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All The President's Slayers.

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This story is No. 15 in the series "The Seattle Slayers.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Crossover with Commander in Chief. The Seattle Slayers must save the President’s daughters and save the world!

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Television > Commander in Chief(Recent Donor)DaveTurnerFR151539,93321814,7462 Jul 0713 Jul 07Yes

Chapter One

All The President’s Slayers.
A Seattle Slayers Story by Dave Turner.

Disclaimer: I do not own BtVS or ‘Commander in Chief’. I write these stories for fun not profit.

Crossover: BtVS with Commander in Chief.

Spelling and Grammar: Written in glorious English, English! American idioms are used wherever possible Spelling and grammar is English.

Timeline: Its spring/summer 2008. Set post Season in ‘Commander in Chief’. For the Seattle Slayers it is several weeks after the events depicted in ‘Fighting for Strangers’.

Words: Loads!

Warnings: Lesbians, vampires, the Secret Service and ‘evil’ politicians. So that’s basically sex, violence and bad language (and that’s just the politicians!).

Summary: The Seattle Slayers must save the President’s daughters and save the world!

Authors Notes.

1) In the episode ‘No Nukes is Good Nukes’ the submarine, USS Seattle, is lost off the coast of Korea. In this Fic the sub was recovered and repaired. It is not important to the story to know how this was achieved.

2) ‘Commander in Chief’ was cancelled after its first season (Booo! Hisss!) due in part to pressure from ‘right-wing’ groups (they didn’t like the way the series depicted the Republican Party [which probably means that the program makers got it about right!]). The series ended with President Allen deciding to run for another term against Speaker Templeton. His fic picks up the story several months after that.

3) I am not American and I am not an expert in US Politics, law or government, so if I get things a bit wrong you’ll have to forgive me.


All The President’s Slayers.
By Dave Turner.

“Good morning sir.” Said Dickie McDonald brightly as he walked into Nathan Templeton’s Washington office.

Until recently Dickie had worked as a Political Consultant for the President. However, she had fired him over his active resistance to passing the ‘Equal Rights Amendment’. As the most important thing in Dickie McDonald’s life was Dickie McDonald’s career. He had walked straight out of the President's office and into Speaker Templeton’s camp and offered him his services.

Templeton looked up from his desk, his eyes flicked from McDonald to the smartly dressed middle aged man who had entered with him. Dickie stepped to one side and introduced the man with him to Templeton.

“Sir, I’d like you to meet Mr Hasseldorf,” Hasseldorf stepped forward and held out his hand to Templeton, “Mr Hasseldorf may I present Nathan Templeton, the next President of the United States!”

Templeton stood up and stepped around his desk, he shook Hasseldorf’s hand warmly.

“Mr Hasseldorf I’ve heard so much about you.” Templeton gestured to a group of leather armchairs that were positioned around a coffee table in the corner of the office.

The two men crossed the room and sat down, at a nod from Templeton Dickie quietly left the room closing the door behind him.

“Now Mr Hasseldorf what can I do for you?” Asked Templeton with a smile.

“It’s not so much what you can do for me!” Laughed Hasseldorf, he had a deep almost rumbling voice that went well with his six-foot plus frame, square jaw and thick black hair. “It’s more what I can do for you!”

Templeton sat back in his chair, steepled his fingers and raised a questioning eyebrow.

“Let me explain,” Began Hasseldorf, “Over the years I have seen America slip from her position of pre-eminence in the world. I believe this is due, in no small way to the way we have allowed the godless liberals to dictate how good honest hard working god fearing Americans should live their lives.”

Templeton nodded his head in silent agreement with Hasseldorf.

“Nathan, may I call you Nathan?” Asked Hasseldorf.

Templeton smiled and nodded again.

“Nathan, I want to see America respected and, yes, feared around the world! I want to see God back in the schools again, and all this liberal claptrap about evolution, and big bang theories out. I want to see a country where honest people can walk down the street without fear of being robbed, or worse!

I want to see a country where the law is respected and not used by left-wing pressure groups to further their own agenda’s. Nathan I believe that you are the man to put this country back on its feet. I believe you can lead America back to glory and I want to help you to get us there!”

For a moment there was silence in the office, Templeton smiled and nodded his head in agreement.

“I’m flattered that you believe I can do all this.” Replied Templeton spreading his hands before him, “But I’m not President yet. Indeed I may never be President, as I’m sure you realise Presidential campaigns can be extremely expensive. Then there’s the limitations President Allen has put on election donations,”

Hasseldorf moved to interrupt Templeton, but Nathan held up his finger to forestall whatever it was Hasseldorf was going to say.

“Even if it’s not law, the public perception is that I’m taking large donations from big business. While she is only accepting $100 donations from the general public, this could be very bad for my…our campaign.”

“Nathan, Nathan,” Laughed Hasseldorf, “There are ways around such things. I have deep pockets and I can be very generous to the right people. I just want you to know that you have my full support in the up and coming campaign.”

The two men spoke for several more minutes until Hasseldorf rose from his chair followed half a second later by Templeton, the two men shook hands even more warmly than they did when they met. They walked towards the door together.

“You do realise,” Said Templeton losing his smile for a moment, “That there’s no guarantee that even with your support that I’ll win the election. President Allen is very good at her job and very popular with the voters.”

Hasseldorf nodded his head in understanding.

“I appreciate your candour Nathan, but I’m sure that you’re the right ‘man’,” Templeton noted the emphasis Hasseldorf put on the word, “For the job. Don’t you worry about that woman’s popularity. A lot can happen before election day!”

Hasseldorf threw his head back and laughed, and just for an instant Templeton’s blood ran cold. There was something about Hasseldorf that was not quite right, maybe he should have Dickie do a background check on him. Not just the usual sort of check, but one that looked under every stone.

After shaking hands once more Hasseldorf left Templeton’s office and Nathan was able to return to his desk and work. After sitting down he looked at the papers on his desk and sighed, he turned to look out of his window. One day soon he hoped, he would be looking out of the windows of the Oval Office; he smiled at the idea and went back to work.


Hasseldorf walked briskly down the corridor leading from Templeton’s office until he came to McDonald’s door. He walked in without knocking and closed the door behind him. Dickie looked up from behind his desk.

“That went very well!” Announced Hasseldorf, “You are to be congratulated…$100,000 has just been deposited in your numbered bank account.”

“Thank-you Master.” Replied McDonald as he stood up and bowed to his infernal Lord.

“This Allen woman,” Pondered Hasseldorf, “I’ll need to know where she is going and what she is doing at all times.”

“Of course Master,” Replied McDonald, “It should be easy enough to forward all that information to your agents. However,” Dickie hesitated before speaking again; Hasseldorf did not like bad news. The bearers of such news were known to disappear, swallowing hard he took his life in his hands, “As President, her schedule is prone to sudden alterations. I cannot guarantee that the information will be totally…”

Dickie’s voice trailed away to nothing as he wilted under Hasseldorf’s gaze.

“Just do your best.” Said Hasseldorf evenly.

“Y-Yes M-Master,” Stammered McDonald, “I do know she will be in Seattle next week for two days. She’s there to welcome back the USS Seattle on her first visit to her homeport since she completed repairs. I know this is short notice but…”

“NO!” Exclaimed Hasseldorf, “No, this is wonderful news, Seattle you say?”

“Yes Master.”

“I have unfinished business in Seattle.” Mused Hasseldorf, “Maybe I can arrange something…”

Hasseldorf went into deep thought for a moment or two, his chin resting on his chest; finally he looked up and smiled at Dickie. That smile was one of the most terrible things Dickie had ever seen.

“Good, yes,” He said having to come to a decision, “This President, she has children?”

“Yes Master,” Replied Dickie eagerly, “The twins, a boy and a girl aged seventeen now, and her youngest Amy she’s only eight. But they don’t normally travel with the President when she’s on business.”

“No matter. Daughters you say?” Hasseldorf laughed evily a lascivious grin spreading across his face, “I can work with daughters.” He laughed again making the windows vibrate a little. “I will leave you now, one of my ‘agents’ will contact you soon for additional information. You have done very well indeed, here have another $100,000.”

Hasseldorf turned towards the door to leave, just before opening it he turned to look at McDonald.

“Be sure you keep up the good work,” Warned Hasseldorf, “Failure is not an option…for you.”

With that Hasseldorf swept from the office leaving Dickie to collapse back into his chair.


It was nine thirty on a wet Seattle Saturday night and Officers Lowell and Watts sat in their cruiser hidden in the darkness of an alley near the Seattle docks. The inside of the vehicle was littered with coffee cups and donut boxes as the two policemen took the time to have a break and fill in their notebooks for the week.

“Hey, was it Monday or Tuesday night we booked that violent drunk?” Asked Lowell, a cop in his late thirties. He had been a Patrolman all his career and was quite happy to stay that way for the rest of his time with the SPD.

“Tuesday,” Replied Watts a man in his mid-twenties who could not wait to get his Detective’s shield. “Remember, we had that drunk driver who was so over the limit he nearly burst into flames when he lit a cigarette?”

Both officers chuckled at the memory. Policing in Seattle did not have all the adrenaline pumping excitement that say Los Angeles did. But then it did not have all the gangs and drug related violence that the cities further south did. But, now and again Seattle had its days…and nights, particularly its nights.

Watts put his notebook away and searched through a box for a Jelly donut.

“What do you think of the President visiting the city?” He asked biting into the donut.

“The only thing I think about,” Grinned Lowell, “Is how much overtime I’m going to be paid for all the extra duties we’re gonna pull.”

“Hey yeah,” Agreed Watts, “Maybe my girlfriend an’ I can get away for a weekend…So you gonna vote for her or Templeton come the Election?”

“I didn’t know your girlfriend was running!” Laughed Lowell.

“You know what I mean!” Smiled Watts.

“Look Joe,” Began Lowell, “Something my training officer said to me years ago…If you want a good relationship with you partner. You don’t talk about Religion or Politics. Anything else, okay but not them…alright?”

“Yeah I guess you’re right,” Agreed Watts after a moments thought, “People do tend to get worked up about those sorta things.”

The officers lapsed back into companionable silence as Watts started to tidy up the interior of the car. Lowell put away his notebook and brushed donut sugar from his uniform. As he did so he glanced out of the windshield.

“Hey look at that.” He pointed down the alley to where two figures were silhouetted against the lights of the main street.

Watts looked up and studied the figures for a minute.

“Looks like a couple of girls, wonder what they’re doing down here?”

Lowell had a nasty feeling that Seattle policing was going to have one of ‘those’ nights. He studied the figures. One was tall and blonde the other was short and dark, and yes they were girls. They were dressed in jeans; one wore a long leather coat, while the shorter one was dressed in a biker jacket that looked way too big for her. Lowell noticed his partner’s hand move towards the switch for the external lights.

“Hold on,” Said Lowell, “Lets see what’s goin’ on first.”


Tina and Alice walked into the alleyway; it was just like any other alley that they might walk into in this part of town. Trash and cardboard boxes littered the ground, dumpsters provided handy places for ‘things’ to hide and of course it smelled of urine. There was a functioning light about fifty yards down from the main street. This effectively blinded even Slayer night vision and hid anything further into the alley.

“Can you feel anything?” Asked Tina of her sister Slayer, the shorter girl stopped and closed her eyes for a minute.

“Yeah there’s something around here, but I can’t get a fix on it. What about you?”

“What with my Spider Sense?” Tina laughed bitterly, “I can just about sense danger down here but…”

Tina’s ‘Spider Sense’ had never been that well developed. She had been able to compensate for it by her ability to ‘Blink’, or move almost instantly over short distances. However as she had grown older even that ability had started to fade. She could still move damn fast, but her days of being able to appear and disappear like magic looked as if they were over.

“So,” She explained to her young companion, “Here we are two Slayers with no real idea where the vamps are. What do we do?”

Alice shrugged her shoulders.

“We act all innocent and helpless like,” Explained the English girl, “Then when the vamps come out to feed we cut them into dust!”

“Do we have to be so innocent?” Asked Alice slipping an arm around Tina’s waist, “Couldn’t we be just a bit naughty?”

“No kissin’ on the job.” Tina replied reluctantly.

“Oh go on!” Cried Alice trying to grab hold of her girlfriend, Tina easily avoided her grasp.

“NO!” Said Tina firmly, “Slay first, kisses later.”

“Promise?” Demanded Alice sulkily.

“Yeah,” Said Tina her eyes travelling up the side of the wall to the roof of the building that formed one side of the alley, “Here they come!” She said quietly.

Three dark figures jumped down from the roof and formed a semi-circle around the girls trapping them against the opposite wall.

“Oh dear, Vampires!” Exclaimed Tina in mock fear, she drew her Katana from under her coat.

“What shall we do?” Wailed Alice producing a short sword from under her too big biker jacket.

“SLAYERS!” Exclaimed the vampires in panic.

They turned and tried to flee down the alleyway but the Slayers caught up with them after they had only gone a few yards and decapitated them as they ran. The girls watched as the vamp dust drifted away on the breeze. They wiped their blades before hiding them away under their clothes.

Tina hesitated before she turned to go back out onto the main street, was there something down there? She could not see because of the light. Her Spider Sense had stopped screaming at her so she ignored the feeling and turned to walk away.

“Come on Ally-Cat!” She called to her girlfriend, “Night’s only just begun.”

“Hey!” Called Alice as she ran to catch up with Tina, “You said we could do the kissin’ now!”


The girl seemed to stare right at him as Lowell watched from the police car. He was more relieved than he liked to admit when this little bit of a girl and her even smaller companion turned and left the alley. He found he had a death-grip on to the grip of his pistol, he slowly relaxed his hand.

“Did you see that?” Asked Watts from beside him.

“No,” Replied Lowell, “And neither did you.”

When he guessed that the girls were well away from the alley entrance Lowell started the car and drove off in the opposite direction to the one taken by the girls.

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