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Summary: Six months being together, locked in a dungeon with the same tormentors sets a bond between two teens that can never be broken.

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Harry Potter > General(Past Donor)AomizuokoFR742,0390116,8019 Jul 0727 Sep 07No

Harry potter and the Watchers Council

Harry Potter and The Watchers Council

Harry sat at the table, watching Hydra Malfoy like a hawk. The girl laughed, smiling endlessly at William, better known as Spike or William The Bloody.

“Daddy!” she called like a five year old. She was happy again, bubbly. She looked at Harry, eyes wide with peace. “Daddy came home to me!” she cooed, looking at Harry.

Spike stared at Hydra. Something was wrong, something had happened to make her this way and he hadn’t been able to stop it.

Why. Why did the powers do this to him? Give him a daughter, and have her taken then to find her again, only to see that she’s crazy as Drusilla, perhaps more.

Cocking her head in an in-human like Manner, Hydra looked at him, grinning. “You can’t blame em’” she said, as if she had read her thoughts. “The world is set a certain way, an’ if you break it the world will break.” She made a motion with her hands, showing what she meant. “Snap!” she said with a giggle.

Severus watched her, sadness in his eyes. He remembered when the girl was brought in, broken and bloodied. Destroyed by her own family. Why, he wondered, did I ever want to be apart of that group.

Hydra looked between him and Spike, then backed up so that she was touching Harry. “They’re so mad.” She whispered, shaking her head. “They don’ like me!” she whispered again, her voice desperate this time.

Harry held Hydra, looking at her, “No, Hydra they just don’t understand.” He was the only one who knew how to handle her.

Mother watches, cold ice eyes glaring at her. Hydra shook her head, putting her hands over her ears. “No!” she shouted.
Mother does want her anymore than Daddy did. She was trouble, she brought them pain and discomfort. No they wouldn’t want her back. They came to take her.

No! No! “NO!” she shouted backing into the corner.

Daddy won’t want you either, The voice in her mind said. Daddy hates you for leaving them.

No! Harry’s hand on her, “Hydra, please.” He whispered. He’s just like Daddy. He does it out of obligation. He feels guilt over pain, but not yours.

NO! And then Hydra took off running.

The End?

You have reached the end of "StoryTeller" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 27 Sep 07.

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