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Not Without Potential

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Summary: Dawn is not too upset about not being a potential slayer, she has her own power.

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Harry Potter > Dawn-Centered > Pairing: Harry PotterdalekFR151283041,99922 Jun 0722 Jun 07Yes
Title: Not Without Potential
Author: dalek
Rated: FR15 (non descriptive nudity, implied sex)
Disclaimer: All things HP belong to JKR, et al. All things BtVS belong to Joss Whedon, et al.
Disclaimer2: Header structure shamelessly stolen.
Warnings: Implied teenage sex
Pairings: Dawn/Harry
Spoilers: Potential ( but barely the trace of a hint )
Summary: Dawn drop in on Harry Potter.

Harry saw a bright circular shape appear over his bed and before he could react a totally naked girl fell from it and landed on him. Maybe he should have reached for his wand but there was a beautiful naked girl astride him and his DADA lessons really couldn't be farther from his mind. If the girl had sported the dark mark, Harry would probably have joined Voldemort on the spot.

A half hour later the girl slipped off him and wandlessly conjured another bright circular shape in which she jumped, Harry barely had the time to think that the guys would never believe him before his universe ceased to exist.

Dawn had just dropped back on her own bed when there was a knock on her door, “Dawn, is everything ok? I heard a noise.”

“I just tripped and fell on my bed.” Dawn replied while quickly putting on her bathrobe before opening the door.

Of course Buffy entered right away, “What's this?”, she picked a sheet of paper from the bed and read it. “Harry was laying alone on his bed, the rest of the dormitory was empty.”, “Are you writing Harry Potter fanfic? So what will happen next? Will Draco meet him there?”

After her sister had finally left her room, Dawn crossed out Harry, wrote Draco, remove her bathrobe and opened another portal. As she jumped in she thought “So what if I'm not a potential? My power is way more fun and it already works.”

The End

The End

You have reached the end of "Not Without Potential". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking