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Friends Just Know

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The Least Likely Series". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequal to Least Expected. John and Willow fess up to a friend

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Supernatural > Willow-Centered > Pairing: OtherEsheFR1512,709071,69422 Jun 0722 Jun 07Yes
Disclaimer: Maybe if I click my heels and say 'There's no place like home'.... nah I do not own Supernatural of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, if I did I would enslave Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki, and make then do things... you know what Im talking about.

A/N I decided after reading reviews that I should write a sequal, and who knows, it may turn into a series. I just hope that you enjoy.


The next morning came too early for John Winchester, after waking up alone for the last twenty years he finally remembered fully what it felt like. He lay in bed next to Willow looking down at her with a small smile on his face, happy that she had come into his life. He had spent too long alone, and even though he did not know what tomorrow would bring for the two of them, he would see her again. But right now he had to leave, he was supposed to meet Bobby later on that night, and if he didn’t leave soon his old friend would leave without him.

Willow was still asleep in his arms, curled up next to him and John knew what was coming next: a gentle prod, a kiss and the knowing smile that would come to her lips seeing him with her still. So he nudged her gently till her eyes opened, then captured her lips in a long kiss that left her smiling.

She rose up on one arm looking at him, “You have to leave already?”

“I was supposed to leave an hour ago.”

She placed her hand on his cheek, “We’ll see each other again, soon. I'm always on the road now so it won’t be too hard.”

“I’ve been up for almost two hours, I didn’t want to leave.” John put his hand over hers and brought it to his mouth, kissing the back. “It’s been a long time for me, I didn’t want to leave without saying something to you first, and then I looked down at you and couldn’t look away.”

Willow blushed and turned her head for a moment, then looked back up, “I think you like making me blush.”

“I can’t say it’s a bad thing, how about we take a shower before I head off.”

She leaned forward and gave him a kiss, “Sounds wonderful.”

A half-hour later John and Willow were getting dressed when there was a knock on the door. Willow walked over and opened the door, revealing the three slayers from the night before. They walked into the room looking back between him and Willow, who stood by the door looking upset.

“I never told you to come in Marissa.”

One of the girls walked over to Willow, “We were supposed to be leaving, and you weren’t by the truck.” She looked over to John, “I see why.”

“I can take care of myself, unlike some of us.” Willow took a step forward towards her, “Cut the attitude Marissa, and go to the truck, I’ll be there in a minute.”

The girl walked to the door, “I should have stayed in Texas.”

“This was your choice, I know you don’t like me, but luckily for me the person who you’re going to is so much nicer. I'm sure you’ll have fun with Faith.” Willow smiled sweetly at the girl, who opened the door and walked out.

“I'm sorry Will, Marissa wanted to come in, and we wanted to wait.”

Willow raised her hand, “Its okay Jill, just take Rachel and go to the van. I’ll be out in ten minutes.”

The two walked out, closing the door behind them. Willow turned back to John, “Sorry, Marissa doesn't like me; she thinks she’s better than me because she’s a slayer and I'm just a witch.”

“You just saved her life last night.”

“Its happened before, she gets worse every time, sometimes I think she’d rather me let her die. But she's gonna get a surprise when we reach headquarters, Faith is one of the biggest pains I know.” Willow laughed.

John walked to her and kissed her on the head, “I have two sons, both of them were difficult, especially Dean, until he turned nineteen, he thought he knew more than me. Sam always listened; he was the one I thought would follow me everywhere. I was wrong, when he finished high school, he surprised me by saying that he wanted to go to college.”

“What happened?”

“I ran him off; I figured it was the best thing for him, to get him away from this life.”

She looked up to him, “You could have just told him you would be happy for him to go.”

He laughed and she gave him a funny look, “I guess its one of those guy things I will never understand.”

“Right, just don’t ask.” He pulled away from her and grabbed his jacket, pulling it on. “I’ll call you soon.”

“I know you will.” She walked to him and gave him a deep kiss then pulled back and walked to the door. They both walked to the office and turned in their room keys, and then to John’s car. He kissed her again, and hugged her before getting in his car and driving off. He would see her again, he knew that much. John watched from his mirror as she walked to the black SUV and drove off in the opposite direction.

John made it to the small house after dark; Bobby was sitting out on the porch looking upset. He parked the truck and got out, going to the trunk and pulling out one of his shotguns. John shut the door and walked over to his old friend.

Bobby stood up and walked down the steps carrying two shovels, “Why the hell are you late?” John smiled at his friend and Bobby shook his head, “I can’t believe it! Are you serious? After twenty years… what's her name?”

John’s smile grew bigger, “I don’t even get a how are you.”

“I see you're alive, I don’t need anymore information that that. I just want to know who made you late. You’ve never been late for a meeting the whole time I’ve known you John.”

“If I tell you her name, can we get on with this?” Bobby nodded, “Her name is Willow.”

Bobby handed John a shovel and started walking towards the back of the house, “Was she pretty?”

“If you start asking details I'm going to shoot you, but yes she was pretty.” John followed closely to Bobby, looking around for any sign of danger.

Bobby stopped, “The reports said that the kids were found over there.” He pointed over to the fence.

“And the legend?”

“Parker Simmons, he was a young boy who was most likely beaten to death by his father. He was born in 1912, disappeared in 1927. From what I could find his father was a violent man, and he died mysteriously two years after the boy disappeared, his body was found on the same fence.” Bobby turned to John, “We’re gonna dig up by the fence post, hopefully that’s where he was buried.”

“Couldn’t find any other possible burial sites?”

“Maybe if you had gotten here before dark we could have looked together. I checked over the land, and reports. There were no other hot spots and every person killed was found in the same spot.” Bobby started moving slower towards the fence, “So does she know about your job description?”

John chuckled, “Yeah, she has the same job description.”

Bobby turned towards him, “Where’d you find her, and does she have any friends?”

“I found her in an alley fighting a couple of vampires, she trains slayers. But I don’t know if any of her friends would be interested in an old man like you.”

Bobby’s face showed surprise, “She sounds wonderful, and remember you’re not short-stopping on the old age thing yourself. How old is she anyway?”


“She’s younger than Dean.” They were at the post and Bobby threw his bag down then hit his shovel into the dirt, followed by John and they started digging.

John lifted the dirt, throwing it to the side, starting a pile, “I know, but she’s smart and she knows things.”

“I'm sure she’s knows alot John, thats how young people are these days. But what can you two possibly have in common, besides the job description of course.”

John wiped at his head, “She knows what it is like to have the person you love taken away, and wanting revenge. I know the age thing is a little bad, but we understand each other.”

Bobby started to laugh, “So what are you guys gonna get married and settle down?”

“Its not like that, we’re just enjoying each others company.” John picked up more dirt and threw it to the side.

“She’s young, she’s gonna eventually want something more. Trust me, I know women.”

“She’s different Bobby, its not like-“ John stopped as he felt a wind stir up around them, he dropped his shovel and pulled out his gun, pointing it around the darkness, “We should hurry up, I think somebody’s angry.”

Bobby started digging faster, “If you were on time, we could have been drinking a beer right now.”

Th apparition flew at John, pushing him back into the hole in the ground. Bobby threw his shovel down and pulled out his shot gun, aiming it and shooting, the lead flew through, causing the spirit to dissolve. He reached his hand out helping John up, who was holding a long bone in one hand, “I guess he is buried here.”

Bobby gave John an annoyed look, “You know that lead shot wont keep him gone for long, lets just finish up then you can buy me a beer.”

The two men cleared the rest of the dirt away, looking at the bones of the young man. Bobby pulled the salt out of his bag and sprinkled it over the remains, then he pulled out a container of lighter fluid, and started spraying. The wind picked up again, and this time John found himself pulled back to the post, his air cut off. Bobby froze as he looked on to his friend struggling against the unseen force.

“Light the match…” John choked out, and Bobby lit a couple of the matches, dropping them on the body. John was suddenly lifted off the ground, up six feet, before he fell to the ground, his hands on his own neck, gasping for air.

Bobby ran to his friend, checking him over, “You okay John?”

He nodded and focused on the fire coming out of the grave, “That was a nasty one.” He choked out, and started laughing, “You ever think we’re getting too old for this job?”

“Hell no, I’ll be too old the day I die, besides you're still working over the young women, why would you feel old?”

John rose from the ground, supported by his friend; they looked on as the fire burned. “You know you're a bastard right?"

Bobby nodded smiling, "How bout we go get that beer?”

John shook his head, "Not if you're gonna keep asking about the girl."

"I promise I'll wait till you're good and drunk."


Willow’s trip to the Midwest headquarters of the watchers council was tiring, the three slayers sitting in the truck with her were constantly talking, sometimes about fashion, sometimes slaying and at the wrong moments, about men. Marissa didn’t help matters either; she would make pointed comments at Willow about her involvement with an old man. When they finally reached the school she was ecstatic, Faith and Robin had came out and greeted the new arrivals, and Willow disappeared into her room, taking a nap before heading off to investigate another possible slayer. She was wrapped in her blanket when there was a knock at her door, Faith didn’t wait for an answer, and she walked right in and plopped down on Willow’s bed.

“So what's this I hear from the girls you picked up a drifter last night?”

Willow groaned into her pillow, “I didn’t pick up anyone, you know me better than that Faith.”

Faith snatched up the pillow from under Willows head and threw it to one corner, “Get up I want details, that girl Jill said he was a looker to be old.”

“He wasn’t that old Faith, so maybe he has a son older than me, but he’s more of a Giles old than a Mr. burns old.” Willow got out of her bed and picked up the pillow, hitting Faith in the head, “He was nice though, and I didn’t have to give him the speech.”

“I can’t believe you Will, picking up old men in the middle of the night and having your way with them.” Faith shook her head, “But since you did, I want details… vivid details.”

Willow laughed, “There’s nothing to tell really, I mean it was late so I decided to stop at a motel so the girls and I could rest, and it would give me some time away from Marissa. I go in to the office and get the rooms, a couple of people walk in behind me and I see that the guy sitting behind the desk had started shaking. When I turn around I see five guys standing, ad their all in game face. I push them put of the office and call the girls out to fight, the vamps start running, and we follow. Next thing I know Marissa is getting ready to be vamp chow, I gt ready to stake the vamp and I hear a gunshot. I look up and there he was, holding his gun, looking surprised. I thought it was cause of the dust thing, but it was because of my magic.”

“So what is he a rogue demon hunter like Wesley was?” Both girls start laughing.

“Actually sorta kinda, he’s looking for this one fire demon guy. Which reminds me I need to start a search on the database.”

“Will, that still doesn't explain how you ended up in bed with him, bumping uglies.”

“Ok, he asked me to get a coffee; I figured we would compare notes. Turned out we had a lot in common, he’s on a quest for vengeance, I understand the vengeance thing. We talked and he said some things, I said some things then he actually kicked me out of his room; he got mad at something I said. I figured oh well, he has my number if he needs help he’ll call. So I took a shower, and when I got out he was knocking on my door, I opened and he kissed me.”

“That’s so lame; I thought it was going to be exciting.”

“Well I'm not all exciting girl, so whatever. It wasn’t exciting, it was comforting. He needed it, and I guess I did too. He understood my past and he didn’t judge me for it, it was refreshing.”

Faith laughed, “So what you gonna marry him and play house with im and his sons. I wonder if they look like dad, maybe you could get some mini me action as well.”

“Its not like that, we just… understand each other. We’re not in any kind of position to be with each other like that.”

“Willow I know you, you're all heart, eventually you will want something more. Just watch yourself ok?”

She nodded, “I will.”

Faith got off the bed and headed for the door, “Come see me before you leave, Robin thinks he has another lead for you to check out. Oh and before I forget, work Marissa extra hard right? There’s nothing wrong with the other two?”

Willow laughed again, “I love you Faith.”

“I'm sorry babe I don’t go that way.” Faith left the room.

Willow got up from her bed and sat at her desk, running a search through the watchers database. After a few minutes she got hits, on cases going back over fifty years, matching the demon attacks. Unfortunately there was nothing else; there was no name, or any information on how to destroy it. Willow let out a long sigh, disappointed in herself, she emailed Giles and asked him to look over the information and got up from her desk, and started packing another bag, Colorado was a nice long drive, and maybe if she was lucky, she would see John once more.

The End

You have reached the end of "Friends Just Know". This story is complete.

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