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Hyena Pit

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Summary: A call goes out to hyenas. The call is answered.

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Anita Blake > GeneralziliFR135046,54944485320,89427 Jun 0715 Dec 08Yes

Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don’t own the characters of Anita Blake or Buffy the Vampire Slayer. They belong to people who are not me. But one day….

Author Note: Just a little plot bunny that escaped from my head. Oh after third season for Buffy and Narcissus in Chains for Anita


Narcissus glanced at the five chanting witches. ‘This had better work.’ He thought to himself. Then he felt the magic swell and he smiled. The five werehyenas in the room with him flinched as magic filled the room.

The witches screamed the very last word just before they all fell unconscious. White mist filled the room as they fell and after a few moments it dissipated showing five teenagers lying on the floor. They were inside a circle drawn in blood. Three boys, two girls. One of the girls was blonde with chin length hair, the other had short cropped brown hair. The three boys all had brown hair and looked around the same height. They all looked about 18 and were in good shape.

Narcissus licked his lips as stood careful not to wrinkle his dress. This was absolutely perfect though something may have to be done with the girls. Maybe, maybe not. He’d see. But the boys were precious and lovely. He watched as they all started to come to.

The blonde lifted her head first, “What the hell happened? I know I didn’t drink that much.”

“Speak for yourself.” One of the boys said. Then his eyes widened as he looked around at the other people, “Heidi? Rhonda? Kyle? And Xander fucking Harris? What the hell is going on here?”

“Fuck if I know Tor.” Kyle said shaking his head.

“I WAS in Oxnard, where the hell am I now?” Xander stood up as he looked around the room and then sighed, “I blame the hellmouth.”

Rhonda stood up as well, “Why are there five chicks laid out on the floor?”

“The last time the five of us where inside a red circle didn’t end so well.” Heidi said softly.

“I’ve got a question why the fuck is that guy wearing a dress?” Tor asked.

“Why looking for an excuse so you can wear one?” Kyle shot at him. Tor flipped him off.

“Don’t really think you’ve got the legs for it.” Xander added.

“Fuck you Harris.” Tor said.

“Gentlemen please.” Narcissus purred.

“Did he just purr?” Rhonda asked.

Narcissus slowly walked toward them. Almost at the same time the five teenagers started backing up. Kyle and Tor stepped in front of Rhonda and Heidi and Xander ended up in front of the other four. “Is anyone else getting a feeling of like we just made a trip to the zoo?” Xander asked quietly.

“Into a hyena pit.” Kyle nodded.

Heidi eeped as her back hit the wall forcing everyone to stop. Narcissus smiled at her showing teeth. Then he reached out and to stroke Xander’s cheek. Xander smacked his hand away. “Leave him alone.” Rhonda said.

“Make me.” Narcissus laughed and his other hyenas joined in as they surrounded the five teenagers.

“Shit.” Tor breathed.

Then a door slammed open and a petite dark haired woman stopped into the room with a gun. “What the fuck is going on here?!?”

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StoryReviewsStatisticsRelated StoriesTracking