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Pull back the curtain

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Summary: Sam Seaborn learns the truth about the supernatural.

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Television > West Wing > GeneralScrollFR71228011,64026 Jun 0726 Jun 07Yes
Title: Pull back the curtain
Author: Scroll
Fandoms: The West Wing/Buffy the Vampire Slayer
Words: 167
Disclaimer: Emphatically not mine.

When Sam finally receives clearance for the Freaky Files (as Toby likes to call them), the president brings Sam down to the sit room for a chat. Toby comes along because he knows Sam, he knows that Sam will need a steady hand to reassure him that, yes, the world will continue to revolve around the sun even though demons and spirits and magic are real, not merely fairy tales or the stuff of horror flicks.

They'd existed long before humans began walking upright, and they existed still: wild and deadly in forgotten crevasses of their heartland, masterful and calculating in the shining glass and steel towers of their greatest cities. They would likely exist long after humans bombed themselves into oblivion.

"She's so little," says Sam, shell-shocked and subdued. He fans out the surveillance photos of a small group of college students, a construction worker, a librarian turned shopkeeper. "She doesn't look like a killer."

"Not a killer, Sam," says Toby, and it's not just semantics.

* * *

Author's Note: Considering how short this is, I feel a bit silly explaining what I was trying to do. But in case anybody wonders, I'm hinting at both Supernatural (wild and deadly in forgotten crevasses of their heartland) and Angel (masterful and calculating in the shining glass and steel towers of their greatest cities).

Also, "pull back the curtain" is the phrase Missouri Mosely uses to describe how she initiated John Winchester into the world of the supernatural. It's also the English translation of tirer la couture, the spell Buffy uses in "No Place Like Home" to see Dawn's true nature.

So, this is really a crossover involving four different shows!

The End

You have reached the end of "Pull back the curtain". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking