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10 (Demonic?) Families Tara's Not Related To

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This story is No. 4 in the series "Nope, Never Gonna Happen.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What if Tara really was part demon? Or something else that's equally weird?

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Multiple Crossings > Tara-CenteredamusewithaviewFR13102,15514924,20519 Jun 079 Jul 07Yes

Codename: Hysteria

Crossing: X-Men

Relative: Aunt Raven


"So you're re-really a mutant?"

"Yes," Raven replied patiently.

"And your mutation makes you blue?"

She nodded, yellow eyes never leaving her niece's face.

"And that's why I'm t-turning gr-green?"

"Yes, it appears your mutation is plant-based: I would suggest a codename like 'Gaea' or 'Ceres.'"

"What's your codename?"

The blue-skinned woman drew herself up proudly, "I am Mystique."

Xander couldn't take it anymore, he began to shake with silent, semi-hysterical giggles.

"Wh-what's so f-funny Xander?" Tara didn't appreciate his levity, she was turning GREEN here!

"You have an Auntie M!"


A/N: 'Gaea' is an earth-goddess, 'Ceres' is the Roman name for Demeter - also an earth-goddess.
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