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People Buffy Summers Never Dressed Up As

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Summary: YAHF - People Buffy Summers could have dressed up as on Halloween, but didn't.

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Multiple Crossings > Buffy-Centered > Ficlet CollectionsStareyedFR15207,29379850,03930 Jun 0710 May 11No

Uchiha Itachi

AN: Since I forgot to apologise for the long wait in the previous chapter here's a bonus for all those who kept this fic on their alerts even though they waited a year and a half for it to be updated. I had intended to wait for later but...


Uchiha Itachi (Naruto)

"Let's make things a little more interesting," Snyder said, smirking. "I expect your costumes to be on the same theme."

Buffy exchanged apprehensive glances with Xander and Willow.


Pooling their money produced a grand total of fifty-three dollars and seventeen cents. That amount of money left their choices of costume rather limited, given the need to buy three of them.

Buffy's idea of period costume was right out, and while Xander had spare combat fatigues the shop had run out of toy guns. Willow's suggestion of ghost costumes was immediately shot down.

In the end they found only one set of costumes that they could agree on in their price range – and that only because the shop owner gave them a discount.


Red eyes surveyed his surroundings, the black tomoe within them swirling slightly as their owner attempted to make sense of the situation.

His first instinct had been that he was under a genjutsu – the discovery that he was currently female simply a particularly warped twist to it. However if he was it was one of the most powerful he had ever encountered – every technique he knew, including the use of his mangekyou sharingan, failed to even make it waver slightly.

Before he could decide on a course of action he was soon joined by Karin and Deidera, their appearances also changed, although both were the correct gender.

"You're a girl, un," Deidera stated. While not even in the same league as Madara's 'Tobi' alias the blonde had an annoyance factor all of his own.


"A genjutsu?" Karin asked.

"It remains resistant to all known counters," Itachi replied. "However there is a significant concentration of chakra to the south-east."

"Then we destroy it, un."

The other two exchange glances before roof-hopping in the indicated direction. While there was no guarantee that what they were sensing was real it was better than doing nothing.


Itachi was mildly disturbed to see the clothing of the remaining Akatsuki members hanging in the building they entered. While he disliked his 'comrades' he had respect for their abilities. Very few shinobi could defeat one of them, let alone six.

The shopkeeper, a civilian with surprisingly little chakra given the amount they had felt coming from the building, paled as they entered.

"How do you break the jutsu?" he asked, sharingan spinning faster as he prepared to use his mangekyou at the least bit of prevarication.

"I would answer, un," Deidera said cheerfully. "I always like the chance to practice my art, un."

A clay butterfly fluttered from his hand to land on 'Tobi's' empty uniform before detonating, sending scraps of cloth across the room.

"Th...The back room. Break the statue."

Karin moved past without a word.


Buffy woke abruptly, stifling her scream with instincts not her own.

While Xander and Willow had been fortunate to inherit Deidera and Karin's abilities and skills without being cursed with the memories of obtaining those skills she hadn't been so fortunate. Giles theorised that the increased retention of memory was due to her being the Slayer. Buffy suspected that the sharingan was a more likely culprit.

In some ways she had been lucky. She had Itachi's chakra reserves and physical capabilities along with his sharingan, even his mangekyou sharingan. And while her eyesight would undoubtedly deteriorate were she to use the mangekyou she wasn't near blind, as he was becoming in his latest memories. Nor had she been cursed with his illness.

Unfortunately she did remember everything that he had done, and Itachi was damn near suicidal for a reason. She hadn't had a decent night's sleep since Halloween.

The End?

You have reached the end of "People Buffy Summers Never Dressed Up As" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 10 May 11.

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