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Yesterdays Future

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Summary: Twins from the future travel to the past to save their dad and stop their father from becoming the greatest evil the world has ever seen.

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Supernatural > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Sam WinchestershdwslayerFR1335,287085,12927 Jun 0725 Jul 07No

Chapter 2

a/n: So I had a little more inspiration and this is what I got. Hope you enjoy.

italics = thoughts


Dean watched his brother pace the small apartment from where he sat on the couch. He didn't know what to do anymore. Xander couldn't be found. They were fast running out of options.

"Xander's been missing for over a month!" Sam exclaimed as he walked the length of the living room and back. "What the hell are we supposed to do Dean?"

"Can you stop pacing, you're making me dizzy Sammy." Dean said as his eyes followed his brothers path. "We just have to keep looking."

"What?!" Sam asked, stopping in the center of the room and looking at his brother like he was insane. "None of Willows spells have worked. Giles, the Council and the slayers have searched. Angel and his crew can't find him. God knows we've searched. I just... I don't know what to do anymore." He finished brokenly.

"Sam I..." Dean swallowed his words as a pillar of flame appeared out of nowhere, engulfing Sam. "Sam!"

Dean got up and rushed to his brother. But the fire was gone and so was Sam.

"Dammit!" Dean growled, looking around frantically. "Sam!"


"Master." A demon said as he entered the chamber holding a man with blonde hair. "We have him."

"Bring him to me." Xander said, looking at the man with deadly black eyes.

"Kneel witch." The demon growled when the man lifted his chin defiantly to Xander.

The witch dropped to his knees as the demon struck the back of his legs. He looked up at Xander, taking everything in. Long pitch black hair, glittering midnight eyes and tanned skin all covered in a long black robe. As Xander stood and made his way down the steps the man realized he had been sitting on a throne of bones.

"What d-do you want with me?" He asked, voice shaking despite his resolve to be strong.

"Did I tell you to speak?" Xander hissed, as he struck at the mans face with the back of his hand.

The mans head snapped to the side and he whimpered. Turning pleading eyes back to Xander he shook his head frantically.

"So..." Xander said menacingly, as he traced a finger over the mans face. Chuckling to himself as the man held himself rigid, trying not to flinch from his cold touch. "You're the witch that's been disturbing my raids and killing my men?"

When the man didn't answer Xander drew a dagger from his robe, the athame that the First had given him, and held it to the mans throat.

"Answer me witch!" Xander growled, pressing the blade into the mans skin.

"T-they weren't men!" He spat, craning his neck away from the blade as a trickle of blood ran down his skin.

Xander pressed down and flicked his wrist, slitting the mans throat. He fell to the ground choking on his own blood.

"Take it away and..." Xander grunted, clutching his stomach in pain. No. Not now! He thought desperately, looking around at the room full of demons. I can't show any weakness.

"Master?" A demon asked, stepping towards him warily.

"I'm... ah..." Xander grunted again. Nonono. "Leave me!" He finished urgently.

"But Master..."

"I said LEAVE ME!" Xander yelled, flames dancing across his eyes.

The demons scrambled out of the chamber, leaving Xander and the dead witch.

Xander was walking back to his throne when he was hit with another contraction. He took deep slow breaths until the pain passed, then headed forward again.

"Aah!" He screamed, as he reached the steps, his abdomen spasming painfully as another contraction seized him. "I can't do this." He whispered to himself, eyes fading back to their normal chocolate brown.

He lay there for what felt like an eternity, sweating and in pain.

"Aah!" He screamed hoarsely, his entire being focused on the pain in his belly. "Sam... I need you." He whispered brokenly.

A column of fire appeared in the room. The flames dissipated, leaving a bewildered Sam in its wake.

Sam looked around confused. Where the hell am I? One minute he was in the living room arguing with Dean and the next he was here.

Here was a dome shaped cavern, some where underground. Bare except an elevated seat in the center of the room. Sam saw a blonde man on the floor, his throat slit, blood pooling around his body.

What the hell is going on? He asked himself worriedly, approaching the body cautiously.


He whipped his head around, searching the room for where the sound had come from. He made out a dark shape lying at the foot of the steps. Warily making his way over he could make out someone whimpering and breathing harshly.

"Hello?" Sam called out. "Hey, are you okay?"

Xander's head snapped up in shock at hearing Sam's voice. "S-sam..." He said weakly.

"Xander!" Sam yelled running to him. Kneeling down he cradled Xander's head in his lap, running his hands over his face. "What's wrong? Where have you been? We've been so worried. What is this place? Who's that man?"

"Sam... stop." Xander said weakly, reaching a hand up to grasp Sam's forearm. "It's time" He said, squeezing gently.

"It's time? Time for what?" Sam asked, confused, looking down into Xander's pain filled eyes. His face covered with a sheen of sweat. "Oh!" He exclaimed in shock. "It's time. Oh god, its time. What do I do? What do you do?"

"Sam, stop!" Xander demanded sternly. "There's a... aah...there's... a spell..." He grunted out in pain.

He starts to whisper a spell, his voice growing louder with every heartbeat. Sam gasps as black smoke appears out of nowhere, enveloping Xander, obscuring his body from view. Xander's voice reaches a peak, then the smoke dissipates, revealing Xander and two newborn babies in his arms.

"Oh..." Sam says, speechless, staring at his newborn children. We have twins. He thought excitedly. He had Xander back. And now he had children. Twins. He smiled goofily down at them.

"Yeah." Xander replies with a little smile on his face.

They sit like that for a while. Sam holding onto Xander and Xander cradling their children in his arms.

"Hey there." Sam says softly, smiling, as one of the infants captured his finger in a tiny fist, pulling it towards his mouth. "I'm your dad."

"Master I..." A demon interrupts the tender scene, entering the room. He stared appalled at Sam and the two babies. "What..."

"Get out!" Xander yells as his smile fades, his brown eyes bleeding to black.

"But M..." The demon never got a chance to finish as he screamed, his body devoured by flames.

Sam turned a confused look from the ashes on the floor to Xander. "Xan..." He whispered questionably, seeing the flames licking at the corners of Xander's eyes.

"Take them." Xander demanded, getting to his feet and handing the babies to Sam.

Sam looked down with a smile at his precious cargo as he accepted his children. They're so small. He thought in awe.

"What..." Sam went to ask but Xander held up his hand, cutting him off.

"Take them and leave." Xander growled out, turning his face away, flames still licking at his midnight eyes.

"But Xan..." Sam says, heart breaking. He got Xander back just to lose him again. He's not coming back with me.

"LEAVE!" Xander bellowed.

Sam looked around wildly as he and his children were surrounded by fire. No! But the flames don't burn, they wrap tighter around them, like a lovers embrace. A moment later they're gone.

"Goodbye Sam." Xander whispers when the flames disappear, leaving an empty room.


Xander lay in bed, one arm wrapped around Sam, as the morning light trickled through the windows. Thinking about Sam, his soon to be children, the future, he sighs.

"Hey." Sam says as he rolls over to face Xander, voice still rough with sleep.

Xander smiles down at him, placing a chaste kiss on his lips. "Hey yourself."

"What's wrong?" Sam asked, studying Xander's face with a look of concern.

"It nothi..."

"It's not nothing." Sam says, cutting him off. Sitting up, he looks down at Xander. "I know that look and it doesn't usually lead to hugs and puppies. It's the look that says: I'm guilty. I've done something bad and I'll burn for it." Sam sighed, his hand stroking Xander's cheek. "Tell me what's wrong."

Xander sighed closing his eyes, trying to focus on Sam's hand caressing his face. Images sprung forth in his mind unbidden. It took a month for the twins to finally reveal something about the future to them. Him killing people. Giving up his children. They didn't want to tell them too much too soon. Last night they told them how he had given them up to Sam and continued to be evil.

"What if we can't fix this?" Sam flinched at Xander's whispered question. "What if we can't stop it? What if this is who I'm supposed to be?" He finished, voice cracking as he opened his eyes.

"Come on Xan." Sam said, trying to sound reassuring. "You can't think like that. We'll beat this. We'll find a way to fix this. I promise."

"You shouldn't make promises you're not sure you'll be able to keep." Xander said seriously, sitting up and facing Sam. "The First is here. God knows where. Because Willow and I brought Buffy back. The Demon thats after you, he's still out there somewhere too. How are we supposed to stop them?"

"We'll stop this. We'll find a way." Sam stated fiercely, pulling Xander into a hug. "Why don't you see if the kids are awake."

Sam watched Xander as he walked out of the bedroom, shoulders slumped, disappearing around a corner. He didn't know how to comfort him, to let him know that they would pull through this. It felt like Xander was slowly slipping away from him.


I seriously need a beta... anyone wanna volunteer? Please leave a review and let me know what you think.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Yesterdays Future" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 25 Jul 07.

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