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10 Things Faith Never Had In Common With Buffy

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This story is No. 5 in the series "Nope, Never Gonna Happen.". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Our two favorite Slayers met up in season three as totally different people with polar opposite world-views. What if Faith had had some of the same things that Buffy always took for granted?

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Destiny In The Wind

Crossing: Star Wars

Faith never got a weapon-with-a-destiny.


She pressed the little red button on the handle and nearly dropped the damn thing in shock when a beam of dark purple light grew from one end. She waved it about experimentally, learning the heft and weight of the light-saber.

"Your grandfather was a great man, one of the last of the Council to survive," Obi-Wan informed her gently. His other charge, Luke, was just as enthralled with his new 'toy.'

Faith Windu looked at him in surprise, "You knew my grandfather?"

"Of course."

Her face darkened considerably, "He left me and my mom to rot on this rock after dad died." She looked as if she was about to throw the lightsaber away from her, but something held her back even as she was in the grip of her anger.

Ben was deeply disturbed by the fury he could feel roiling about the darker of the two who would be his Padawans. The Dark Side of the Force would be as a siren's call to this one, but her line was destined along with the Skywalker family to bring balance.

"No child, he sent you here to save you. He knew that the Emperor would be looking for you, your father may not have been a Jedi but the potential has always been there in your blood. It has come out in you. You are truly a product of your grandfather's genes. Why, you even have his eyes."

Involuntarily one of her hands rose to trace around the body part in question. She bit her lip and Obi could feel the sadness emanating from her, sadness and a faint trace of hope.

Ben seized on that hope, "He would be proud to see you wielding his saber so easily, he too was a natural."

Faith glanced back to her purple saber, weighing her options mentally. She could stay here on Tatooine and do menial work as her mother had done, or go with this man who said she had the eyes of her grandfather and into the jaws of almost-certain death.

"I will go with you, I want to be a Jedi."


El Fin

A/N: Next up will be either the Ten Dates or Ten Gods, both deal with Dawn so I'll probably end up doing them both.

As usual - like it, love it, loathe it with the fiery intensity of a thousand hot suns? Lemme know!

The End

You have reached the end of "10 Things Faith Never Had In Common With Buffy". This story is complete.

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