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Irresistible Force, Meet Immovable Object

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Summary: An interrogation begins. You might want to sell tickets.

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Television > Surprise CrossoversMediancatFR1327740266,96325 Jun 077 Sep 07Yes

Irresistible Force, Meet Immovable Object

The crossover show was created by James Duff, the Buffy character by Joss Whedon.


She sat in the interrogation room, waiting for whatever detective was going to ask her questions.

It was ridiculous, really. A junior slayer, Lisa Perez, showed up at one of their training academies with what looked like all the paperwork in order; a call to the young woman's parents supposedly confirmed this.

The people on the other end had not been the slayer's parents.

Who were very upset when they found out their 15-year old daughter had run away to Baltimore, MD, all the way from Los Angeles.

Who were even more upset when said daughter was in the hospital with a broken hand when they showed up to collect her. (Rookie mistake; Lisa had tried to punch a Petrallo demon, which had stone-like skin.)

Even with the paperwork partly mollifying them, the LA Police insisted that someone come back to answer questions. She'd been elected, and had sternly lectured Lisa all the way back.

The situation had turned from ridiculous to tragic when, hours after they landed in LA, Lisa's parents had been killed and Lisa had vanished. That left the police with no one to interrogate but her, and while she could have vanished, she was confident in her ability to bluff her way past anyone.

The door opened. An unimposing woman, blonde, early '40s, came in and sat down. "Ms. Rosenberg?" she said. "Thanks for coming in. I hope we can get this cleared up soon. I'm Deputy Chief Brenda Lee Johnson."


Edited to add: Apparently there are those of you out there who are unfamiliar with the crossover. If so, I'm sorry, because you're missing out on one of the best shows on television, possibly the best now that Veronica Mars has been cancelled:

The Closer.

Hope this clears things up.
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