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---Are the Ori

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Summary: What are the Ori besides 'hallowed?'

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Chapter One



DISCLAIMER:  I don’t own Stargate: SG1 or any of the characters, and I earn no profit in writing this. 


AUTHOR’S NOTE:  This was a completely random idea, and there’s no real point to it. If anyone has suggestions for continuing it or just want to tell me this was a stupid idea, feel free.  Read and review.



“Hallowed are the Ori!” the Prior intoned and the villagers answered in kind.  The members of SG6 knelt with the villagers, playing their part dutifully until the Prior left.  As soon as they were able, they dialed the gate and returned to Earth.


“I’ll say one thing for the Priors,” the newest member of SG6 commented as they arrived back home,  “they put on a good show.  Puts the bible thumpers back home to shame, way they carry on.”


“It does seem to be one of their defining characteristics,” Teal’c, along with the rest of SG1 were waiting to head out.


“No kidding,” Sam agreed.  “Histrionic are the Ori.”



“Ten worlds in under a month?” Landry slapped the folder down.  “This can’t go on.  I need a solid plan for defeating or at least slowing them down.”


“We’re working on it sir,” Carter answered.  “There is some… well not good news, but a possibility.”


“Let’s hear it.”


“Three of the worlds, according to our intel, were still under Goa’uld control.  Ba’al’s territory.  He’s gotta be pretty pissed.”


“Are you suggesting he might be an ally?”


“Not really, sir,” Daniel answered.  “We could never trust him.  However, I don’t think he’s going to sit idly by.  If we increase our efforts to gather intel on Ba’al’s activities, we might be able to take advantage of whatever he does.  At the rate they’re gobbling up what little he has left, he’s bound to do something.  His few remaining holdings will probably be targeted soon.”


“He’s right, sir,” Mitchell agreed.  “Hoggish are the Ori.”



“Well that worked out better than I expected,” Mitchell noted.  “Ba’al may not have done much damage, but he slowed them down.”


“And the counter attack killed how many of his clones?” Daniel asked.


“I counted six,” Cam replied leaning back in the conference room chair.  “Helpful are the Ori.”  Landry shot SG1’s leader a look, but didn’t comment.



“Ba’al pulled a good trick,” Landry said to the IOA representative.  “We’ve been able to follow up on what he did.  The same trick won’t work twice, but there are endless variations.”


Wolsey allowed a slight smile.  “So the reports indicate.  Harried are the Ori.”


Landry repressed the desire to scowl.  That was getting old.



“Good read?” Daniel asked, sitting down across from general Landry.


“Book of Origin,” Landry grunted.  He finished the passage he was on and looked up.  “A lot of this is disturbingly familiar.”


“Well many religions do express similar ideas,” Jackson allowed.  “The same moral lessons are common in many human religions and they can be expressed in only so many ways.”


“Just a little disturbing to find what sound almost like bible passages in a book used to justify the horrors the Ori are responsible for.”


“Perhaps, but what they use those words to justify doesn’t sully the words themselves.  Besides, the ideas expressed aren’t exactly original.  The Ori aren’t the ony ones to put them forth.  They weren’t even the first.”


“Very true,” Mitchell said taking a seat at the commissary table next to the general.


“Indeed,” Teal’c agreed, sitting down opposite him.  “Hackneyed are the Ori.” 


He raised a hand and Mitchell met him in a high-five, much to Landry’s irritation.



We’ve managed to disrupt their shipbuilding schedule, but it’s getting harder to stay one step ahead of them.”


“Cam’s right, sir,” Sam agreed.  “Sooner rather than later, they’re going to anticipate one of our raids and figure out our tricks.  We need to do something big, and soon.  Right now, hobbled are the Ori, but it won’t last.”


“Smooth, colonel Carter,” Landry grunted, “but could we lay off the Ori jokes?”



This is getting ridiculous, Landry thought.  He wasn’t even sure why he found it annoying.  Some of the variations had been really funny, but it was becoming a running gag.


“-homoousian are the Ori,” he heard one of the gate techs comment to another as he passed by.  Landry paused for only a second. Homo-what?  He resumed the walk to his office after that second, deciding that he really didn’t want to know.
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