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Magic Is Illogical- Scoobie/Trek TOS drabbles

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Summary: Some funny (I hope) BTVS/Trek drabbles written in response to the challenge to put tens Scoobies in another fandom. THis is my first ever fanfic, and they're all exactly 100 words-how cool is that!

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Original SeriesTrekkerSlayeretteFR13101,013057,4238 Jul 078 Jul 07Yes

Sex Is Illogical

“…So then we had sexual relations. Multiple times. On the floor.” Anya regarded the Vulcan across from her, surprised and slightly affronted when his expression didn’t change an iota. He merely raised one eyebrow and said “Indeed.” She studied him, pouting a little bit. Normally she got more reaction from people… and even non-people. Anya decided to try a different tack. He was, after all, curiously handsome, and she’d heard great things about the Vulcan sex drive… at least as it was once every seven years. “Your ears are curiously pointy. Would you mind terribly if I nibbled on them?”
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