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Let’s Make A Deal

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Summary: Maggie wants something and Buffy is going to get it for her.

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Walsh Delivers

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters. I receive no profits from this. It is just for fun.

AN – Thoughts (\\thinking//)


Maggie was not happy. Although the background data on Buffy was fairly complete, to include her little vacation at a mental institution, it was the info on the Slayer Myth that was causing her worry lines to grow deeper. The fact that the current Slayer had to die in order to activate the next one could put a crimp in her agreement with Bill. While her initial planning called for faking Buffy’s death and having her spirited away, if no new Slayer showed up the group that controlled the Slayers would know she was still alive and look for her. In order to avoid that complication, Buffy had to die for real. This meant they would have to kill her in a manner that would allow her to be revived. With modern science that wouldn’t be too hard but a bit difficult to handle in the field where the ‘accident’ needed to occur.

Of course the other problem she had was needing a dead female body that would match Buffy physically. At the moment her sources at the local morgue indicated there were no corpses that would meet her criteria.

\\Bill’s team would have to handle that task,// she thought to herself. \\Using any of the staff would lead to too many questions.//

\\Now, I just need to pick four locations for the operations.//


Buffy enters the Initiative with Riley, Graham, and Forrest. They had been at the Bronze when the priority call came in to return to base.

As they approached the briefing area, Riley said, “Must be something pretty big. Walsh has most of the teams here.”

As they got to the crowd of people around Walsh, she began, “All right people, Listen up. A recently captured HST has provided intel about a large gathering that is to take place tonight. Unfortunately, there are possibly four different meeting places where the gathering will take place and the HST was picked up prior to being told which of the four it would be.”

“That means we will have to send out two teams short a man,” she continued. “Johnson and Wilson are running an errand and won’t be back in time. So Team 3 needs to lend Team 4 someone. That will give them each 5 instead of the usual 6. Considering the supposed number of hostiles, do not engage until you have receive backup from at least one of the other teams. Preferably two. This is not a capture scenario and although finding out more about why they are gathering would be helpful, gear up for a Search and Destroy.”

“Professor Walsh,” chimed up Buffy. “Why don’t I go with Team 4? That way only one team would have 5 people. You’ve already seen how effective I can be.”

“Well,” said Walsh. “I did want to get you more familiar with our equipment and procedures first, but since this is a Search and Destroy mission instead of a capture, you wouldn’t have to adapt your normal operating standards too much. But if I let you go, you have to follow Lt. Samuels orders. It’s his team and he knows how best to utilize his men. Provide input if time permits but back up whatever he directs the team to do. Do you think you can do that?”

Buffy wasn’t too keen on the following orders bit but knew from Xander and Riley that the military was very strict about following the leader. Plus it made sense for the guy who knew his team members better than she did should give the orders. Therefore, she said, “Can do,” without letting any of her normal reluctance show through.

“Very well,” said Walsh. “Team 1 will check out the old factory district. Team 2, the woods south of town. Team 3, you get the Docks. And Team 4, the area around the airport. You’ve got 30 minutes to prepare search plans for your areas and submit them for approval.”


Although not dressed in BDUs like the rest of the team, Buffy did have on the black ski mask to hide her features. She had complained about what a mess it was going to make of her hair, but agreed that it might be hard to keep the Initiative secret if she were spotted and recognized. She also had one of the Lightning Rifles. As a range weapon it was alright, but she would have felt better with her crossbow. At her suggestion all the teams had also geared up with heavy duty machetes and Ka-Bar Tantos for any close in fighting that may occur. The presence of those two deadly blades making her feel a whole lot more comfortable than the high tech rifle she carried.

When they got within a mile of the airport they pulled off into the nearby trees and approached on foot. The airport shut down at sunset, so no one was supposed to be around other than a mobile security car that passed by every couple of hours.

After checking out the hangars and finding nothing, they concentrated on the woods off to the north of the field. Lt. Samuels had Buffy and Cpl. Jones head out to the eastern side and Sgt. Stephens and Pvt. Randall head out to the western side, while he went up the middle. Their orders were to report back any sightings and avoid any engagements until backup arrived.

Buffy would have preferred to be on her own but didn’t argue the point.


Project Initiative After Action Report #555555
Secret – Project Limited

Summary: Learned of possible large concentration of HSTs gathering for unknown purpose. Dispatched 4 teams to reconnoiter possible meeting places. Team 4 was short 2 personnel, so augmented with civilian HST expert, Buffy Anne Summers. Team 4 located the gathering but was discovered by sentries protecting the meeting place. (NOTE: Use of sentries indicates possibility of dealing with more intelligent HST leader.)

Nine HSTs accounted for as KIA, four attributed to Ms. Summers. Two team personnel injured: one minor, the other severe. Ms. Summers killed while defending severely injured teammate. HST responsible for Ms. Summers’ death and injuring Cpl. Jones apparently capable of breathing fire and has escaped. Designated as Unknown Hostile 666.

Ms. Summers’ body burnt beyond recognition. Identity of body established using personal possessions known to be on her and dental records of teeth not completely damaged by the fire. The body is to be cremated and the ashes then turned over to Joyce Summers, her mother. Standard life insurance payout to also be made to Joyce Summers.

Maggie Walsh
Director, Project Initiative


Maggie looked over the After Action Report and all the associated documents to ensure everything meshed as it should. She found it amusing that bureaucrats would believe anything as long as the right forms were filled out and filed. She’d been able to fund her pet project for the last three years using that method without getting caught.

Since she had handled the autopsy on ‘Buffy’s corpse’ herself, she knew everything matched appropriately. The dental x-rays in the report with Buffy’s name on them were the correct ones for the corpse.

Things on her end were going as planned.

Bill had phoned her and indicated there had been no hitches on his end either. They had been able to stop Buffy’s heart for two minutes and then start it again. He even told her about how her minor injuries that she had received prior to their tranquing her had begun to fade while transporting her back to his base. Based on that he was setting up a time for her to get Adam’s upgrades within the next two weeks.

Her only problem at the moment was Riley. He had wanted to tell Buffy’s associates immediately what had happened. She had managed to talk him out of that in favor of the following morning. She gave him some pills that she said would help him rest so he could be in better shape to let them know what happened.

She would go to his room later to download through his control module the story she wanted them to hear and nothing more. He was allowed to say that anything else was classified and he was not at liberty to divulge it at this time. If pressed he was to placate them by saying that he would request more information be made available to them but that he couldn’t promise if or when it might be forth coming.

Apparently she had killed two birds with one stone. Not only had she obtained what she needed for Adam, but she had eliminated a potential distraction to her parallel project concerning Riley.

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