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Slayers and Giants

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Summary: Becky O'Shea was a normal female football player, that is before she got called as a slayer. When the fight finds its way to her hometown will she have the ability to stop it? (crossover with Little Giants) RATING TO BE SAFE

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: If it was in Buffy or Little Giants I don’t own it. It was just an idea I got while watching movies with a much younger sibling and I don’t think it has been done yet.

Authors Note: I fiddled with time lines a bit here, mostly so it all would fit with Buffy or what I needed the years of the story line to be. It starts between the end of BtVS TV run and the start of the season 8 comics. Since I am writing this before the Faith story line comes into play in season 8 it’s kind of AU in some aspects, but sticks as close to cannon as possible. I will have aspects of season 8 in here but only things that are established as cannon in the first story arch and things that I can fit into my story that are established later, such as backstory and places where people are located.

Slayers and Giants

Chapter 1


Becky O’shea awoke with a start. Rubbing the sleep from her eyes, she swung her feet over the side of the bed as she made her way to the bathroom, sliding her feet across the floor as she went. She hated mornings, mornings were the thing hell was made of.

She slammed the bathroom door behind her and locked quickly. She stared at herself in the mirror. Nobody was a harder judge for Becky than Becky herself. She was convinced that she wasn’t pretty enough, that she was thick, but not curvy. Not that she was fat, but she still had a layer of baby fat with no real chest to show for it. Not like the cheerleader type. She didn’t stay in her critical state for long. As if on cue Jr. Floyd, her dear step brother, began pounding on the door.

“Becky for the love of GOD!”

Becky could only glare at the door. He was so much cuter before they all moved in together. Now he was just like any brother, a lovable pain in the ass. One who should have known better than to bother her in the morning before her coffee. She continued to brush her teeth.

“Becky your alarms going off.”

That made Becky stop. She never was up before her alarm. Come to think of it, Junior was always the first one in the bathroom while she banged on the door. She tied her long brown hair in a messy bun before washing her face.

“Becky turn that thing off!”

“Do it yourself BRO!” Becky finally yelled. She was tempted to sit down with an issue of Sports Illustrated just to make him sweat it out, but they had a practice to get to. Opening the door she made room for Junior as he bolted past, slamming the door behind him. Junior may not have had Becky’s doe eyed admiration, but the cute blonde kid Junior had been was growing into a hottie, every girl in her grade had thought so, even if her and her cousin just saw him as family now.

After changing into practice cloths Becky went down to the kitchen and poured some coffee. Her dad, Danny, looked up at her and took a bite of toast.

“Becky, shouldn’t you be hydrating?”

“Thanks Uncle Kevin,” she grumbled as she took a sip of the dark liquid.

Her father winced, “Low blow.”

Junior ran into the kitchen, grabbed some toast, slid the egg on his waiting plate on it and bit into it quickly without saying a word.
“Slow down kid.” Patty exclaimed as her son wolfed the food down in a few bites.

“We can’t be late.”

“You know Becky, I’m shocked you aren’t a little more excited,” Danny inquired.

“Didn’t sleep well, weird dreams.”

“Nerves?” Junior asked.

“Naw nothing like that, just dreams.”

“Well, we better get going. “

“Junior what’s the rush?” Patty asked as she took a seat and grabbed the news paper.

“We’re Freshmen,” Junior explained.

“First summer practice. The last Frosh to show gets hazed after the Lynwood game,” Becky elaborated.

Junior chugged down his orange juice, grabbed Becky’s hand and pulled her towards the door, letting herself be dragged, Becky waved to her Dad and Stepmother as they went through the door.


“We have to act fast,” Buffy Summers paced around the room. She couldn’t stay still, she was too antsy. Yesterday, just yesterday they changed the world.

“Does pacing count as acting, because then, well, we’re on top,” Xander let a worn smile cross his face.

“We don’t know how many there are. I mean they are all strong and crazy dream having, and they have no clue why!” Buffy continued without missing a beat.

“And then there’s the Hellmouth in Cleveland,” Giles said cleaning his glasses, “We really need to have someone there while we get this whole mess straightened out, preferably a few more experienced people actually.”

“Willow, how’s the funds coming?” Buffy asked as she continued move about the room.

Willow beamed, “Pretty well, for a big ‘ol powerful organization the Watchers Council didn’t think keeping it’s collective legal work under high surveillance was all that important.

“They probably thought they wouldn’t need to worry about it,” Giles straightened up on the hotel room bed he was currently sitting on, “They have been around, in some form, for centuries. They couldn’t have known this would happen.”

“Well by tomorrow, legal should get the impression that our little group were always some of the big shots in charge. They won’t even need to have us sign. All I’s were dotted and T’s crossed years ago. Well, as far as they know.”

“Ah feel the techno magicie goodness,” Faith finally spoke up. She had her chair balanced on the back hind legs. Meetings were boring, slaying, well, that was more what she was made for.

“So, all we need to do is get some people to look over the Hellmouth while the rest of us find new slayers, with them,” Xander paused, “I hoped if I started talking some idea would pop out.”

“Well pack me up and send me to the Hellmouth,” Faith let her chair fall back into place. There was no way she was going to twiddle her thumbs while they tried to figure out what came next.

“OK so that’s one for the Hellmouth,” Buffy plopped on one of the twin beds, next to Xander and looked across at Giles.

“I think you should help us organize the next bit, Buffy.”

“What? Giles, I’m not Watcher girl.”

“No, but you are the longest living slayer in history. These girls are going to have questions, issues you are the only one that could really understand, well besides maybe Faith. I believe she has made it clear that she has no desire to organize this endeavor any further.”

“Guys,” Robin stepped away from the wall next to Faith, “Have we put any thought into what to do with the new girls near the Hellmouth. Because if not, I think I have an idea.”


“Let’s see some hustle Jones!” Coach Bradford shouted, “You gonna let some freshmen girl out run ya?”

Positions for the team hadn’t been decided yet, at the moment Becky was trying her hand at wide receiver, and Junior was QB. Becky was working her ass off, she couldn't be second string, she refused to be.

Back in the line up Becky was glaring at none-other than Spike Hammersmith. While the years had given them a grudging sort of respect for each other, there was still an intense rivalry.

“Think you can outrun me Ice Pick?” Thank god Spike stopped with the third person thing, now if he could just get her nickname right.

“You can’t touch me, just try, you no necked thug.”

Junior made the call, and Becky snapped into action. Spike chased after her, and was able to position himself in front of her for the tackle. Becky however out maneuvered him and took off past him. Just when he got a hold of her enough to take her down, Becky launched him off her with a startling show of force. None of the defensive players came close to her. After she made the touchdown she ran over to Spike, who was laying wincing on the ground.

“Oops I guess you were able to touch me Spike.”

The trainer had run over to Spike and was checking him for a concussion. Coach came up to the scene as well.

“Nice hustle O’shea. Guess you’re a starter after all,” He began to help Spike to his feet.

Junior ran up to Becky with a huge grin on his face, “That was genius.”

Becky couldn’t help but smile, “Please, I’ve taken down Spike a million times.”

“Not like that Becky, you laid the guy out.”

Hot Hands had joined them in the little gloat-fest, “Becky, you launched the guy!”

That’s when Becky’s smile faltered. How did she launch a guy the size of Spike?
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