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Living for Giving the Devil His Due.

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Summary: Dean awakes to find himself in Hell. Or maybe not. Sam and Dawn search for answers when Sam Beckett leaps into Dean. Will Dr. Beckett save Dean or will they both be damned?

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Supernatural > Dawn-Centered
Television > Quantum Leap
(Past Donor)StrangevisitorFR131321,3211308,93225 Jun 0725 Jul 07Yes

Time .. Watch it Fly by as the Pendulum Swings

Title: Living for Giving the Devil his Due. Chapter 2/?
Author: Strangevisitor7
Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, mentions of Dawn Summers and Bobby Singer
Fandom: Supernatural, BtVS and Surprise Crossover
Rated: Gen
Disclaimer: All things SPN belong to Eric Kripke, et al. All things Buffy belong to Joss Whedon The Third fandom will be identified at the end of the chapter. Don’t own it either.
Summary: Sam wants talk. Dean doesn’t. An unexpected visitor is thrown into the mix.

Chapter 2 Time .. Watch it Fly by as the Pendulum Swings

Two hours earlier

364 days of searching for a solution.

364 days of dragging Dean from one possibility to next.

364 days with nothing to show for all that effort.

Sam could feel the dread growing in his stomach. By this time tomorrow Dean could be gone. He’d never felt so helpless. Sam wanted to keep moving, keep looking for a way out of the deal, but after 364 days of letting Sam drag him to the four corners of the country, Dean had finally said enough. He was spending his last days on his terms.

Which is why Sam was leaning against the Impala watching Dean watch the Grand Canyon.

“Dean, I...”

Dean turned to him, “I know Sam. You tried and now we enjoy the view.” He looked back toward the canyon. “Oh, man. This is spectacular. I think I picked a good place to finish up.”

Dean was actually smiling, Sam couldn’t believe it “How can you be so nonchalant? Sometime after midnight they will come for you and then that’s it.

“Sammy, we are not having this conservation again.”

“How can we have it again, Dean? We never had this conversation the first time. Can you stop with all the stoic macho crap and really talk to me? You are going to die and I am going to be alone.” Sam’s voice was pitching into that annoyed tone that Dean hated

“Come on, Sam,”

“All I’m saying is we could still go back to Bobby’s. Maybe go through his library again. God knows, the man has books in every nook and cranny. Dawn and Giles are still working on the Watcher’s archives. We might have missed something.” Sam’s desperation was growing. He could feel the tears forming right behind his eyes.

“You looked everywhere. You tried everything. Our friends have run themselves ragged trying to find a way out. It’s time to cut yourself some slack and just enjoy these last days.”

“At least, let’s keep moving. Dawn found that one reference that said the hounds only have as long to find you as you had to live. So, you would be free after one year. If we keep moving we might be able to...” He stopped because his voice was breaking

“What? You think we can outrun hellhounds far a whole year, Sammy? Plus, you don’t even know if that time limit thing is true.”

“Dean, please, don’t give up?”

“I don’t see it as giving up.” Dean actually reached out to squeeze Sam’s shoulder. He was leaving. The least Dean could do, he realized, was be honest with his little brother. “I have no regrets, Sammy and I would do it again in a heartbeat. I’m not lying and, I swear, I’m not deflecting. I really am okay with this. You know I should have died two years ago.” He raised his other hand to stop Sam from disagreeing. “Making this deal gave these two years purpose. If Dad hadn’t saved me, I couldn’t have saved you. It had to be this way. Do you understand?”

Sam leaned back against the Impala. Nodding his head and wiping the tears away. “Yeah, I think, maybe I finally do.”

Dean smiled and leaned back against the car to bump Sam’s shoulder. “Bitch.”


They stayed like that side by side watching the view, until Sam straightened up and headed into the woods behind them.

Dean smirked. “You still have a bladder like a girl”

Sam flipped him off as he headed toward some privacy.

Yep , Dean thought. Sam was going to be okay. And then Dean was gone.

Whenever Sam Beckett leapt into a new body, it always took him a few moments to get reoriented. The good ones had him leaping into isolation so he had a chance to reason out what was going on before someone needed him, but the bad ones had him on stage in a dress before he could actually figure out that he was supposed to be a girl.

This was a good leap.

He began with an inventory of his new body. He was wearing a t-shirt, jeans, boots and a cool leather jacket. He reached up to run his hand through his hair. Short, almost military. He was going with guy. What a relief. He really preferred the guy leaps. He felt for a wallet and came up empty. Okay, Al would be here soon with details. A name could wait.

He looked up to take inventory of his surroundings and saw the Grand Canyon laid out before him. Whoa. Nice. Not wasting any time, because he never knew who was gonna start shouting for him, Sam turned around to see another spectacular view. A gleaming, black muscle car. He circled the car trailing his hand along the fender. He had already found the Chevy’s keys in his pocket during the wallet search. So, his car. He was liking this leap already.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take care of her.”

Sam Beckett looked up to see a gigantic man standing in front of him with shaggy hair falling into his eyes. “Uh, you better or else.” It seemed to be the right response because it brought a small smile to the big man’s face. Yet, at the same time, he looked so sad like he’d been crying.

“Yea, Dean, I know, or else you’ll haunt my ass.” Sam could tell the guy was trying to be jovial and failing. “Look, it’s possibly your last night, we do what ever you want. Just name it.”

So, his name was Dean. Suddenly, Sam’s eye went wide as the rest of what Shaggy said registered. A mention of his last night, a joke about being a ghost plus the guy looked so sad. It had to be that he was dying. ’Oh boy’

A/N: As you all can see Quantum Leap is the third ‘verse. Juggling two Sam’s will not be fun but I’m saving that for the next chapter.
Chapter Title: “In the End” by Linkin Park
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