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Who Knew?

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Summary: Who Knew rescuing a snarky man could lead the the love of your life?

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Marvel Universe > Spider-Man > Xander-Centered
Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other Slash
CaliadragonFR1511,0563108,63722 Jun 0722 Jun 07Yes
Author: Caliadragon

Title: Who Knew?

Date: December 12

Fandom: Buffy/Spiderman

Category: Supernatural/fantasy

Pairing: Xander/Peter Parker

Rating: FRT

Summary: Xander meets three superheroes and is less than impressed.

Disclaimer: Neither Xander, Peter or anyone you recognize in this fic is mine.
The baby slayer is though.


Advertisement: Part of the SAC-2004 at:

Note: Set post Chosen, Post Spiderman 1, post Daredevil. There is more than one crossover, but only one couple.

Beta: Edi the Wonderful

This had been the strangest year of Xander’s life. When he had returned from Africa, Giles had asked him to take over for the current head of the New York division. At first, Xander had been reluctant to move to New York and take control of a group of young girls and older women. However after speaking to Dawn, now his closest friend, he had decided to take up the position.

Xander took over the New York division in January, and had found himself in the middle of a hunt and a battle within the first three hours that he had been in control. Xander was pissed. It had also led to his meeting three of New York’s more active superheroes. Of course, Xander hadn’t been that appreciative at the rescue; he had in fact been furious over their interference. Mostly because they had dusted the leader by accident; the Human Torch had got too close to the vampire. Xander had needed answers as to where one of his girls was and the fact that he couldn’t get those answers from the Master pissed Xander off.

As it was, the only minion left was the one to suffer Xander’s displeasure. “Great! Just great! Isn’t there a mugger you spandex wearing menaces can be stopping somewhere? Surely there’s a super criminal prancing about spouting world domination idiocy somewhere that you could be stopping!” Xander growled as he stomped past the three stunned heroes and grabbed the vampire from the Daredevil.

The three Superheroes had in fact just stopped a super villain that had been prancing around spouting world domination. The three sighed, used to the fact that their help was not always well received. Spiderman in particular often wondered why he continued to do what he did.

The vampire hissed at Xander and only got a knee to the stomach for its actions. “Where is the ritual happening?” he snarled at the vampire.

The vampire sneered. “Why should I tell you anything, human?” he growled.

“I was only going to kill you and torture your master for the information, but the fireball of annoyance flambéed the bastard. So you can tell me where you have Selia or you can take you master's place being tortured and staked out to greet the sun,” Xander told him with calm fury.

The vampire sneered at him again. “You wouldn’t dare! All of you Watchers leave things to your Slayers and there are none here!”

“My name is Xander Harris,” Xander told him in that same tone. The vampire screamed in terror. Everyone in the underworld had heard of the human male that killed anything that threatened his Slayers. Now that human was in New York, and they had taken one of his Slayers. The vampire babbled out the address of the place where they had taken the seven-year-old Slayer and hoped that Xander didn’t torture him anyway. His hope was greeted by a sudden slamming of a stake through his heart.

Xander spun to look at the three superheroes and sneered, “Thanks for nothing,” then stomped away muttering under his breath. The three men could only gape at him in shocked silence as he walked away.

“What the hell was that?” the Torch demanded.

“I have no idea, but I intend to find out,” Spiderman said with a laugh, before he disappeared over the side of the roof. Who knew what this would lead up to, though it did explain why the man was pissed at them.

Daredevil just shook his head; Spiderman wasn’t the only one who was going to get answers. Though the creatures being vampires made him feel better that his senses were not on the blink.

Xander managed to get to Selia before the vampires sacrificed her. Between him and the older Slayers under his control, he had defeated the vampires holding her. Three nights later, he ended up running into Spiderman again. Of course, that was mainly due to the fact that Spiderman had tracked him down to the Watcher’s headquarters.


Xander was standing on the balcony looking at the sunset when the web slinger alit onto the balcony. A few seconds later, the Torch and Daredevil joined him. Xander, amused by their arrival, waited to see who would speak first. This set up a pattern for the next few months.

All three of the superheroes became regular visitors, though Spiderman seemed to turn up more often than the other two, and slowly they all became very good friends. The superheroes even helped Xander and his Slayers out on a few occasions. Xander had long since learned their true identities. A spell by Willow had ensured that, but Xander didn’t let on, until he heard that Matt Murdock, Daredevil, had been injured by a man he was after as a lawyer. Later he ended up visiting Johnny and Peter as themselves as well.

Not long after his visit to Peter, the two began to date. It was awkward at first, but it was also nice as well. Both of them had someone they could confide in and who wouldn’t be shocked by their lives.

So here he was, a year since his arrival in New York, standing on the balcony of his building waiting for Peter to arrive so that they could celebrate the New Year and their life together, and Xander couldn’t help but think how weird the year had been. However, at the same time he was happy for the weirdness, as it had led to Peter and the friendship of two very good men.

“Hello love,” Peter said as he landed on the roof behind him.

Xander turned to face him and smiled. The two men walked to each other and Xander kissed the smaller man thoroughly. When he pulled away, Peter smiled and kissed him again. Xander led him back into their room, kissing him all the while.

Peter laughed as Xander began to undress him and happily went along with Xander’s plans. The last year had changed his life in ways he had never thought possible. Who knew saving a snarky man would lead to the love of his life?

The End?

The End

You have reached the end of "Who Knew?". This story is complete.

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