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Heroes And Slayers

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Summary: This started plainly for FFA and turned out bigger. Post Chosen. Faith goes to Las Vegas, saving a boy from a pack of vampires she meets his mother. Femslash

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Television > Heroes > Faith-CenteredRavenMorbiskFR152142,63535321,54228 Jun 0716 Jul 07Yes

Alternate Epilogue

A/N: Alright, I’m too freakin’ sensitive for flames… I have a constant need to please… sort of… So this is my alternate epilogue… it’s not that great either but a little more… fluffy… See yourself what ending you like better…

Alternate Epilogue

I have to die before you tell me you love me. Faith shot up in her bed, breathing heavily and sweating intensely. She inaudibly got out of her bed and changed her soaked shirt, because Micah was sleeping in her bed she was forced to wear something to avoid feeling like a paedophile. She stared in the mirror, trying to calm herself.

“Faith?” A sleepy voice called out. The brunette took a deep breath and turned around.

“I’m here, baby.” She smiled at the blonde in her bed. Even now, six weeks after they attacked Jack Lehane and his demons, the bruises were still visible on Niki’s face and yet she still looked like the most beautiful woman in the world to Faith.

“Come back to bed, I say Christmas isn’t ‘til at least 6a.m. so stay away from your presents.” Faith chuckled at her blonde lover and crawled in the bed next to Micah, who was snuggled up very close to his mother. Niki insisted she slept on the side of the bed where her cast couldn’t hurt anyone in her sleep. She was thankful that in a few days her cast would be coming off.

“Niki?” Faith whispered waiting for the blonde to indicate she was listening “I love you.”

In a few hours it would be Christmas morning. There would be lots of presents going around the mansion and a party at the end of the day. Fifteen girls out of the plus-seventy, including Kennedy, that had battled in that warehouse were not going to be receiving any of it.

The funeral had been hard for everyone; they all lost a sister, a friend or a lover. Molly took it the hardest, it was the second time she lost her godmother but this time it was definite. She had gone back to New York City with Mohinder after the funeral but she stayed in contact with Micah through emails and phone calls.


The huge dining hall that they had never used before was now fully decorated in the Christmas colours. Several large tables were set and on the wall farthest from the entrance hung pictures of all the fallen girls that had lived in the mansion.

It was early evening and the people that had not gone home for the holidays occupied the chairs around the table, waiting for Andrew and his helpers to bring out the feast.

“Can I have everyone’s attention, please?” Buffy called out standing up from her seat. “First of all, Merry Christmas.” She smiled when the room was filled with the same greeting retorted at her. “I have an announcement to make,” she slipped her hand in Peter’s “Peter and I are going to have a baby, which” she laughed softly at the surprised gasps “which means, I’ll be out of your hair soon because we’re going to buy a house and thus move out.” Most of the younger Slayers bursted out in applause and delight. Buffy laughed with a slight shocked expression and sat back down.

“I don’t think they’ll miss me.” She said to Peter.

On the other end of the table sat Willow, she was smiling at her best friend, happy that she could start a normal life at last. She knew Claire was watching her from the far side of the table. The two of them hadn’t shared a word since that day in the warehouse.

“Are you gon’ stop torturin’ that girl?” Faith whispered sitting on the chair next to her.

“She’s torturing herself.” Willow answered in a whisper.

“Then tell the girl already, she’s just waitin’ for you to say somethin’, good or bad.” The brunette stated.


“Kennedy died, Red, and it wasn’t like she was as important as Tara.” Faith interrupted “Kennedy loved you, with all her heart but she told me she didn’t wan’ stand in your way if ya ever fell in love again.”

“But I’m not in love with Claire.” Willow countered “She’s just a kid.”

“You don’t have to be in love to go on a date.” The brunette winked at Willow then turned her attention to her lover on her other side.

After dinner was ended Claire rose from her seat. The room went quiet, waiting for Claire to say something.

“Uhm, as most of you know, Peter’s my uncle. What you don’t know is that before we knew we were related, he saved me from having my head sliced open. He came all the way to Texas to save me and six months ago, he and my biological father saved the world” Peter wanted to protest but Claire cut him off “by not having a bomb explode in New York, which would’ve cost the lives of millions.” She waved at one of the Slayers across the room and then looked at Peter “So this is for my hero.” She walked to the front of the room with the other girl who was carrying an acoustic guitar.

“You know I try to be all that I can. But there's a part of me I still don't understand.” She started singing with her eyes closed, pretending it was just her and not the entire household looking at her.

“Why do I only see what I don't have? When my reality shows things are not that bad…” She opened her eyes and smiled at the shocked faces staring at her.

“Your faith has shown me that…” She braced herself and went all out “When my world goes crazy, you won't let go. When the ground gets shaky, you give me hope. When I try to push you away, you never move,” She smiled as she looked in the young man’s eyes.

“Now when I start doubting you help me see, there's a strength, and a light, and a power in me. Believe me there ain't nothing I can't do. My hero is you, my hero is you” By now some girls had stood up and walked their way over to Claire, standing behind her and Shelley, who played the guitar professionally.

“I never saw the way you sacrificed or knew the price you paid. How can I make it right? I know I've gotta try.” Peter had tears in his eyes. Buffy was smiling at her just like the others but Buffy’s smile was proud, like a sister.

“When my world goes crazy you won't let go. When the ground gets shaky, you give me hope. When I try to push you away you never move,” The girls behind Claire and Shelley were forming some sort of a choir, singing in the background.

“Now when I start doubting you help me see, there's a strength, and a light, and a power in me. Believe me there ain't nothing I can't do. My hero is you, my hero is you.” She took a deep breath as her eyes began tearing up.

“And I hope that you can see… You're everything that I wanna be,” Peter now had tears running down his cheeks as he looked at his niece. “When my world goes crazy you won't let go. When the ground gets shaky, you give me hope. When I try to push you away you never move,”

“Now when I start doubting you help me see, there's a strength, and a light, and a power in me. Believe me there ain't nothing I can't do. My hero is you, my hero is you” Claire grinned when Buffy pulled Peter to his feet and dragged him over to Claire.

“My hero is you.” She finished and hugged her uncle. “I love you.” She whispered a second before the dining room bursted out clapping.

“I love you, too, Claire.” Peter whispered back. He pulled away and wiped his tears before wiping hers “And you’re just as much my hero.” He looked over his shoulder then turned back to Claire “If there ain’t nothing you can’t do, then ask Willow on a date instead of kissing her. I’m pretty sure she’ll say yes.” He winked at his niece before leading her back to their table.

“I thought you couldn’t read her mind?” Claire asked confused.

“Who said anything about mind-reading? I just asked her.” He grinned and pushed her to the redhead.

“Uhm, hi, Willow.” Willow shot the blonde a half smile “Doyouwannagoonadatemaybe?” She rushed out.

“Sure. That is if you asked me on a date.” Willow chuckled when Claire vigorously nodded her head “Alright, we’ll go on a date.”

A/N: The song is *My Hero Is You* by Hayden Panettiere, also known as Claire Bennet. This was actually sort of the original epilogue. Except that I originally had Buffy lose her baby but then I realized that I needed Buffy to have her baby so it could fit with my ‘sort of’ Buffy-centred sequel.

The End

You have reached the end of "Heroes And Slayers". This story is complete.

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