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Original of the Species 2B: Wilkins

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Original of the Species". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Multiple Crossover (mostly DBZ, some SG-1, some Eddingsverse) Goa'uld? Schmoa'uld! Will the wannabe demon mayor of Sunnydale present more of a challenge for the Z-Scoobies?

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Anime > DB/DBZMuadzinFR1820418,27157027,70911 Jul 0712 Sep 08Yes






You guys have no idea how elated I’m feeling. This has been the longest story I’ve worked on, ever! And to think there were times I thought it would never get finished.

This was my first attempt at doing it on the fly, instead of finishing it all and then posting it as I used to do. As a result it probably came out a little less coherent as parts 1 and 2A. Still, it required less rewrites as I finished the story chapter by chapter in chronological order. No doing the ends first and then some of the middle chapters only to touch up the prologue. I have to say even though it was more hard work, and sometimes I had no idea where I was going I liked writing it like this.

The downside was that it probably became a little less about Wilkins and his shenanigans and more and more about alt.Buffy, Xander, a porn star and a crazy Saiyan chick. Which was totally unplanned. It didn’t help that I had no idea whatsoever what I was going to write after Döppelgangland. As a result of that Xander and his girlfriends more or less stepped forward and began to dominate the story, pushing it in ways not originally intended.

Originally I never intended to focus on Xander’s travels and places like Tanjecterly. Originally it was going to be Sunnydale mostly, and Android shenanigans, with Xander showing up again around Ascension day. But by the time I had to write those chapters I had grown bored with rehashing Buffy scripts and decided to strike for more original ground. As a result getting it back on track in the final two chapters got harder and harder. And I think especially chapter 14 suffered from it. But I like to think I made up for it in the last chapter.

Okay, now that I’m finished it’s time to take a breather. Nothing long, as I already have the general lines of part 3 worked out. And it’s probably good to hit the ground running while I’m still in the zone. Especially now that I have a new computer..

While I enjoyed posting these chapters as I went along I’m probably going to stick to finishing it all in one go for the next installment. You hopefully don’t have to wait a year and a half for this next installment (knocks on wood), as I don’t intend to make it a long story. Part 3 will deal with events from season 4 of Buffy and the final year before the coming of the androids and I plan on making it a single continuous story, just like 2A was about Amūn.

And after that, finally, I can get to the Cell games. I can’t wait for it!

I’d like to thank DoWnEr for most of the beta work, for giving me the occasional comments on my abuse of the English language. But even more for being a soundboard to bounce ideas of for the first half of this story. While most of his ideas and suggestions didn’t make it, those that did helped build this story. You da man!

I also like to thank Shadowmaster, who really, really likes this story and kept pestering me for updates and offering me ideas, most of them even weirder then DoWnEr. I’m sorry I can’t give you your favorite Xander pairing dude, but the story has to go where the story wants to go. Still, you helped me greatly when I was in a creative funk. And your plot bunny’s even weirder then mine.

And finally I’d like to thank 3DMaster. For without his Buffy Z there would be no Original of the Species. His story inspired me to write my own. For that I salute you. And for the love of Kami, could you please update Buffy Z once in a while?



I just don’t yank my powerlevels for the Scoobies out of thin air. Okay, I did for most of them. But some are the result of well thought out formulas and Excel spreadsheets.


The key to DBZ powerlevels in my opinion is that they seem to go faster as you get bigger. Which means you will go slowly for a long time. But once you reach a large number it takes off.

Early levels, the Glove of Myhnegon
Buffy - 876
Xander - 410
Oz - 170
WereOz - 680
Faith - 224
Angel - ?

Buffy - 4643
Xander - 2173
Oz - 901
WereOz - 3604
Faith - 1187
Angel - ?

The androids:
Unlike their later models, these were basically converted test models that Gero had lying about. Because of that they had fairly low power levels. But also remember Gero was greatly surprised by how much Goku and his friends had advanced, so he probably thought a 5 figure powerlevel was still pretty good. In true DBZ tradition I made the leader who normally does the least, #13, the strongest, while the apparent big strong guy who does most of the dirty work, #14, gets a lower level. As an infiltrator #15’s the weakest.

#13 - 25000
#14 - 22000
#15 - 5000


I reason that as Slayers Buffy and Faith go fastest, while more ‘normal’ humans like Xander and Oz go slower. So over time the Slayers will grow apart more and more from their ‘normal’ friends. Angel on the other hand advances faster then humans but since he didn’t get a boost from the destruction of the Glove of Myhnegon he’s still at the bottom. After a year in the RoSaT both Xander and alt.Buffy made significant gains. And because she’s a Slayer she almost managed to overtake Xander despite his head start. Thanks to Belmo giving her a boost thanks to the spell he learned from Angel she returns to her universe at a very healthy level.

Buffy - 6309
Xander - 2850
Oz - 1056
WereOz - 4224
Faith - 1709
Angel - 960
alt.Buffy - 132

PostRoSaT / Angel's spell:
Xander - 14706
alt.Buffy - 13796 / 151756

The Scoobies split:
Because he regularly fights and gets beaten up Xander still advances, but not as fast as he would with regular training.

Buffy - 8292
Xander - 16000
Oz - 1267
WereOz - 5069
Faith - 2246
Angel - 1229

After nearly dying and healing very fast Xander receives a major boost. He doesn’t get a real boost from being liberated because he then heals at a normal rate. Although Angela and Ferucca inhabit the same body, Ferucca knows how to use it to its maximum best. Ozaru of course is just a simple 10x multiplier. Angela as Super Saiyan makes for a fairly weak Super Saiyan as her base level s exceptionally low.
Xander - 20.000
Angela - 4.000
Ferucca - 6.000
Ozaru Ferucca - 60.000
SSJ Angela - 5.000.000

Belmo gets sick so he’s out as a fighter. Riley stands for the average trainee. If you think the Scoobies are still very low, don’t fear. After all, they’ve only done part-time training so far. The figures for Goku and his friends is pure guesswork at this time, the last canon figure given in the series was 5 for Trunks as one of Freeza’s henchmen took a reading. Planet Namek lists him and Piccolo of having 25 and 8 million each, with no mention of his friends. Note that the Genki Dama is extremely high. As it should be, it really is a weapon of last resort. After all, King Kai gave him permission to use it only once, and he did blew a hole with it on Namek.

The good guys:
Belmo (sick) - ????
Buffy - 14.326
Xander - 21.000
Oz - 1825
WereOz - 7299
Willow - 200
Angel - 2013
Goku - 22.000.000
Goku's genki dama - 60.000.000
Piccolo - 5.730.000
Tien - 80.000
Krillin - 72.000
Yamcha - 55.000
Riley - 600

Faith got both the 10x times spell and a 2nd upgrade from the mayor, which is why she’s so strong. Wilkins the pure demon is a better version of Freeza. The increase in strength from form 2 to 3 was never that great in the series so it is the same for Wilkins, the real kick coming from 4.

The bad guys
#13 - 25.000
Faith - 55.459
Wilkins 2nd form - 18.000.000
Wilkins 3rd form - 24.000.000
Wilkins 4th form - 36.000.000

The End

You have reached the end of "Original of the Species 2B: Wilkins". This story is complete.

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