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Shiny and New

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Summary: Procrastination and meeting new people always leads to fun times. A series of drabbles.

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Stargate > Buffy-Centered > Theme: Friendship(Moderator)AvaFR1333,66525611,71226 Jun 0725 Jun 09Yes

Shiny and New

Series Title: Shiny and New
Rating: FR13 (for language)
Challenge:Fun in the Sun from TtHDrabbles
Disclaimer: Stargate SG-1 and all related characters are copyright Brad Wright, Jonathan Glassner, Showtime and the SciFi Network. No infringement intended. Buffy the Vampire Slayer and all related characters are copyright Joss Whedon and ME. No infringement intended.

Synopsis: Procrastination and meeting new people always leads to fun times.

Title: First Impressions
Word Count: 200

His shoulder pushed against the driver’s side door and spilled him into the late morning sunshine. Blue eyes squinted against the glare as he pulled his tired body free and slammed the door with his hip. He leaned there a moment and lifted a hand to rub at the kinks in his neck. Stretching to the left forced him to catch sight of a nicely shaped feminine form, bent over and digging in the flowerbed next door.

He turned back to the street, brows slanting down behind his glasses to look for the ‘For Sale’ sign that had been in his neighbor’s yard since Osiris had attempted to manipulate him. It now lay empty and he cocked his head, wondering when that had happened. He shifted back to see the woman had risen and was pushing the backs of her gloved hands into her lower back as she stretched, revealing the strings of her bikini top.

She turned toward him and he realized belatedly that he was staring and lifted his gaze to meet hers as she offered him a hesitant smile that he returned instantly. She started forward, tugging off her gloves to greet him.

“Hi, I’m Buffy.”


Title: Happy Realizations
Word Count: 200

She managed to walk away from her new and rather attractive neighbor without adding a sway to her hips—though it was tempting to do so. Daniel was blue-eyed, intelligent and had a smile that tightened things low in her stomach. He also seemed to be completely oblivious to the fact that he was a chocolate chip muffin with extra crunchies on top.

Buffy smiled as she knelt and tugged her gloves from the back pocket of her shorts. Pulling them on she glanced around her front yard. The porch needed a good scrub down and she was currently working her way through the overgrown weed-bed that had once housed flowers but it was hers. She had picked it out, she had signed on the dotted line and coerced her friends into helping her move.

A few months into her twenty-seventh year of life and she owned her first home, had a new job she was starting in a month and a gorgeous new next door neighbor. Buffy put the handheld rake to soil and began to tug at the weeds’ roots with tireless precision. Her smile widened with the fact that her life was well and truly looking up.

Title: Spare Time
Word Count: 200

Daniel glanced over at Buffy’s dimly lit home as he pulled himself from his car. She was seated on the porch steps with her arms wrapped around her knees and staring off into the coming night. She turned to him, gave a small wave and Daniel found himself switching directions and making his way across her lawn.

She tilted her head back to smile up at him, “Hey there, neighbor.” The corners of his eyes crinkled and she watched the smile work its way down to his lips as she lifted her drink and offered, “Mojito?” He hesitated and she added in a pleading tone, “Come on. Join me. Help me feel like less of a lush.”

He shifted his recent Blockbuster rentals to his left hand and offered her the other. “I have some spare time.”

She beamed up at him and allowed Daniel to pull her to her feet. Firmly in the mindset that if he tried anything stupid she’d hurt him, Buffy spun and moved toward the front door. His gaze dipped to his watch and he noted absently there was two hours till his team showed up at his place for movie night—plenty of time.

Title: And the Team Makes Six
Word Count: 200

Nearly two hours later the sun had set and Buffy had learned that her neighbor was a cheap date. It was a good he didn’t work tomorrow but she probably should have warned him that Mojito’s packed a sneaky punch—well at least the way she made them they did and Buffy was pretty sure he’d just giggled. She sent Daniel a sideways glance before leaning back into the overstuffed cushions of her couch.

His cheeks were slightly flushed and she lifted her glass to take a sip and cover her smile as a steady chirping came from his pants. Daniel frowned and slowly dragged his attention away from the Discovery channel and the Seven Wonders of the World. Buffy was still trying to figure out why he found that so humorous as he answered his cell with a cheerful, “Mitchell!”

Her brows rose as she focused back on the television and an add for turtle wax, trying to ignore the conversation going on beside her. The casual exchange paused and Daniel turned to her, apologetic, “Movie night, I forgot—”

She hesitated a moment before interrupting, “So invite them here.”

“I’m sorry?”

“Daniel, I know exactly one person in Colorado Springs.”

He nodded, she smiled.

Title: Daniel’s First
Word Count: 100

“What did you call these?”

Buffy glanced up from the rack and turned to Vala with a raised brow at the four inch black peep toes with white stitching. She twisted the shoe every which way as Buffy laughed, “Fuck me pumps.”

Sam caught her eye and grinned as Vala’s widened. “Are they me?”

The blonde nodded, her ponytail bobbing. “Oh yeah.”

The Lt. Colonel laughed, “Definitely.”

She grinned and snatched the box off the shelf and linked arms with Buffy. Cheerfully happy that she had made a friend off base—it really didn’t matter that she was Daniel’s first.

Title: Touch Football
Word Count: 200

The trunk groaned as she pushed it open and bent to grab the first few bags of groceries. Tan hands snaked in beside hers and snatched two cases of Diet Coke. Buffy straightened, met Cam’s blue-eyed stare and wondered what she had done right to be surrounded with such magnificent eye candy.


He grinned and winked. “Summers, thought you might need a little help.”

She inclined her head. “Sure,” and started toward the garage.

Cam spun and followed her. “I have an ulterior motive though.”

Buffy balanced the bags on one arm as she wrestled with the keys and the back door before asking, “And that would be?”

“Touch football.”

She laughed and turned her head, “What?” Cam caught an orange as it slipped from one of the bags. “Thanks.” Buffy finally managed to open the door and he stepped in ahead of her, catching it on the back swing and holding it for her.

“Touch football. We’re uneven.”

She arched a brow, “Can I be a captain?” Cam grinned, she laughed. “Finish helping me with the groceries and then give me twenty to change.”

“Only twenty?”

“It’s football, not a date and the soda goes in the pantry.”

Title: Shirts vs Skins
Word Count: 200

Daniel stood behind Cam, firmly in his ‘wingman’ capacity and Vala whispered something about picking muscles for their team but Buffy shook her head. Caught the Colonel’s gaze and winked, “Sam.”

The other woman grinned and took her spot behind Buffy as Cam turned to her with a shake of his head. “Why didn’t you just say boys vs girls?”

She shrugged, watched Murray incline his head to her and grinned, “This way we can play shirts against skins.” Cam’s lips stretched wide and she quickly stated. “You’re skins.”

“You just want to see us topless.”

Buffy felt Vala wrap well-defined arms around her waist and settle her chin against her shoulder. Their pigtails blended together nicely as the other woman grinned. “I know I do.”

She lightly tapped Vala’s hand and stepped forward as Cam clapped his hands together and called, “Ball.”

She arched a brow and shifted back before bringing her arm forward in a smooth arch and twisted her wrist at the last moment. The ball spiraled toward Cam, knocking him center mass and pushing a startled “Oomph,” from him.

Vala and Sam turned, shared a look before grinning and moving toward their captain to talk strategy.

Title: Unforeseen Developments
Word Count: 200

The ice in her glass clinked as she set it down and reached for the file lying on the small table beside her. She shifted in the beach chair and adjust the strap of her bikini before opening the manila folder with the details for the new assignment Giles had arranged with the US of A that allowed Buffy to be closer to Dawn as she finished her doctorate.

Tomorrow was her big, first day and she really should have read the file sooner but she had been settling in. Procrastination? Who her? She smiled and opened the file, eyes scanning the first few pages before her brows arched and she sat forward in the chair as she recognized two of the six names on her contact list.

“Well crap.”

The sun had set and Buffy stretched her legs out in front of her, crossed her ankles and leaned back against Daniel’s door. She absently knocked the back of her head into it and continued to count the stars before headlights blinded her as Daniel pulled into his driveway. She waited for him to exit the car before rising and he sent her a confused look.

“We need to talk.”

The End.

Note: These were written for the always loveable and helpful Meri. Thank you for being my sounding board more than once sweets! Happy Birthday!!!
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