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Summary: Fic-For-All ficlets.

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Multiple Crossings > Multiple Pairings > Ficlet Collections - FFARavenMorbiskFR1574,066023,2121 Jul 0710 Feb 08Yes

Stop Hurting (Darla/Logan Echolls)

Author: Raven Morbisk
Title: Stop Hurting
Summary: Darla/Logan FFA
Notes: Okay.. Just after Logan’s mom (forgot her name) supposedly jumped of a bridge.

He was sitting at the beach with a bottle of liquor in his hand. He had been sitting there since sundown. Nothing seemed to numb the pain. He wouldn’t believe that his mother actually committed suicide. He took another swig, only to find that his bottle was empty.

“Oh, that’s just great.” He muttered and threw the bottle away.

“Are you hurting, sugar?” A woman asked slickly. Logan didn’t look up; he just stared at the waves crashing on the beach.

“If you got some alcohol I won’t be anymore.” He said with a shrug. He felt the woman sitting next to him and glanced over to her. The wind was cold but it didn’t seem to bother the woman. She was wearing a simple shirt without sleeves and a light skirt that just ended under her knees. His vision was getting blurred but he would’ve sworn that the woman’s eyes flashed gold.

“Are you tired of hurting?” She asked, now staring out in front of her.

“Isn’t everyone?” Logan replied with a snort.

“Do you want to stop hurting? I can make it stop, all the pain and sorrow.” She said, ignoring his previous answer.

“How can you do that?” Logan rolled his eyes at her. The woman laughed, it wasn’t warmly, no, it was cold, very cold. Logan shivered at the woman’s laugh. He blinked his eyes when the woman turned to him, her face now had ridges, her eyes were colored golden and she was displayed two sharp fangs.

“This is how I can make it stop, baby.” She grabbed the young man and despite his struggles she sank her teeth in his neck, draining him almost completely. She pulled back and bit her wrist. Taking the almost unconscious Logan in her lap she opened his mouth and let her blood drip in his mouth. After a few moments he grabbed the woman’s wrist and held it close, sucking.

“Easy there, tiger.” The blonde woman said and pulled her wrist back after another few minutes. The young man fell unconscious to the ground as his heart stopped beating.

“I’ll see you tonight, my dear.” The woman whispered and stood up, walking over to her car, rolling her eyes seeing a young man leaning against it.

“That wasn’t part of the deal, Darla. You weren’t supposed to turn him into a vampire.” Sheriff Lamb said, shaking his head.

“You’re rid off him now, aren’t you?” Darla smiled evilly and stepped into her car.
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