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Summary: She's Luke Skywalker. She's here to rescue him. Harry/Illyria/Luna

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Harry Potter > Fred/Illyria-Centered(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR15118,4981411861,5059 Jul 0715 Jan 08Yes


Title: Savior
Author: JoeHundredaire (
Rating: PG/FR13.
Disclaimer: Harry Potter is the property of J.K. Rowling. Never quite figured out who owns the Buffyverse, but I know for a fact that it's not me…
Summary: She's Luke Skywalker. She's here to rescue him.
Joe's Note: Couldn't believe such an obvious and easy FFA hadn't been done yet but hey, everyone else's loss is my gain… which is in turn everyone else's gain. I guess. If you like my fics.

'What you got,
What you want,
What you need?
Gonna be your savior.
Everything's gonna crash and break,
But I know, yeah, I know.
What you got,
What you want,
What you need?
Gonna be your savior.
Everything's gonna crash and break…
Your savior.'

     "I am Luke Skywalker. I am here to rescue you."

     Harry Potter stared up in disbelief at the strange woman looming over him, eyes moving from the blue streaks in her hair, down a bit to the discolored patches of skin that framed her face, and then on to icy blue eyes. The combination gave her a very frostbitten look and it was almost enough to keep him from noticing that she was wearing a very tight red and black outfit. Bloody hell! They didn't make girls like that at Hogwarts.

     A blood red spell slammed into the woman's back and she jerked with the impact, but otherwise showed no ill effects. "That was the correct way to make a cultural reference, was it not? I attempted to emulate what the Slayers told me about making jokes to calm the muck I'm saving."

     "Uh, yeah. Luke Skywalker. Rescuing me. I get it. Hilarious." Actually, he had no idea what this lunatic woman was going on about, but he wasn't going to insult someone who had just saved his life. Harry rose to his feet, looking around at the raging battle. This was it. After seven years of fighting with the Dark Lord, the death of Sirius and Dumbledore and countless others… this was the final battle. The ultimate showdown between good and evil, playing out on the lawn of Hogwarts.

     So far, the students were holding out fairly well against the Death Eaters attempting to swarm the castle and he had been the only injury, taking a Bludgeoning Spell to the back trying to shield a spaced-out Luna Lovegood. The Death Eater had tried to follow up on his good fortune and Harry had been waiting for the inevitable Killing Curse when… nothing happened. Now there was a strange woman by his side and… the decapitated corpse of a Death Eater a few meters away. "Um, not to be terribly rude… but who are you?"

     Scowling, the woman handed Harry the wand that had flown from his grip when he fell. "Your headmistress told me that magical history was a required course at this school." Harry blinked at her, and she sighed. "Even the muck most aware of my kind do not recognize my greatness. I am Illyria, God-King of the…" She was cut off as a very familiar green spell slammed into her side. "We shall continue this discussion in a moment."

     Harry watched in disbelief as Illyria stalked over to the nearest Death Eater, rearing back before punching clean through his chest and out the other side. He gurgled a bit before going limp, and then his cohorts began throwing curses at Illyria instead of the students. The odd woman dodged some, let others hit her, and waved the poor man's corpse back and forth as a shield to absorb the rest. Whoever… and whatever… she was, she was unlike anything he'd ever seen before.

     "Blimey, Harry!" Ron and Hermione rushed over, each taking one side as they helped guide him back to where the students were holed up behind the stone walls Hagrid and the professors had assembled for cover. "Where did she come from? Who is she?"

     Huh. Evidently he hadn't missed a meeting or something, and everyone else was as in the dark about the mysterious stranger as he was. Harry shrugged as best he could with a friend under each arm. "She's Luke Skywalker. She's here to rescue us."

     Hermione snorted with laughter.

     That made Harry perk up. Maybe she could explain the joke to him after.
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