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Alien Council

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Summary: A new player gets involved in the Second World War and the Watchers Council, like the rest of the World, will never be the same. Crossover with Worldwar Series by Harry Turtledove. FR18 just to be safe

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Harry TurtledoveCBDFR1842,7170144,01924 Jun 0724 Jun 07No

Chapter Four

OK, in response to suggestions, I’m going to start making my chapters longer. In fact, I plan to make Chapter 4 at least 5X longer than this little teaser I’ve typed up for you. But enjoy. ;)

Chapter 4
November 1943. In a secured meeting room at the Greenbrier Resort in Virginia. Location of the Government of the United States of America in Hiding.

“Now listen here Angelus, we need you to attempt this mission!” yelled Secretary of War Cordell Hull. “You surely have SOME contacts with other vampires and demons, even with your… special condition. I also know that not all demons are hostile to humans either. Get in contact with those you can trust and ask them to do the same. With any luck you, whoever you get to join you, and the New England Coven of Witches as well as 12 demons we’ve already approached, will be able to pull it off right under their noses. Its not like they can kill you with those damm machine rifles of theirs.”

“First off Mr. Secretary, its Angel. I probably don’t have to ask you if it was the Watchers Council who briefed you on my ‘condition’ and of the existence of demons with a Neutral or Friendly attitude with humans, but I will anyway.” After seeing the Secretary nod his head he continued. “In response to your query, yes, I do have some contacts and good friends of the demon variety, most of whom are at least neutral in their attitude towards humans and who I trust and might just be willing to join me on this little stunt of yours. I’d like to know who these dozen other demons you’ve hired are, by specie AND name. But before I decide one way or the other I would like to know why you were looking into hiring demons BEFOR the Lizards arrived.”

“Why? Quite simply, because we heard the Germans were doing the same and didn’t want to be caught flat footed” Secretary Hull responded. “And, well, our contacts have implied they are planning a similar ‘stunt’ as you so put it, but with specie that are not exactly scoring high marks with their attitudes towards humans. They seem more likely to try and use their new ‘toy’ against humanity and Earth than they would be inclined to use it for the greater good of our world. Provided they actually achieve the mission, well if we’re lucky they may just blow themselves up along with any nearby Lizards. If we’re not lucky, well, you can probably guess at what some of those demons would hope to do with a weapon like that. Despite your colored past, the President seems to have some trust in you that you will do the right thing. And here is your list of the demons we’ve signed on and those we’re hoping to sign on. So again, will you accept this mission?”

Angel sighed. “I don’t really have much choice in the matter do I? I’d rather not have these Lizards take over the Earth any more than you would. I also agree with your assessment of the German mission, I saw the list of who they’re recruiting. Also whoever made your list knew what they were doing. All these demons are friendly towards humans and the names I recognize are ones I trust. Fine, count me in. Now, is there somewhere I can hide through the rest of the night and the day? Sunrise is approaching.”

“Certainly” replied Secretary Hull as he pushed a buzzer near the door. “We planned for just such a possibility.” Two marines stepped into the room. “Now, if you would please follow Sergeant Davidson and Corporal Watts they will lead you to your room.” After the vampire left the room, Secretary Hull continued reading the various files on the demons he had been asked to sign up for this mission. A cough behind him startled him and he immediately stood to attention as the new occupant rolled in. “Well, Secretary Hull, what do you think of the chances of us pulling this off?” asked President Roosevelt. “I’m not sure” was the Secretary’s reply. “But with any luck, and maybe some divine intervention, we may be able to pull this off.”

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "Alien Council" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 24 Jun 07.

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