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N. I. M. B. Y.

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Summary: Not In My Back Yard: Spike and Xander follow a demon through an interdimensional portal. Now what? Warning: might end up SLASH or with slashy overtones

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Anita Blake > Xander-CenteredbyulsoonFR182932,16231368206,33319 Jun 0728 Mar 09No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: Anything you recognize either from Buffy or Anita Blake’s worlds belong to Joss Whedon and Laurell K. Hamilton.

Summary: Spike and Xander follow a demon through an interdimensional portal. Now what?

Warning: might end up SLASH or with slashy overtones but NOT GUARANTEEING it. If you can handle the AB books you can handle my story.

N. I. M. B. Y. (Not In My Back Yard)

A Xander and Spike in Anita 'verse story.

Chapter 1: Not in my backyard

Nathaniel, Micah and Anita were lazing in the afternoon sun, a rare free day for all of them. Nathaniel wore only his favorite silk boxers, Micah cut off jeans. Anita wore shorts and a tank top, and sat under the table umbrella they’d recently bought. Her gun was holstered and sitting on the table. She glanced at it once more finding it disheartening that even in the privacy of her backyard when nothing currently warranted carrying a weapon she still felt the need to have it handy. Micah was reading a chapter of Treasure Island aloud to them.

A loud crack and the distinct noise of fabric tearing interrupted their lethargic afternoon. Floating about four feet above the ground was a greenish line of light halfway between the house and the tree line beyond the backyard. As it started to expand jagged flashes of lightning shot off it. Little claps of thunder sounded as they winked in and out of existence. By the time the bottom edge met the ground Anita had drawn her gun and stood in a two handed stance, gun aimed solidly on the line. It now stood eight feet tall.

A creature stepped through the portal coming out on Anita’s left. Anita realized that it was a demon as waves of evil washed over her. Nathaniel and Micah stood to either side of her and hissed as the evil touched them too. Anita took one hand momentarily off the gun to rip the cross out from under her tank top. “Pray,” she commanded even as she moved her hand back up to steady the gun. Micah started, “Our Father who art in Heaven,” Anita joined in as did Nathaniel on the second repetition.

The demon turned to look at them, it paused for a moment before starting to turn away. A sword came flying out of the portal, pinning the demons left arm to its side, the tip of the sword glinting from where it pierced all the way through the demon. It roared its fury to the world and tried to pull out the sword with its other arm but didn’t have the length of arm needed to do so without injuring itself further.

A man wielding a battle axe followed the thrown sword. The brunette took a swipe at the demon’s neck but is stopped by claws. The demon shoved the axe and man away and tried to take off. A blur of flying leather came through the portal next, landing on the back of the demon. A meaty crack resounded and the demon began to fall to its knees. Then the blond got a grip on the horn protruding from the demon’s chin and ripped it off. By then the brunette had picked himself up.

“The portal,” he gasped out. Blondie looked up. “We’re not going to make it.”

“Dawn, catch!” the blond shouted as he threw the horn through the portal. The portal blinked out of existence.


Xander tossed his jacket to Spike even as he scanned the tree line looking for somewhere dark enough that Spike wouldn’t get too crispy. Spike peered about from under the jacket, spotting the house just before Xander did.

“Come on,” Spike shouted as he yanked the sword out of the demon one handed and headed for the house. He pulled up short at the sight of a woman with a gun pointed at him. Xander nearly crashed into Spike but managed to stop, before he accidentally axed Spike.

“Anita,” Micah attempted to warn, “the blond’s a-“

“Vampire, yeah, I know.”

The Sunnydalers glanced at each other at this. Smoke was starting to rise off of Spike.

“He’s got a soul,” Xander shouted to the three on the porch, “but he’s going to be vamp flambé any second now if he isn’t allowed inside. I swear we mean you no harm. Don’t hurt us and we won’t hurt you.” Xander dropped his axe and put up his hands. “Please, let him in.” He whispered to Spike to also drop his sword.

Anita hesitated still. They had in no way acted in a threatening manner to her or her people. They had killed the demon, but that was also a worry. They had taken the demon out relatively easily. The smoke coming off the vampire was beginning to thicken. Decisions, decisions.

“Come in, but if you harm me or mine, I will shoot you and stake him.”

Spike leaped to the porch railing and then kicked off so violently that the portion of the railing under him shattered. He slid the glass door open and shut just barely soft enough that it too didn’t shatter.

“Oops, sorry about that, I can fix that for you, I’m a carpenter.” At the disbelieving looks he got he added, “By day. By night we slay demons. Oh, by the way, I’m Xander. Harris.”

The random irreverent thought that Jesus was a carpenter crossed her mind as she gestured for Xander to head on in.
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