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All The President's Slayers.

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This story is No. 15 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Crossover with Commander in Chief. The Seattle Slayers must save the President’s daughters and save the world!

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Television > Commander in Chief(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151539,93321814,7462 Jul 0713 Jul 07Yes

Chapter Two.

Chapter Two.

Sunday mornings were the best, Willow sat propped up in bed with Kennedy sitting beside her. Her daughter Tara played with a doll at the foot of the bed next to were Sylvester the cat lay curled up in a big ball of black and white fur. Shannon, one of their trainee Slayer’s had been on ‘Breakfast in Bed’ duty and had done a good job of fixing a light breakfast for the two women as they read the Sunday papers together.

“You going to go see the President when she arrives tomorrow?” Asked Kennedy having just finished reading an article about the up-and-coming Presidential visit.

“I thought I’d take Tara down to the shore and watch the submarine come in. Then go an’ watch the President greet the crew.” Willow replied.

“Yeah sounds like an idea,” Agreed Kennedy, “I’ll try to get off work and join you…hope it doesn’t rain.”

“Weather forecast says it’s gonna be sunny.” Responded Willow.

The two women lapsed into silence as Kennedy started reading another piece in the newspaper and Willow turned to look at her.

“We’re gonna have to talk about this sometime honey.” Willow said eventually and looked pointedly at Kennedy’s swelling belly.

“I-I’m not sure I want to.” Replied Kennedy hesitantly.

“Is it ‘cause you can’t stand the thought that the father was a Klingon, Magically Animated Facsimile of Captain Kirk?” Asked Willow, “Or is it that you feel that you let down the whole Slayer Sisterhood thing by not being able to stop it from happening?” Willow held on to Kennedy’s hand making her put down the paper. “You’ve nothing to be ashamed of, he Phasered you…you were unconscious…there was nothing you could do.”

Kennedy pushed the paper away and snuggled up to Willow letting her put her arm around her shoulder, she rested her head against Willow’s.

“It’s none of that sweetheart,” Admitted Kennedy, “It’s the knowledge that I’ll never be able to slay the bastard for what he did…that he wasn’t even real…Oh Goddess!” Exclaimed Kennedy suddenly, “I think I’m going to be sick!”

She put her hand to her mouth, jumped out of bed and ran to the bathroom. Tara giggled at the antics of one of her moms.

“An’ that’s enough of that young lady.” Willow admonished her daughter, “You just wait, in twenty or thirty years time that could be you!”

The two-and-a-half-year-old just smiled at her mom, “NO!” she squealed and jumped down from the bed and ran out of the room. Sylvester opened one eye to see what all the noise was about, then tucking his head back under his tail he went back to sleep. The sound of retching came from the bathroom.

“You alright in there honey?” Called Willow collecting up the pieces of the newspaper.

“Yeah…sure.” Came the strangled reply.


Every now and again ‘The Powers That (Try to kill you when they’re not jerking your chain) Be’. Sent the two women on missions to other times and other realities. When they were there they usually had to avert some world threatening disaster, often with reduced powers and usually when they did not know why they were there.

On their last ‘adventure’ they had been transported to a reality where ‘Star Trek’ was real and they had to play the part of an alien Ambassador and her bodyguard. It had ended badly with a native village being burnt to the ground; Kennedy had been badly injured (and apparently raped) after most of the Enterprise’s senior officers had been turned into Klingon controlled copies of themselves! Life as a Witch or a Slayer sometimes sucked…Big time!


The First Gentleman, Rod Calloway, walked into the kitchen of the White House residence and surveyed the little group sitting around the breakfast table. There were the twins Horace and Rebecca, his mother-in-law Kate Allen and of course his youngest daughter Amy.

“Everybody packed and ready for the trip?” He asked brightly as he poured himself a cup of coffee.

He was almost sure he knew what would happen next, and he was not disappointed…then in another way maybe he was.

“Do I have to go?” Whined his oldest daughter Rebecca.


The President, Rod’s wife Mac’, was going to Seattle to welcome home the USS Seattle, a submarine that had almost been lost off the coast of North Korea about eighteen months previously. The sub had just completed a long period in the repair yards and on trials in the Pacific. This would be her first visit to her homeport before recommencing her normal duties with the Pacific Fleet.

Mac had wanted to meet the crew and congratulate them for their professionalism and steadfast devotion to duty for nearly a year now. This was the first opportunity she had had. The plan was that the President would meet the sub’s crew, then spend a day meeting supporters of her election campaign, then she would be able spend a few days in the mountains with her family before heading back to Washington DC.


“Couldn’t I join you later after Mom has done all her ‘President’ stuff?” Begged Rebecca.

Sometimes Rod could not understand his daughter’s attitude. It was almost as if she did not want her mother to be President. Horace on the other hand had a completely different attitude, which could probably cause more trouble than his sister’s in the long run. After a short period of hesitancy, he had discovered he could use his position as the President’s son to get what he wanted; and like most teenage boys, what he wanted was teenage girls. So far the Secret Service had prevented anything too embarrassing from happening.

“You’ll come with the rest of us!” Admonished Kate Allen.

“Yes,” Said Rod agreeing with his Mother-in-law, “There’s no reason for you to stay behind.” ‘And what would the Press make of it?’ He added to himself.

Rebecca sulked over her breakfast.

“She doesn’t want to be separated from her ‘secret boyfriend’ that’s all!” Teased Horace.

Rebecca had been conducting a ‘long range’ relationship with this ‘secret boyfriend’ for some months now. Rod did not like the idea of using the Secret Service to spy on his children but… If Rebecca did not come clean and tell her family who this boyfriend was pretty soon. He would have to put his scruples to one side and get the Service to investigate.

“Do not!” Replied his sister hotly.

“Kids!” Called Rod holding up his hands as if to hold back the tide, “The motorcade leaves at nine-thirty sharp. Anyone who is not there on the dot will be dragged down by the Secret Service. We go as a family and smile at the press. Do I make myself perfectly clear?” This last directed mainly at Rebecca.

There was a reluctant ‘Yes Dad’ from Rebecca, a more enthusiastic nod from Horace as he shovelled breakfast cereal into his mouth. Amy wanted to know how many toys she could take with her. Kate and Rod exchanged despairing glances. Life as the ‘First Gentleman’ sometimes sucked.


“Where’s Tammy?” Asked Willow as she shuffled into her kitchen, dressed in a ratty old robe and battered slippers.

Shannon the only other person in the room looked around.

“Boyfriend’s.” She answered.

Tammy was the eldest Slayer at the YSWA (Young Slayer’s Wicca Association) house. She was nineteen so Willow and Kennedy did not make too much fuss over what she did in her free time. They just kept a sisterly eye on her and made sure she kept up with her training and Slaying.

She had her own room at the YSWA but just recently she was spending more time at her boyfriend’s place than at the YSWA. Willow made a mental note to question Tammy about this boyfriend, maybe check him out. In her experience Slayers were not renowned for their choices where men were concerned!

“Sally?” Willow asked.

“Garden, exercising.” Replied Shannon putting away some cups.

“Do I have to ask about Tina and Alice?” Grinned Willow.

“No.” Said Shannon with an answering smile.

Tina and Alice had just started a ‘relationship’ which Willow and Kennedy sort of turned a blind eye to. Willow had some concerns about Alice’s age at first, but things seemed to be going along fine with the two girls, in fact better than ‘fine’.

“I’m going to do my English Assignment,” Announced Shannon heading for her room, “Then Sally an’ me thought we’d go to the beach or something.”

“That’s fine as long as you’ve done all your homework.” Called Willow as Shannon headed for the door.


Mackenzie Allen, first female President of the United States looked up from her desk in the Oval Office as her Vice President and Chief of Staff, Jim Gardener walked into the room.

“Hi Jim,” Said Mac’ as she looked back down at the papers on her desk, “Take a seat I’ll be with you in a minute.”

Jim sat down in a chair across from the President. Eventually the President finished reading the document in front of her; she signed it at the bottom, and then sat back in her chair and looked up at Jim with a tired smile.

“It never stops does it?” She asked.

“No ma’am.” Replied Jim gravely, “I don’t think people realise just how much paperwork is involved in being the leader of the free world.”

“And the long hours and the lousy job security!” Added the President with a grin.

In an instant she became serious again.

“You think everything will be alright while I’m in Seattle? This is the first time…in what? A year? That I’ve been able to get away with my family, I’d hate for anything to happen…”

“Madam President,” Interrupted Jim, “There is nothing on the ‘Threat Board’, there are no domestic crisis’ looming on the horizon, in fact the world and the country seems to be particularly quiet just now. I think you’ll be safe to take a few days off. You need it.” He added sincerely.

When Mackenzie Allen had announced that she was going to run for election she had stated that this was not going to be a campaign of the traditional type. She was going to spend her time ‘being’ the President, and not spend time telling people what she was going to do when she became President. Unfortunately people seemed to expect a certain amount of ‘razzmatazz’ in a Presidential Campaign, so she found herself having to split her time between being President and Campaigning after all.

“I can’t foresee any situation arising over the next week that I and the White House staff can’t deal with.” Explained Jim using his deep, calm voice to full effect.

“You do realise that you’ve just jinxed it, don’t you!” Laughed the President as she stood up and walked from behind her desk. She held out her hand to Gardener, “Thanks Jim, I don’t know what I’d do without you.”

The President and Vice-President shook hands, Jim looked at his watch.

“Time for you to leave Madam President.” He said.

The President headed for the door; “You know where to find me if you need me.” She called.

“I’m sure I have your number somewhere!” Joked Jim as the President headed out for her well earned rest.


As Air Force One headed West, and the Seattle Slayers went about there business, other less pleasant creatures went about there’s.


“My Lord Hasseldorf!” Greeted Timothy, a Master vampire who had been sired more than a hundred years ago, “What a pleasure to see you in Seattle again.” He added insincerely.

Tim was dressed in a smart sports jacket and slacks, while Hasseldorf appeared in his traditional Demon form; horns, glowing eyes, clawed hands, cloven hoofs and outsize penis that swung between his goat legs!

“I appreciate you staying up to meet me.” Replied the Demon Lord equally insincerely.

“As you have pointed out,” Said the Vampire, “It is daylight…what can I do for you?”
Meaning ‘lets get on with this’.

The vampire gestured to a pair of leather armchairs that faced each other in front of the fireplace in the Vampire’s Living (or should that be ‘Unliving’) room. The two representatives of evil were meeting in the Vampire’s house.

Timothy was one of those rare ‘Common Vampires’ who used their brains as well as their fangs. Over the years he had amassed an not inconsiderable fortune by pandering to the more ‘base’ desires of Seattle’s human population. As a result he was able to ‘un-live’ comfortably in a large house on the northern edge of the city.

Tim dealt with having a house full of Slayers and a powerful Witch living in Seattle by not dealing with them. Humans ran all his ‘businesses’, so any police investigation, if successful, would only ever arrest his human staff who had no idea who they actually worked for. He only employed the most intelligent and trustworthy of his own breed, and he never, under any circumstances employed any of the lesser demons that inhabited Seattle.

In this way, and as the Slayers did not usually involve themselves with human crime, he and his organisation remained undetected by the Slayers and their allies. Now there was a Demon Lord, a powerful and important one, wanting him to use his resources to further some plan for world domination.

“As you may have noticed,” Began the Demon making himself comfortable in one of the chairs, “The Powers seem to have abandoned this realm. This has left it open to beings with the imagination to seize an opportunity with both hands.” The Demon spread his hands out in front of him as if about to grab some helpless victim. Which in a way was just what he was doing!

“What has this to do with me?” Asked Tim, “I’m happy with what I have and I would not like to see things spoiled by some hair brained scheme that might bring me to the notice of the Slayers and their Witch.”

The Demon growled and shifted uncomfortably in his chair. Tim noticed the Demon’s anger and…distress? He noted it away for further use. Hasseldorf sat back in his chair and regained control of his emotions.

“I have made a deal with certain human politicians to ensure their election to high office.” Explained the Demon. “To make their election certain I want to…” the Demon searched for the right words, “Persuade the opposition to withdraw from the election. Then with my own man in power I can control the country, maybe even the world.”

“So,” Said Tim shrugging his shoulders, “What has this to do with me. I harbour no dreams of world domination neither do I want ‘Hell’ on Earth, I like things as they are.”

“Well,” Smiled Hasseldorf, “With my man in control I’ll be able to drive the Slayers and their Witches from the land, I will be able to make things easier for your ‘businesses’ to operate, maybe even increase your profits. I am known to be very generous to those who serve me well…”

“And bring sudden and painful death to those who don’t!” Interrupted the Vampire.

The Demon chuckled, “You have to keep discipline amongst the lower beings somehow and I have found that disproportionate punishment for even the most minor infractions to be quite effective.”

“If I were to go along with your plans,” Replied Tim carefully, “And I’m not saying I am…what do you want me to do?”

“In a few hours the President of the United States will arrive in Seattle,” Hasseldorf grinned at Tim and if Tim’s heart had still been beating it would have missed a beat at the look the Demon gave him; “I want to use your organisation to kidnap the President’s daughters!”

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