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Slayers and Giants

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Summary: Becky O'Shea was a normal female football player, that is before she got called as a slayer. When the fight finds its way to her hometown will she have the ability to stop it? (crossover with Little Giants) RATING TO BE SAFE

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Movies > Little GiantsdamberFR1868,8050122,10822 Jun 0711 Jul 07No

Parties are Never Just Parties

Chapter 6


Trina, Kelly, Ophelia and Becca all stared at the chaos that was running rampant in the old barn in front of them. People were shirking while running around. One of the Urbania players was puking in a bush near them. Junior came up behind them with a skinny blond girl glued to his side.

“What girls never seen a party before?”

Ophelia raised an eyebrow at him, “I’ve been to many parties, que pasa?”

“Then why the shock?”

“I’m not use to seeing parties that are just...parties,” Ophelia clarified.

As the blond girl unglued herself from Junior to say hello to some friends Becca clarified further.

“No vamps that I can sense, no zombies...” Becca started

Kelly gasped, “You just jinxed us! Why don’t you just make a wish while you’re at it.”

“I wish you’d lighted up,” Trina muttered. Kelly looked around frantically, then began searching and patting her body for some sort of change.

Inside the party Spike was planted by the keg, talking to Johnny when he noticed the new group that was just entering the door. Junior had led four new girls in, one of which made Spike double take. One was defiantly Becky, but not the Becky he knew. This new Becky had thinned out in some places, and got curvier in others. The fact that she was dressed in girlie party clothes also threw him for a loop. No way was this the same girl who wiped the field with him earlier today. Urbania had scrapped by with a win, but that, while he would never admit it, had little to do with him. Either way, he found the girl who made the past game a test of endurance exceedingly hot.

Becca was scanning the room for any odd activity. Her slayer impulses were naturally kicked into overdrive by the abundance of people and the mixed smell of sweat, hay, booze and cologne. Someone had tried to put on way too much cologne.

Talking with a low whisper she addressed the other girls, “K I don’t want any baddies to catch us off guard. Keep your eyes peeled, if anything of the mystical or demonic wacky goes down be ready.”

From behind her Becca heard the footsteps, listening carefully she assessed the height and weight of the guy by the sound of his footsteps, just in case.

“So Freezer Box, never guessed that you were a girl. Couldda fooled me.”

She turned around to see Spike staring her down, a smile on his face.

“I see you lost your Jr. Carjacker look. What? The cap just fall off, or did you go to a real dentist?”

He smirked, “Didn’t see the need to sacrifice a sexy smile like mine with intimidation tactics. Becca rolled her eyes at that, “So Becky, can I get you a drink.”

Becca froze at this. Spike rarely, if ever, used her name, “I’ll take a soda if you call me Becca.”

“What happened to Becky?”

“New city, new name.”

“Ah, so Becca, doesn’t drink.”

“Let’s say I know about enough wonky stuff that happens with booze and I don’t want to be of the monkey people.”


“It’s Foundie Girl talk peewee, we don’t expect you to get it,” Trina interjected. The other girls had been watching with interest.

Becca shot them a stiff, not helping look.

Trina took the cue, “Let’s mingle girlie's, since the world went into melt down we never get to party."

“I for one could use a beer,” Ophelia added.

Kelly stayed behind clueless to what was going on, “Want me to stay?”

“It’s cool, you do your thing. Cover ground.”

“Eye’s peeled,” Kelly agreed and went further into the party

“Interesting friends you have there.”

Becca looked at Spike with a wary smile, “Well, we Foundie Girls have our own language. Kids at school even get confused.”

“Do you always call yourselves that?”

“Name the kids gave us at school, it stuck. We do stick close with each other. A few guys sneak their way in, but it mostly is us Foundies.”

“Ever think of letting guys in this foundation thing?”

“You lack the qualifications.”

“Like what?”

Becca tried to think fast, she couldn’t say super powers, “Tits!” she burst out.

Spike stared at he with his arm out in a motion to had the soda to her, he began laughing, “I gotta say I like this Becca person.”

“Well this new non-football-commando Spike isn’t so bad either," It was true, he was softer now, and

They had been staring at each other for a little while at that point, and both noticed at the same moment looking away with slight blushes on their cheeks.

“So uh, you want to maybe go for a walk. Talk or something.”

“Um...sure as long as we come back this way. Can’t ditch the girls and all.”

“Yeah sure.”

The two of them left the barn, walking in silence until the barn was gone from sight. Becca was staring at the stars, they were out of her thoughts in the city. She loved taking in views of the lights from high up buildings at night, but the stars were beautiful in their own way. When she turned to Spike she noticed he was looking at the ground, his brow furrowed in thought.

“What’s wrong?”


“Yeah right broody boy, nothing.”

“It’s just...why don’t you come home anymore?”

“I’m back now.”

“I haven't seen you since freshmen year.”

“School stuff mostly, and The Foundation sent me to Scotland for awhile.”

“How was it?”

“Scottish like”

“Descriptive,” Spike smirked.

“I try.”

Becca laid down on the ground and stretched out on the grass, staring up at the stars some more. Spike watched her and noticed a long scar that went diagonally up her belly.

“Nice scar.”

“Are we going to spend all this time talking about me?”

“Well what do you want to talk about?”

Becca yanked him down by the hand, causing Spike to loose his balance and tumble down next to here.

“Well what have you been doing for the past two years?”

“Not much to tell. Dad left.”

“I heard, that sucks.”

“Yeah, it’s not all bad.”

“You seem more relaxed,” Becca commented.

“I guess I am.”

“Old Spike didn’t have time for anything, but the old man and football.”

“Yeah,” It grew quiet for a second before Spike decided to change the subject, “So, new name, new’re really reinventing yourself out there huh?”

Becca noticed he was playing with her hand, running his fingers over the top, and even if she couldn’t help it she got a chill down her spine. They were propped up on one elbow facing each other and Spike was brushing a strand of her long brown hair away when a beeping noise came from her hand bag, she leaped up and fumbled for it with urgency.

“Can’t that wait?”

“Emergency line,” She placed an ear peice in her ear and stepped away from Spike talking lowly,

“This is Blue Leader to Blue Team, what’s up?”

“Vamp infestation in the barn, Rona’s not responding, where the hell are you?” Came Trina’s angered voice.

“Not too far be there in one,” Becca responded.

Spike was standing behind her staring with interest.
Becca turned to him with a set line on her face, “Go home, don’t stop for anyone, and if anyone comes to your house, don’t invite them in. I don’t care who it is, you can open the door, but don’t say anything that can be remotely invite-like and stay inside. Got it?”

“What’s going on?”

“Nothing you need to worry about.”

“I’m coming with you.”


“Why not?”

Becca scrunched her face up in a frustrated manner. She remembered an old joke among the Scoobies and thought to go with the classic.

“Gangs on PCP!” She blurted out.

“Gangs on PCP?”

“Yeah,” she squeaked.

“Even if that wasn’t total bullshit, do you really think I’d let you go alone?”

Becca let out a frustrated sigh. She didn’t have time to argue. She did the only thing that she could think to do in a situation like this. She ran like hell. She pushed a button on her ear piece, to contact HQ, and hoped that Spike wasn’t quick enough to catch her with Slayer speed.

“This is Blue Team Leader to HQ. We got a code 40 and Feild Command is MIA over.”

“Blue team leader this is HQ. We have a lock on your location and sending Freelance in to help. Over," a girls voice resonated in her ear.

“No way can Faith can make it here in time for back up. Over.”

“She’s just touched down outside of town, she should be there in two, over.”

“Faith’s HERE?!

Becca had the barn in her sights and switched over her com to group feed.

“Trina what’s the haps?”

She was relived when her 2IC’s voice came over the speaker, “Hefty sized little group we got here. They’re the tat-boys.”

“The cult’s little errand boys? Where’s a clear?”

“North end window, I’ll keep ‘em distracted?”

Becca had looped around to the side of the barn that Trina had indicated, “Any civvies?”

“Didn’t make it out. Kelly’s on evac. Any word from Rona?”

“Nope, Faith's on her way,” Becca heard crunching footsteps in the leaves behind her she turned to see Spike staring at her, “When I said get away, I meant go home.”

“What?” Trina asked confused.

“Not you.”

“You need help,” Spike shrugged.

“I have help, I have a big steaming pile of help in the way of four other very well trained fighters, I don’t need a lineman.”

“You need the pep-squad? I’m not letting a bunch of girls, do...dangerous stuff.”

“I don’t have time for you sexist bullshit,” she yelled.

“Becca, anytime you want to end your little spat and come in guns a blazing...” Trina grumbled, it was obvious she was fighting hard from the occasional pant that emanated from the earpiece.

“Stop your whining and let me help.”

“You don’t even know what’s going on!”

“Tell me what to do and I’ll do it, but I’m not leaving.”

“Fine. Help Kelly get people out,” she handed him the stake from her purse, “If it has ridgy bumpy face disorder, stay away,” She pulled out holy water, “This to the face will keep em distracted. I would give you a cross, but I don’t have one now.”

“What are we fighting,” Spike laughed, “vampires.”

“You’re quick,” Becca stated as she leaped gracefully up onto a window seal and jumped into the barn.

Spike was attempting to heave his weight onto the window seal as a thought struck him, “Wait, which one is Kelly?”

About half a minute later Faith screeched to a sudden halt out side the barn. She could hear the ear piece in her bag beeping, but felt no actual desire to use it. Moving quickly she jumped out off the bike and began to climb up a latter resting on the side of the barn, conveniently leading to a loft window.

Once she got inside she could see the goings on below her. It seemed that the small tattooed vamp army below was getting a run for their money. The younger girls were holding their own as best as they could but for all their talk of staying on guard they were caught by surprise. Each one seemed to work as a function of the others, executing their job, but it was taking more effort than it should have. They were still outnumbered and considering the lack of experience, they could have greatly used some help.

Faith didn’t really think about her game plan as she launched herself from the loft into the middle of the action, taking out a vamp as she fell. After the two went crashing to the ground, herself on top, she staked him and launched herself up, looking Becca, the girl who was now right next to her in the eye.

“Thought you could use some help Little B.”

“Don’t call me that!”

“What’s the status?”

“It’s too far gone, I initiated the demolition measures, “ Becca explained.

“Awe, your first building. They grow up so fast.”

The two began to throw, punches, and kicks at the multitude of vampires. Spike had found himself making his way over to the blond girl he saw with Becca earlier. She was fighting vamps away from the door as she attempted to get people out.


“Yup, your the stubborn douchbag that wouldn’t leave?”

“I guess that’s me.”

Junior came running up from a corner of the barn with some people, “I think that might be the last of them...Spike what the hell?”

Kelly executed a spin that really looked more like a pirouette stabbing a vamp through the heart, “He wouldn’t leave,” she said as the vamp pooffed into dust. She then turned to them, “But you both really need to get out of here. We have it...” Before she could finish a vampire grabbed her from behind, locking her arms to one side and lifting her from the ground.

“A fighter, just the way I like ‘em,” the vamp smirked.

Kelly’s eyes widened, but her voice remained steady, “Bite me.”

The vampire was too absorbed in Kelly to notice that Junior had grabbed holy water from out of his jacket.

“Well if you insist,” the vamp smirked as it came towards Kelly's neck.

Junior took the moment to squirt the holy water in the vamps face. In his surprise the vamp dropped Kelly to rub his eyes, an action that gave Kelly the time she needed to grab her stake and punch a whole in the vampires heart. The vamp dusted before it knew what happened.

Spike was in shock, “What the hell was...”

Junior shrugged, “Vampire?”

Across the barn, Becca and Faith were surrounded by vampires with their backs to each other.

“How’s munitions coming?” Becca yelled into her com.

Trina’s voice echoed in her ear, “I would start fighting your way out of there. “

“Affirmative, you hear that Faith?”

“Nope, don’t have a need for that techie shit.”

“We gotta get out of here now.”

“Barn blow up go boom?” Faith inquired.

“Yeah something like that.”

Just as she was about to turn to make her way out Becca was met with a sharp stabbing pain in her side. There was a long and deep cut there, blood seeping out of the room she looked up at the vamp that gave it to her, just in time to see Faith dust it.

“Come on newbie, let’s book it.”

Grabbing onto her side Becca ran for the door where Junior was just helping Kelly to her feet.

“You’re bleeding,” Spike stated in a daze.

“Thank you Boy Obvious, let’s get out of here.”

The group ran out as Becca spoke into her ear piece, “Clearing the building, you ready?”

“Fire in the hole...I always wanted to say that,” Ophelia’s voice declared.

And with that the barn went up in flames.

Trina and Ophelia ran up to the group, all the slayers, except Faith, had their bumps, bruises and cuts, but they were the only ones positioned far enough away to not be covered in soot.

"What happened to you?" Ophelia asked looking at Becca's side.

"Oh you know, a vamp tried to shank me with his shiv," she responded.

"Yeah, since when do they need knives?" Trina yelled, "Did I miss a memo where their whole fangs weren't pointy enough?"

Spike was sitting on the ground looking at the burning rubble in shock. Becca could only feel sorry for him his world was just turned upside down.

Kelly tried to wiped her jeans clear of soot, "We should regroup and get cleaned up."

Faith turned to Becca, “So Little B, do you want to report this stinking pile of screw up to Wood or should I?”

The viewpoint on munitions was simple. Only in apocalyptic situations. The idea was to not let anything less get to that point.

Becca groaned, “Can it wait? Maybe by morning my wound will be infected and I’ll die.”

“We should all be so lucky,” Trina grumbled.

NEXT TIME: Becca's got a lot of explaining to do.

AN: I'm going to try and be as on top of this story as I can, but I am in the process of moving to another country. I'm going to start working on chapter 7 ASAP and hope to be past that by the time I leave. Just so you know that even if the chapters are fewer in the next month it isn't abandoned. Much love to my reviewers, you guys rock.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Slayers and Giants" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 11 Jul 07.

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