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Alien Council

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Summary: A new player gets involved in the Second World War and the Watchers Council, like the rest of the World, will never be the same. Crossover with Worldwar Series by Harry Turtledove. FR18 just to be safe

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Harry TurtledoveCBDFR1842,7170144,01924 Jun 0724 Jun 07No

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of the WorldWar series or Buffy the Vampire Slayer and am earning no profit off of this. Heck, I’m in college, its not like I really own anything at all.

Now some Backstory into what the Worldwar Series is all about:

The Lizards or Race have invaded Tosev III (also known as Earth) in the middle of the Second World War. They are smaller than Tosevites (or humans) just as Humans call the Race, Lizards. The race calls Humans Big Uglies.

They are at more or less at our current level of technology except in space travel. They have starships that move at about half light speed and the crews go into cold sleep. Their Homeworld orbits Tau Ceti, and they have conquered two races called the Rabotev and Hallesi. And 1 Earth Year is approx. 2 Home years.

The Race had sent a probe about 800 years earlier and it took pictures of knights on horseback, so they assumed the tech level wouldn’t change much. Their tech tends to progress very slowly.

As in going from a Panzer 4 to a Tiger Tank would take several centuries slow

Now the Race has nukes. And IS using them, and eventually humans get them also. The only thing is that the Race is restricted on how many they can use if they want the planet to be habitable when the Colonization fleet arrives in about 20 Earth Years with between 80 and 100 million colonists. Their starships have NO weapons and they have to use bombers for their nukes because, well, they were expecting to face King Arthur not General Patton.

The fleetlord, Atvar, commented he expected to worry more about how many of his males (the invasion fleet is all male) killed themselves in automobile accidents AFTER the conquest than he did during the actual invasion.

The Race have a mating season, and lay eggs. And when there are no females in season nearby they seem to have the sex drive of eunuchs. When there ARE females in season they make a Roman Orgy seem tame. Of course on Home they can prepare for the mating season. They find Human sex drive (and the birth process) slightly disgusting, but eventually accept it as only natural for our specie.

In addition there is Ginger. This little spice is like Heroin to the Race. Oh, and it brings any female who eats it into season on the spot.

Also, Home is dry, in fact it almost sounds like Tatooine with only one star and maybe a few seas the size of the Caspian

Now for some translations:

Tosev/Tosev III/Tosevite: The Sun/Earth/Human
Big Ugly: Human
Fleetlord: Admiral
Shiplord: Captain (also General if they are involved in land combat)
Landcruiser: Tank
Killercraft: Fighter
Transport Killercraft: Transport aircraft
Punishment Killercraft: Bomber
Explosive-Metal Bomb: Nuke
Small-unit group leader: Roughly equal to a Lieutenant
Rotating Airfoil Craft: Propeller driven aircraft
Hatchling: Child

Near London, England February 1943:

Sir James Travers, head of the Watchers Council, Guardian of the Slayer Line, and officially a world-renowned Doctor of Archeology who specialized in the Occult and just happened to have the Diplomatic Immunity protection of the various nations of the Commonwealth and Empire of Great Britain. Of course, he also had it from nations as varied as Liberia, Chile, Thailand, and even Germany sat at his chair at the conference table trying to resolve what had to be the biggest classification crisis in the written memory of the Council.

"Has this has been confirmed? It’s not a case of us missing an attempt at bringing about an apocalypse? Because if it is…"

After a few seconds, Sir Thomas Giles, the man in charge of the council’s collections and a notable archeologist in his own right (and with an equally unusual collection of diplomatic papers) spoke up.

"Yes sir. The various Hellmouths have been a bit more active than normal, but still at levels less than that during the Great War. Or perhaps I should say they had been a bit more active. They have gone relatively quiet since these… things, decided to show up."

Sir Edward Wyndam, the current Council liaison to HRH and the Prime Minister was the next to speak up. "There is also the fact that they have yet to show any mystical abilities whatsoever. All their capabilities seem to corroborate the claims made by the few POW’s our military has as well as from radio broadcasts by those they chose as their mouthpiece in the lands they occupy."

Next to speak was Lady Diana Pryce, in charge of keeping track of and reporting the movements of Field Watchers and the current Slayer.

"We have confirmation from Watcher Charles Merrick that he and his Slayer, Betty, managed to get out of Chicago and into Canada before their land route was cut off. Charles had some minimal troubles from General Patton but being officially classified as a British Diplomat has its benefits. They are currently in Toronto cleaning out a few nests of vampires that decided to flee there from America. As per our orders, they have not tried fighting these new arrivals."

The head of the Councils massive treasury, Sir George Wells merely responded by agreeing with the other three council members.

Speaking up once more, Sir James Travers stood up and made his decision.

"After reviewing the evidence, I have determined that these Lizards, or the Race as they apparently call themselves, are to be classified as a non-human, non-demon species of Alien origin. The Slayer is to not attack them and after this conflict is resolved, one way or another, we shall make contact with their leader Atvar."
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