's your parent's house! They like me better than you and I make more money! Just leave!"

Riley is driving home on a dark road when a dog runs out in front of him. Fortunately Riley's military training and the road's wide shoulder prevent any major accident.

When Riley staggers out of the car, the dog runs up, plants his feet on Riley's shoulders and begins licking his face.

"Okay, boy, down," Riley laughs and reaches for the dog's nametag. "You're a friendly guy aren't ya? Seems here your name is Chunks. I don't feel up to taking you to the shelter right now, so looks like you're stuck with me until morning. C'mon boy, let's go home."

The next day, Spike wakes up to feel his arm baking in the bright morning sunlight. "Fuck!" he snarls and pulls his arm to his chest. "Oh bloody hell," he gasps as he realizes where he is. "Oh sodding bloody fucking hell!"

Tire tracks lead through the cemetery gates directly to Spike's crypt, where the formerly immaculate car is stuck halfway inside the doors. "Alright. How did I do this? The doors are wedged shut... I'm going to have to break the window and climb out, or I'm gonna be stuck in here all day!"

He wraps his arm in his coat, bashes the front windshield and climbs out of the car and into the sweet cool darkness of his crypt. "All this and a sodding hangover! I can't believe- Wait a second, whose bloody car is this?"

Xander wakes up to feel the morning sun baking down his face.

He smiles at the warmth for a few seconds, until he realizes he's lying on a park bench with all his hastily bagged clothes strewn around him.

Then comes the headache.

Riley wakes up and blinks his eyes.

He rolls over in his bed and looks at the dog panting happily next to him.

Riley grabs a pillow, presses it down over his own face and begins to swear a blue streak.

That night, Xander's out patrolling with Buffy, having spent the day hanging out with her and feeling pretty sorry for himself.

Riley's patrolling on his own when he bumps into Spike. The vampire's pretty pissed at himself and has been trolling the graveyard itching for a fight.

When Buffy and Xander come up, the guys politely suggest she go on ahead. Shrugging, she walks away. They busy themselves with small talk, until Spike - who has the best hearing - announces: "All's clear, she's far enough away... You won't believe what a bloody awful night I had."

"The worst," Xander nods.

"Bad night, worse morning," Riley moans. "When everything comes back to you."

"I had the worst sodding night! You won't believe where I woke up!"

"At least it was probably indoors! My night was horrible because-"

"No. My night was the worst ever," Riley groans, a horrified expression on his face. "I was so wasted that when I got home, I climbed straight into bed and blew Chunks!"


American idiom:
"Blew chunks" = Threw up
"Blew someone" = Gave someone oral sex
Hence the punchline: "Guys, you don't understand! Chunks is my dog!"
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