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Xander's Family

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Summary: Xander somehow gets a newspaper from San Francisco announcing Prue's funeral. He goes to investigate why he would have gotten this notice.

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Charmed > Xander-CentereddarkmagicianFR1566,71426547,9769 Jul 079 Mar 08Yes


Disclaimer: General Blanket Disclaimer (in other words I own nothing and am not getting paid to do this)
A/N: So far, this is a variation on "Charmed Again". If other epsiodes are brought up, I will mention it. This image was generously created by the inestimable cflat.

"Power of the witches rise, course unseen across the skies. Come to us who call you near, come to us and settle here. Blood to blood, I summon thee. Blood to blood, return to me."

The call went out, and two answered: Paige Matthews and Xander Harris. Neither knew the reason why, they just knew that they had to attend the funeral of one Prudence Halliwell. It was unexplainable. Xander had been getting ready to head for the next Scooby meeting to discuss the Glory situation when he noticed the newspaper, The Bay Mirror. Xander picked it up, folding it back to the front, wondering why he had a San Francisco newspaper. He flipped back to where the newspaper had sat open, noticing the obits. One name stood out amongst the others: Prue Halliwell. So, here he was, on his way to San Francisco, not really knowing why, but knowing he had to be there.

The funeral was definitely different from any he had ever attended before, and he had been to quite a few, being from the Hellmouth and going to Hell High (also known as Sunnydale High School). He knew Willow would appreciate the symbology in the Wiccan funeral, though he himself hadn't the faintest idea. It was still a beautiful ceremony. Hell, he was lucky to even be here. He decided to use a few days of the vacation time he'd racked up (retroactively) from the Council. If it weren't for Buffy getting a steady paycheck plus benefits for the entire Scooby Gang (Spike, who wasn't a Scooby, and Dawn, who was too young, excluded of course), he wouldn't have even been able to get away. His construction crew was not doing anything at the moment, between jobs as they were, so he decided that since he had the time, he might as well investigate. Xander just wished he knew why he was there. He didn't know anyone in the family of the deceased, so he still couldn't figure out why in the world he suddenly ended up with that paper and the announcement of the funeral.

After paying his respects to the grieving family, he left to return to his hotel. He had plans for that night. There was a club he wanted to check out. P3 it was called. An interesting name like that had to mean it was an interesting club, right? Hours later, at about nine, he headed out the door and hopped into his Impala (a little prezzie he bought himself with his retroactive pay) and sped off to the club. After he entered the club, he noticed two of the girls from the funeral at the bar talking, one with lighter, long hair behind the counter, the other with hair so dark it was almost black sitting on a stool. He had marveled before at the slight resemblance he bore to this one. Both had dark, slightly curly hair, and dark eyes. Full, pouty lips that easily curved into a winning smile. And, if he was any judge of character, she probably found more than her fair share of trouble too. He didn't dwell on that and sat back to enjoy the music and the atmosphere and just let his thoughts wander.

Later, he was awakened by a commotion on a rooftop near his hotel room. As he watched, he saw a blue creature appear out of the air and attack a girl he had seen at both the funeral and the club. He didn't think she had anything in common with the sisters, but then she did something freaky when the creature (a demon?) throw some energy-ball-thingy at her. She disappeared in a swirl of bluish-white lights only to reappear a few moments later, looking extrememly freaked out. He could easily sympathize. To his shock, Xander screamed and hurled a sphere of frost towards the demon. Where in the Hellmouth did that come from!? To make things even weirder, the girl he thought looked a bit like him came running to the other girl's aid with a man in tow, probably her boyfriend. They did something to the demon and the other girl vanished inside the building. He decided it was not his business anymore and went back to bed, determined to figure it out in the morning.

The next day, Xander decided to look up the girls from the club. He asked around town and found out that they owned the club. From there it was a matter of a little computer hacking (a trick he was learning from Willow) to find the address on Prescott Street. He drove over there and knocked on the door. The lovely lady with the long hair answered.

"Can I help you?" she asked.

"I sure hope so. I saw your sister last night attack something I can only describe as a demon near my hotel room last night. Somehow I threw a-a-a I-don't-know-what at it and then it vanished. So, I was hoping you might be making with the 'splaining," came the babbled reply.

Before he could react she grabbed his arm and hauled him inside. "How do you know about demons?" she hissed.

"Ummm...IgrewuponaHellmouth?" explained Xander weakly.

The brown eyes widened when she finally figured out what he said. "You grew up on a Hellmouth?" the brunette asked incredulously. "But, I thought that mortals didn't know about the demons there?"

"Yeah, well, I made friends with the Slayer, and found out about all the things that go bump in the night. Another friend of mine is a witch."

"I never heard of witches living on a Hellmouth. Leo!" called the other.

Xander jumped when a man appeared in a swirl of lights, just like the one girl last night. "HEY! I saw someone do that last night!"

"Phoebe doesn't orb," exclaimed Piper. "She has premonitions and levitates, but no orbing. She's a witch."

"Then it must be that girl Phoebe and Cole were tailing last night," said Leo reasonably. "But, I've never heard of her before. She's not a Whitelighter."

"There must be something to it then," suggested Xander. "Anyways, I was wondering if you could help me figure out what happened last night with me."

"One crisis at a time," snapped Piper. "Sorry. We'll help you when we can. By the way, my name's Piper and this is my husband Leo."

"Xander Harris," responded the younger man shaking hands with both of them. "Founding member of the Scoobies of Sunnydale."

Leo's eyes nearly bugged out of his head when he heard that and let out a strangled sound. "You're from the Hellmouth?" he finally gasped out. "Wait here!" said the Whitelighter before orbing out.

"I hate when he does that," bit out the witch irritably.
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