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Children of Destiny

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Children of Destiny". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Xander and Dawn have been conscripted by the PTB into the newest group of Champions. Pairings are undetermined as of yet.

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Multiple Crossings > Xander-Centered > Pairing: Other HetDuctileFR7810,43303222,21511 Jul 0712 Feb 10No

Chapter One

Children of Destiny

Pairings: Undecided
Crossed With: So far, X-Men, Mummy, LotR, Lara Croft, SG-1, and The Pretender

Disclaimer: I don't own any of the fandoms involved in this story. The only character I can claim as my own is Katherine.

Author's Note: This is a story I based on the story I made into Children of Destiny Prologue. In order to understand who Katherine is, and the involvement some of the characters in this story have with each other, you might want to read that first.

And now, on to the story.

“Katherine! Come see this!” Aurora Munroe’s horrified voice caused the younger mutant to startle from her meditation on the menu. “Listen to this!” The weather witch pointed toward the largest TV in the café they were sitting. Katherine Jensen, empath and den mother to the entire School for Gifted Children, glanced up at the screen, concentrating on the announcer’s voice.

“-A sinkhole, according to reports, that swallowed nearly the entire town of Sunnydale, Southern California, yesterday in a completely unexplainable tragedy that is baffling the local officials. Luckily enough, most of the inhabitants left the town prior to the tragedy, due to what is generally being termed a city-wide ‘pricking of thumbs’. The footage that was captured of the scene shows just how lucky those people were.” Pictures flashed onto the screen, photos of utter destruction, a gaping wound left in the earth, smoke and dust rising from the ruin. Katherine stared in disbelief, her mind boggling at the thought of such devastation, on such a large scale. She winced as her empathy picked up the similar feelings from the others in the café.

“How could that have happened?” Aurora’s whispered question was loud in the stillness. Katherine could only shake her head in ignorance; she didn’t understand it either. “Why aren’t more people wondering about it? There should have been more warning of something like that, especially in Southern California. Why aren’t people questioning it? They don’t really think that a simple sinkhole did that?”


Dawn Summers was wondering the same thing. “Why aren’t more people wondering about it? There would have been more warning of something like that, especially in Southern California. Why aren’t people questioning it? They don’t really think that a simple sinkhole did that, do they?”

“It’s just the Sunnyhell Denial Syndrome, Dawn, just, you know, on a bigger scale.” Xander shrugged slightly, restraining himself from scratching at the eye patch.

“It is likely the dissipating mystical energy of the Hellmouth, changing the perceptions of those who do not know its true nature.” The remaining members of the Scooby Gang exchanged weary grins at Giles’ absentminded explanation. “Oh dear Lord…” The older man’s voice trailed off as his eyes perused the book before him.

“Giles, we just saved the world yesterday,” Buffy moaned, looking imploringly at her former Watcher. “There isn’t allowed to be a situation that warrants an ‘Oh dear Lord’ from you!”

“No, no, it’s nothing of dire consequence,” Rupert Giles hastened to reassure the group. “Just…rather unexpected, not to mention surprising.” He bent over the book again. “Fascinating.” The group exchanged glances over the man’s head.

“I vote we knock him out until he’s forgotten about whatever it is he’s found so ‘fascinating’,” Willow volunteered, picking up a heavy tome of her own to wave around in threat.

“I second that,” Faith raised her own hand. “I’m all for world save-age and all, but a girl needs a break once in a while, ya know?”

Giles pulled off his glasses in order to rub his eyes. “Well, i-it’s not something that requires any…save-age, as you so quaintly put it…it’s a prophecy, of, of sorts.” There was a collective groan. “Quite,” the Brit had to agree, shaking his head. “Do you know, I didn’t use to instantly view prophecies with such suspicion. I used to require second opinions and other evidences before believing a prophecy to be…”

“Bogus?” Xander happily supplied. “So…we’ve been a bad influence on you? Go us!” Giles cast his eyes heavenward as his various charges giggled at the young man’s antics. It was post-Apocalypse nerves kicking in, the Watcher well knew. The adrenalin had run down, and reality had set in, leaving a vague sense of ‘hey, we saved the world, shouldn’t we be given a parade, or a party, or some kind of cosmic “thank you”?’.

“This prophecy deals with a previously unmentioned group of, well, I suppose you would call them heroes.” Giles paused to peruse the book again. “This group seems to include some of you, but…”

“But what?” Dawn asked curiously, hopping off the desk she had been occupying. “What’s wrong with Buffy, or Willow, or even Faith being included as part of a group of heroes? I mean, it’s not like they haven’t saved the world enough to not be named the oh, so wonderful title of ‘hero’. Or, heroine,” she corrected herself with a frown.

“That’s just it,” Giles said, his brow wrinkled in consternation. “If it were one of the three you just mentioned, I would hardly be surprised, but, it’s not. The prophecy mentions the ‘Key’, and the ‘One Who Sees’, who, as we all know, refers to you, Dawn, and to you, Xander.” His voice trailed off. “You may see why I am curious as to what sort of prophecy this is, now.”

“Yes,” Buffy spoke flatly. “Curious.”

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