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Half a World Away

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Summary: A series of ficlets dealing with various people(and things(allthough the things are allso people)) when they were under twelve. Multiple crossovers, no pairings except in the purely platonic/awwww arn't they cute together sense

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Chapter One - Innocent Times

Disclaimer - These aren’t mine, they never will be. *Breaks down and cries* Why? Why? Why is life so cruel?

A/N - OK this is the deal, my computer is broken so I can’t update life of a cross, sorry. But I started this one until it gets fixed. I didn’t start it before now because I had to go into hospital, but on the bright side, I got jelly!

Pairing/characters - Wolverine/Spike


#1 - Innocent Times

“He is dark hair and flashing eyes
catch-me-quick and lullabies
Running legs and pearl white teeth
Cold lemonade and hot roast beef

He is summer days and innocent times
Kissed wounds and easy rhymes
Cool shade and burning sun
Green leaves and endless fun”


A boy, perhaps two years younger, with dark hair that pointed up at either side.

“Hello” manners perhaps called for something more elaborate, “I’m Wil, William, I mean William.” Wil tried to remember he was eight now and had a real, adult name.

A grubby hand clutched his sleave, “’m Logan, play with me?”

Their mothers approved, Wil was a step up the social ladder for Logan and Wil’s mother was just glad her little boy was making friends.

They collapsed on the ground, Wil’s too long , sandy curls picking up grass and a fallen leaf. He lay in the shade, conscious of his pale complexion. Logan lay in the sun, stretched out like a cat. Till he squealed and tears started running down his face.

“What? What’s the matter Logan, should I fetch Mother?”

The boy just stretched out an hand and Wil saw the tiny scratch apparent on the skin, what was he supposed to do?

“Here” he took the hand and laid a gentle kiss on the abused spot, “better?”

A/N - timeline is probably screwed, but nya. The poem was written for one of my many cousins, so Zane love ya buddy.

Reviews make EzzA haaaaappy!
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