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Shiny and New

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Summary: Procrastination and meeting new people always leads to fun times. A series of drabbles.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Friendship(Moderator)AvaFR1333,66525611,71526 Jun 0725 Jun 09Yes

First Day Jitters

Title: First Day Jitters
Word Count: 100

She glanced down, frowned at her liquorice colored polish and wondered if she should have taken it off. With a shrug and mental straightening of her spine Buffy lifted her chin, focused on the large metal doors before her and ignored the airmen behind as the elevator slipped further into the Earth.

Her first day, her first introductions to her new boss and new team of Scoobies—she cringed—maybe Scoobies wasn’t the proper terminology for SG-2. The elevator slowed and groaned to a stop before the doors opened and she offered her black nail polished hand to Woolsey.


Title: Requested, Recommended and Backed
Word Count: 200

Blue eyes crinkled and a lined mouth quirked as General Landry leaned into his high back chair and glanced from the SGC’s IOA representative to the newest member of his facility.

“So let me see if I understand correctly.” The blonde cocked her head, offered him a lifting of her own lips and waited for Landry to continue. “Agent Finn requested you,” a nod, “Agent Miller gave a glowing recommendation,” another nod, “And you have the full backing of the President.” Her brows shot up and she glanced to Woolsey, who took a page from the little blonde’s book and simply nodded. “Well, I suppose the tour should begin then.”

Specialist Summers rose and offered him her hand. Landry pushed himself to his feet and took her much smaller one within his and once again marveled at the firmness of her shake. “I look forward to working with you, sir.”

“Sir?” Her hand stiffened within Landry’s and she turned her head to glance behind her, toward the opened door. The General looked up to see Agent Finn standing ramrod straight and nodding to him but a smirk lifted the scarred side of his face, “Since when do you say sir?”

Title: Amazing
Word Count: 200

Her neck craned as she looked up at the three-tiered ring and her gaze traced over the different glyphs as she made her way carefully up the grated walkway in her heels.

“Amazing isn’t it?”

She turned with the clang of metal and watched Daniel make his way toward her. She ignored Riley and Woolsey’s surprised faces and instead focused on her neighbor’s pleasant smile. “And you’re the one that figured out how to use it.”

His smile stretched as he joined her on the top platform. “With the help of others’ research.”

Her brows rose as he brushed off his accomplishment and a warm hand rose to cup her elbow as he pulled her back a step so that she could look up at the Stargate without straining. “You’ve been here nearly ten years now?”

Daniel nodded and glanced down at her, “How about coffee in my lab and then I give the grand tour.”

“I’d like that,” green eyes shifted toward Woolsey and Riley, “but I have two guides already.”

Daniel’s smile widened, “I’ll take care of that.” He released her arm and made his way confidently down the walkway, her head dipped to watch his steady progress.

Title: Godsend to Coffee
Word Count: 100

After Daniel worked his magic, Buffy found herself led up a few floors and down a hallway into a laboratory filled with artifacts that would have made Giles’ mouth water. She smiled into the mug Daniel handed her and glanced over the steaming rim as she took the first sip.

His brows rose with the content sound that slipped past her lips, “Satisfactory?”

“Please, you are very aware of the fact that you’re a Godsend to coffee, no fishing.”

Her words forced Buffy to notice that the corners of his eyes gathered in the most attractive way when he laughed.

Title: Would the Real Shaft Please Stand Up?
Word Count: 200

Her lips dipped as she felt Daniel’s hand settle on her lower back, blocking her ability to escape as her steps slowed and she glanced up at him, “Are you sure?”

A brow arched in her general direction and she was more than positive he was suppressing the urge to laugh. “Yes. It would be better for Mitchell and Vala to be told by you rather than finding out through the base’s rumor mill.”

She turned toward the large opening in the wall and the sound of a basketball being pounded against concrete. Her brows pulled together, “What about Sam or Murray—”



Daniel had the grace to look embarrassed, “His name is Teal’c.”

“How do you get Murray from Teal’c? Why not Tim? Or Shaft? That’s about as inconspicuous as Murray.”

“Stop stalling.” Daniel directed her back toward the door and a possible confrontation where she wasn’t allowed to use her fists—she hated those. Buffy made it to the entrance before Daniel casually added. “Besides, Mitchell’s Shaft.”

The revelation startled her into surprised laughter, which brought with it the attention of ‘Shaft’, and she winced as Vala tossed the basketball into the side of his head.

Title: Better than Expected
Word Count: 100

The first of the pair to react was Vala as she launched herself at the petite blonde, nearly bringing them both to the court floor as she hugged her. Buffy returned the enthusiastic, if somewhat painful embrace with a sigh of relief before pulling back and looking toward Mitchell. His brows were pulled together tight and his lips slightly parted in what Sam affectionately referred to as Cam’s thinking face.


“In the flesh.”

“What the hell are you doing here?”

“Watching you get your ass handed to you by Vala?”

All and all, it went better than expected.

The End.
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