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Hyena Pit

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Summary: A call goes out to hyenas. The call is answered.

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Anita Blake > GeneralziliFR135046,54944485320,92927 Jun 0715 Dec 08Yes

Chapter Fifty

A/N: Well this is the end guys. Thank you for all the reviews. Also, a huge thanks to my beta who helped me out half way through. Those earlier chapters, the mistakes are all mine. But anyway here it is the final chapter…


Xander groaned before he opened his eyes. He could feel the cold concrete ground beneath him. Someone’s legs were thrown over his, and someone else was using his back as a pillow. He could hear breathing and what sounded like panting or yipping. Finally he opened his eyes.

“No fucking way.” He and the others were lying on the floor in front of the hyena pit of the Sunnydale zoo. Xander double checked and made sure all of his pack was on the floor beside him. The other four teenagers started to wake up, as well.

“Teleporting through worlds is so not fun.” Rhonda moaned.

“Seriously, they transported us to the hyena pit?” Heidi asked as she stood up.

“They’re not right in the head, what did you expect?” Kyle got to his feet as well.

“At least we’re not in the middle of the ocean.” Heidi shrugged and held out a hand to help up Rhonda.

Kyle pulled Tor off the ground, “Yeah, considering other places, this is actually one of the nicer places.”

“Yeah, so many memories.” Heidi rolled her eyes.

The four leaned over the rail to look down at the hyenas that were all cuddled up together. Then, as one, they turned back to Xander, who was still sitting on the floor. Xander waited a minute, and then he finally stood up. He walked up to the rail and slid in between Heidi and Kyle. He smiled at the hyenas that were looking at him curiously. One of them barked, and Xander’s eyes briefly turned green. He stepped down after a moment and started to walk to the exit of the building. Tor and Heidi were quick to follow, with Rhonda and Kyle only a step behind them. Xander stopped immediately when he stepped outside the door.

“Oh fuck!”

“What?” The four quickly stepped outside and looked around anxiously. But everything looked normal. Well normal for being at a zoo in the middle of the night.

“My car’s in Oxnard.”

“Sweet, party at Heidi’s house.” Kyle said.

“Hey, what did I tell you about having parties at my house?”

“Do it as often as I can.”

“I did not.”

“Sure you did.” Kyle started to walk away into the night. “Right after you told me to borrow your car when you’re gone.”

Heidi chased after him, “You better have not touched my car while I was gone.”

Xander shook his head as he put an arm around Tor’s shoulders and the other around Rhonda’s waist. Then he followed after the arguing pair.

It was good to be home.


The End

You have reached the end of "Hyena Pit". This story is complete.

StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking