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The Burdon of Anger

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Summary: Kate meets Brennan. Kate meets Shalimar. The anger caused by the death of Kate's father is finally lifted.

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Television > Mutant XMixerFR1512,7040072625 Jun 0725 Jun 07Yes
Disclaimer : I own nothing.


“Brennan Mulwray. Hands up and step away from the vehicle,” A powerful, but distinctly feminine voice called out.

“I’m Detective Kate Lockley with the police, now put your hands up, turn around, and step away from the vehicle. This is your last warning.” She called out again, and finally the six foot three, dark haired twenty something year old guy stepped away from the typically red Ferrari and turned to face her, his hands slowly rising until they were level with his chest.

“Easy there,” he said in a deep, but unconcerned tone, his dark brown eyes meeting hers as he spoke.

Kate become uncomfortable aware that he was at least half a foot taller then her with considerably more body mass, but then that was why she had the gun pointed at his chest. Guns were great equalizers, as long as the bad guys weren’t packing some kind of supernatural powers of their own.

Despite what could be her considered her screwed up career in LA, Kate had managed to transfer to a precinct in Washington, and lucky her, first day of her new job and she had just stumbled across a wanted felon.

There were at least a dozen current warrants out for Brennan Mulwray for a wide variety of crimes, and she was sure he had probably even committed some of them. But from her time in Los Angeles she had seen what it looked like when someone was wanted but their actual crimes couldn’t be listed because they were…less then normal.

“Turn around, hands behind your back. You are under arrest,” Kate declared confidently, he just looked at her with regret, and maybe just a touch of boredom.

He was so use to a gun being pointed at him that he was actually bored?

Brennan complied with her order, but as she attempted to cuff him she faintly heard him mutter “Sorry,” as she saw a spark of almost liquid blue electricity jump between his hands, in an instant the charge built until it engulfed the metal of the cuffs and traveled through to her.

She screamed as the shock surged through her, every nerve in her body burning as she convulsed and collapsed. The bastard didn’t even turn to look back at her, just started walking towards the car. That was what really pissed her off; with a grunt she twisted her body across the ground and swept his legs out from under him.

Kate caught him off guard and he hit the ground like a sack of bricks, though he recovered surprisingly quickly, but straining her cramped muscles Kate drew her asp and in one smooth motion flicked it out and across the back of his skull.

And he was out for the count as she rolled to her feet. Ignoring the whole electrical thing she was pretty sure he would have won a physical fight, she doubted he would have given her time to retrieve her gun from where ever it had fallen.

Unlike him, she did check to see if he was all right, and yes his pulse was still strong. He’d have a headache when he woke up, but somehow she didn’t really feel too upset about that.

“You shouldn’t have done that.”

Kate swiveled to her feet in a dizzying motion as she came face to face with a woman not much older then herself, beautiful wavy blonde hair cascading across her face and draping itself along the shoulders of an expensive full body leather coat.

“Shalimar Fox, right?” Kate queried, vaguely recognizing the woman from the same file she had read about Brennan in

“That’s right.” She practically purred, and there was something eerily predatory in the way she moved, as if the muscles were rolling beneath her skin. A form of liquid control that no human could ever match, Kate had seen one or two demons that could move like that.
Shalimar’s eyes narrowed to vertical black strips as an orangey yellow glow enveloped them, “What the hell are you…?” Kate breathed out as the woman struck.

The distanced between them vanished and Kate was forced to hastily dodge a front kick, and then duck beneath a spinning back kick.

She barely brought her asp up in time to catch the back fist that followed, and even then the shock that reverberated through her arms was painful. Kate was outclassed and it was obvious to both of them, but she persisted stubbornly right up until Shalimar took the asp from her, and in the same motion twisted Kate’s arm behind her back and slammed her into that shiny red Ferrari.

Her arm was bent painfully between their two bodies as Shalimar pressed herself against Kate to provide greater leverage as she immobilized the detective over the hood of car. Kate could feel the pressure of Shalimar’s breasts across her back, and the slight tickling sensation of the other woman’s hair dangling over Kate’s neck. Then there was the steady warmth of the other woman’s breath as she spoke.

“Now who are you?” Shalimar purred in that rich voice of hers, ever so slightly twisting Kate’s arm in the process

“Detective Kate Lockley, now what the hell are you?” She growled out

Shalimar’s hold slackened, as if she was surprised, “You’re not with the GSA?”

Kate took advantage of the other woman’s surprise and flicked her head back, feeling it connect with Shalimar’s face, she could hear that nothing had broken however as she broke free and turned to grab the woman in an attempt to press her against the car…it worked…in a fashion at least.

The detective ended up with Shalimar’s back pressed into the car, and her own body lying across the blondes in an attempt to hold her still as a small line of blood trickled from the edge of her lip.

“Now what are you?!” Kate demanded

Again Shalimar’s pupils constricted and her eyes glowed, but she was cut off before she even had the chance to begin to reply. “Ms Fox is a feral.”

Kate looked back over her shoulder to see a group of men in dark suits, the majority of who were wearing some kind of electrified gloves and what looked like thick rubber soles on their shoes. She felt the tension run through Shalimar then, “If you’re not with them then you’re not one of the bad guys,” Shalimar spoke softly.

Glancing down into Shalimar’s eyes Kate saw honesty, a pleading to be believed and just a hint of fear, and in the next moment she watched the other woman effortlessly free herself from Kate’s hold. She had been toying with the Detective; that was something interesting to keep in mind.

“Detective Lockley, we thank you for your assistance in this matter but your aid is no longer required,” the apparent leader of the suits decreed. When had she helped them? She wondered. Of course, she thought stupidly, she had radioed in seeing Mulwray before she had attempted to apprehend him; the call must have been redirected to the suits.

The suits were beginning to form a semi circle around the two women, cutting Shalimar off from her partner as two others stood over his limp body, everyone seemed to be ignoring Kate then, as if she was too unimportant to bare noticing.

“Ah guys, mind moving so I can get out of here?” Kate asked, still they ignored her.

“If you come quietly Ms Fox it will be unnecessary to inflict any further damage upon Mr. Mulwray.” The suit threatened, and as he did so Kate glanced over to see a gun pointed at the unconscious man, and just to send everything to hell she was pretty sure it was her gun being pointed at him.

Shalimar simply growled in response.

“Take her.” The suit in charge ordered, and the rest charged.

It was graceful, controlled and utterly devastating carnage as Shalimar unleashed hell on the men, they were outmatched and being tossed around like dolls. With all attention focused on the battle Kate managed to slip out of the line of fire and retrieve her asp, casually making her way towards her own car.

Though apparently the suits had rescinded their offer for her to go, one of the men standing over Brennan made a grab for her. And as he did so she cracked him across the arm with the asp, following the blow down with a strike to his kneecap and swiveling to shove the butt of it into his face. His nose broke in a gush of blood as he screamed. The second guy came at her with his electrified glove and she made a mistake that she was going to be screaming at herself about later.

She tried to block with the asp, metal meets electricity. Electricity wins. It jumped through the metal weapon and charged through her flesh, searing and burning as it went, the pain was intense and Kate felt herself succumbing to darkness as her vision vanished in a swirl of black dots and her legs failed her…

Sometime Later

Kate woke to a haze of bright white lights, for the briefest instant she thought she was dead until she realized that the dull throbbing headache in her skull probably wouldn’t have been bothering her if she was dead.

Groaning slightly she let her eyes slowly flicker open to see the sterile white walls and ceiling of some kind of lab, and from the feel of it she was lying on some kind of partially erect examining table…and she was cold.

Glancing down she realized the reason for that was the fact she was only wearing two strips of white cloth. “What the hell?” She muttered, rapidly sitting up, only to have that throbbing headache turn into a lancing pain coupled with disorientation.

“Easy there,” she heard a soft feminine voice murmur as a warm hand rested across her stomach. She didn’t react gracefully; she tried to lash out with a kick that sent her toppling off the table and onto the ground. Fortunately on the opposite side of the table to the woman, a woman who she was now recognizing as Shalimar.

“Hey calm down.” Shalimar exclaimed,

“Where the hell am I?” Kate demanded to know

“This is Sanctuary,” Shalimar replied smoothly, her arms up in a pacifying gesture, “After the GSA Agent shocked y-“

“Who?” Kate interrupted

“The Genetic Security Agency.” Shalimar explained, “After he shocked you, I brought you back here, to Sanctuary where you would be safe.”

“Safe?” Kate said incredulously, “I thought I was pretty safe before you and the electro freak attacked me, oh and lets not forget the suits, or the GSA or whatever you call them.” She ranted

There was the slightest flinch in Shalimar when Kate said freak, and the detective felt a twinge of her own at how the remark had cut the other woman.

“Not exactly grateful is she?” A masculine and somewhat familiar voice cut in. Kate half turned to see Brennan standing at the door to the room.

“Grateful?” Kate practically yelled, “What the hell should I be grateful for?” she demanded

“If we had left you there, the GSA would have taken you back with them” Shalimar explained

“And the GSA don’t do things the nice way,” Brennan added, “For helping us they would probably have tortured you for any useful information and then put you in stasis.” He said it all so nonchalantly, but Kate felt her heart skip a beat. Stasis?

“Wait, what do you mean helping you? I didn’t help you!”

Brennan just shrugged in response, “You were there, you didn’t leave fast enough…you broke one of their Agents noses. That’s pretty much all it takes.”

Again she felt her heart skip a beat…vampires were so much more fun then clandestine government agencies.

“Why- why were they after you?” She hesitantly asked, she wasn’t really sure she wanted an answer.

“They wanted us because we are the Children of Genomex,” Shalimar explained, “Because of genetic manipulation Genomex did back in the sixties and seventies certain people have developed…abilities.”

“Like throwing electricity?” Kate glanced at Brennan as she said it, he just smiled in return and vibrant blue sparks appeared between his fingers

“Exactly,” he said smugly

“And all kinds of other abilities,” Shalimar added, “Like walking through walls, or animal like powers, heightened speed and strength, manipulating elements.”

“I get the idea,” Kate responded, nervously looking between the two of them.

“Brennan, give us a minute,” Shalimar suggested, and to Kate’s surprise he did just that. Turned and walked out the white opaque door, leaving the two of them. Unfortunately her shock meant that she didn’t notice Shalimar move, so when she cleared her throat ever so slightly Kate turned rapidly and proceeded to loose her footing and begin her descent to the floor.

…Only she never reached it, Shalimar swiveled towards the ground in time with Kate’s own falling body, slipping her arms beneath the detective and gracefully lowering both of them to the ground.

She ended up being held in Shalimar’s lap, with the other woman’s hair dangling over her face as she gazed up into the blonde’s eyes. It was eerie for the detective, but she felt at peace looking up into those eyes. She felt safe, free.

“Thank you,” Kate murmured, Shalimar’s arms still firmly around her, one hand gently touching Kate’s face. And before she was aware it was happening Shalimar was leaning down, her soft, warm lips pressing into Kate’s own. It was bliss as the world melted away, demons, and vampires and the death of her father all vanished as she let herself be drawn into the warmth, the desire that she could feel coursing through the other woman.

But nothing so sweet could last, in moments the reality of the situation struck Kate and she recoiled violently. Jerking away from Shalimar’s embrace and shakily backing away from her. She was not a lesbian. She was not bisexual! She liked guys…And she was still only wearing two flimsy pieces of fabric which were making her painfully aware of just how much she had been enjoying that kiss…

“What the hell have you done to me?!” Kate demanded, putting the table between the two of them. She expected the other woman to look satisfied, maybe even happy, but she looked as bewildered as Kate did.

“I-I don’t know,” Shalimar stuttered, “I didn’t do anything,” she protested and a part of Kate believed that, but that part was very small when measured against her angst and confusion. She found a sort of refuge as she buried herself in the pain from the loss of her father, conjuring it around herself like a security blanket. Because with that pain came anger, and anger she could work with.

Anger would let her think, react. Anger could protect her from what she was really thinking.

“No it can’t,” A new voice called out, and Kate jerked around wildly looking for the new person, but she found nothing.

“Anger isn’t the answer, it doesn’t free you, it possesses you, cripples you,” she realized the voice was echoing inside of her mind, and somewhere inside she felt the words resonating, and a name, a name was whispering through her as well…Emma…

“And now, I release you from it.” The voice echoed once more

As easily said as it was done, with the words came a wave of, of freedom, freedom was the only way to describe it. As if her anger had been a raging flame devouring her, but now it was being washed away by an ocean of something else, of life, of love, warmth, acceptance, freedom. Whatever it was she finally felt…free…no longer holding onto that agony, no longer letting it drive her. Kate didn’t even realize that Shalimar’s arms were around her, didn’t realize that their lips had come together once again. She couldn’t even being to think in the face of such blessed relief, as intoxicating in its own way as the safety of her anger had been.

She was free…


The End

The End

You have reached the end of "The Burdon of Anger". This story is complete.

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